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Drummer J. Canady Presents A Soulful View Of Detroit On "Expression Of Me"
Drummer J. Canady Presents A Soulful View Of Detroit On "Expression Of Me"

By JR on 1:17 PM

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It's a journey to the stars in the form of outstanding R&B/Soul music as drummer J. Canady gets loose and unifies his abilities in the art of percussion from years of rocking with legends for an offering of life on "Expression Of Me". Step inside his world as this accomplished talent combines soulful grooves, remarkable guests vocal performances and songwriting which resonates from the heart to carry the legacy of Detroit music forward.

Over the years, Jeff has performed with Lin Rountree, Phil Denny, Karen Clark­Sheard, Evelyn
Turrentine­ Agee, Al Mckenzie Tro, Jean Carne, Michael Henderson, David Myles & Myles
Stones, Mark Mix Street Jazz Cartel and David McMurray Tro, Shaun LaBelle, Stokley Williams
of mint condition, comedian Sinbad, Alexander Zonjic, Kimmie Horne,Thornetta Davis, Julian
Vaughn,Kindred The Family Soul, Nate Harasim to name a few. In addition to performing with
these artists, Jeff has played on recordings and recorded and produced songs with David
Myles, Lin Rountree and Larae Starr, Mark Mixx, Demetrius Nabors, ZanYe, Al McKenzie, Dave
McMurray. He has opened for numerous artists including Michael Franks, Chante Moore,
Kenny Lattimore, Rashaan Patterson, Rachelle Farrell and Peter White, George Duke and
Stanley Clarke, Bob Baldwin, Everett Heart, Spyra Gyro, Rick Braun, Richard Elliot, Gladys
Knight, Pieces Of a Dream.

While Jeff continues to perform locally and tour, he is prepared to release his debut CD titled
“Expression Of Me” this year…a CD that he has written and produced. Once you have been
captivated with his performance, you are sure to be amazed with the multiple levels of talent he
displays on this powerful collection of music!

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