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Sy Smith – “When I Think Of You” (Produced by Zo! & Sy Smith)
Sy Smith – “When I Think Of You” (Produced by Zo! & Sy Smith)

With an easy-breezy vibe to make you bounce in the Foreign Exchange style of happiness in songwriting, Zo! & Sy Smith change up the groove to give you butterflies as they celebrate love on their version of “When I Think Of You”. Here is what Sy has to say about the Janet tribute inspired by SoulBounce:

"I wanted to re-imagine Janet Jackson tunes without contorting the essence of what makes her songs so wonderful. So, this was my first effort at doing that, in conjunction with's #31DaysOfJanet tribute in August 2015. I got up with my brother Zo! on an arrangement I had already done, and Zo! completely brought the arrangement to life with his nimble production skills and musicianship. Maybe I'll do a whole album of this... we shall see."

When I Think Of You (J. Harris III, T. Lewis)
Produced by Zo!
Arranged by Sy Smith
All instruments by Zo!
All vocals by Sy Smith
Recorded & mixed by Zo! at East Wing Studios in Silver Spring, MD and Grant Nicholas at G Nick Studios in North Hollywood, CA
Mastered by Grant Nicholas

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