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Dramatic 70's Crime TV Theme Music by Gianni Fallabrino, Now On Vinyl
Dramatic 70's Crime TV Theme Music by Gianni Fallabrino, Now On Vinyl

"Amazing Broadway/Microfon Music Library production from 1970s. Promo-only edition very tough to find by the eclectic maestro Gianni Fallabrino and his band. Musically unknown Library LP composed for Giallo/Poliziesco TV series or related Action/Crime Soundtracks with frantic super-moody vibes all over. Incredible variety of themes for Background music purpose: Dramatic moody beats, Romantic/Easy Listening moments, Oriental/Pastorale moods, floating and mysterious cinematic sounds, plodding and pounding music with Industrial rhythmic beats. Comes with original Edizioni CARAMBA stickers on front and back."

"Promo-only super scarce Library LP and very obscure TV Library production by Gianni Fallabrino. Comes housed in generic Intersong sleeve with "Illustrative Music for Radio-TV-Cinema-Audio-Visuals". Spaced-out killing jam of Dramatic Beats, cinematic dope Easy Tempo, deep Fuzzy and Psychedelic moments, Jazz Avant-garde, sweet Bossa and Moody sounds all over! According to our sources, this session was probably recorded during the '70s along with the other Fallabrino's albums despite release date present on labels (1984). Record comes still factory sealed so we couldn't make a rip, but here's a superb 12-minutes soundclip"

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