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Music, Art, Life & Business: cratesofjr On Social Media & Internet Marketing
Music, Art, Life & Business: cratesofjr On Social Media & Internet Marketing

By JR on 3:48 PM

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After years of interacting with many artists, music fans and labels while discovering and breaking new talent, I decided to provide another extension of my influence at cratesofjr through a new website which supports the daily goals of people who are on a mission to amplify their voice.

At Cratesofjr Marketing enjoy content presented in the same vein as the blog but curated with the purpose of enlightening you towards your journey of independence by using the tools of the internet which helped cratesofjr the blog go from zero to over 1 million views to date. Music, art & life for the independent and those who are business-minded like the great Hip Hop duo of EPMD.

Fans of don't worry, it's business as usual with more new music to come here. is a blog and website where I extend my approach of inspiring people in the same vein of discovering gems, only this site provides gems in good music past and present along with effective ways for you to approach your career or hobby through online marketing.

In my daily work at cratesofjr, I always kept the inspiration and well-being of the artists I discovered and my audience in mind. I felt that more could be done to help people which resulted in the idea for this new platform where I share my knowledge in addition to the good music I'm known for. As a blogger who has been successful in creating my own music platform after coming from a career in the American entertainment print magazine industry, I feel it is my duty to give back what I have learned so that it may benefit the future of my audience and the world of music.
It's Time I Shared My Knowledge & Experience To Help Music!

At absorb years of my experience as a music curator, tastemaker, publisher and social media manager as I share in-depth training in online marketing and the latest opportunities for you to succeed independently by using the tools of the internet. In addition to cutting-edge tools and educational content shared, get inspired by the music, interviews and culture of artists, labels and other brands who provide valuable knowledge and inspiration towards achieving foreseeable goals of independence. When was only an idea back in '08, it was always my hope that I could not only provide good music but reflect new ideas in design, content curation, audience building, monetization, visual taste and more.

Learn about how I gain thousands of website visitors each month, effective social media strategies to drive more followers and sales, advice from other online marketers and people in music, internet marketing techniques, online business building and more!

For producers, DJs and music fanatics in the transition from analog to digital, learn tips on how to accelerate your online music consumption, manage more songs and improve your ability to discover more gems from this groove collector and social media fanatic.

Enjoy the new website, and much success to you in 2016 and beyond!

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