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Soul/Funk/Gospel Trio The Relatives Confront Real Life On "Goodbye World"
Soul/Funk/Gospel Trio The Relatives Confront Real Life On "Goodbye World"

"And now there is Goodbye World, named for a song that Gean first cut over fifty years ago with the Southernaires and performed live with the Relatives in the 70s and at their first reunion show. The success of the Relatives has had far more to do with random occurrences and felicitous discoveries than with a deliberate career trajectory. But there's something about Goodbye World that makes you think that this album had the hand of destiny resting upon it.

Not only did Gean feel the call to get back to life and work from his comatose state, but the album also marks the return of Gypsy, the group's original guitarist. Gypsy had left the group in ’72 or ’73, and didn't rejoin them until a hometown street fair gig in late 2013. His Eddie Hazel-meets-Ernie Isley guitar heroics and bass-to-falsetto vocal range are a key contributor to the album's sound (that’s Gypsy singing both lead and back-up on “No Man Is An Island”), and he arranged the vocals and rhythm section on half of the record’s tracks." - Ubiquity Records

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