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Suga' In My Bowl Radio Archives, A Jazz Lover's Playground
Suga' In My Bowl Radio Archives, A Jazz Lover's Playground

By JR on 1:00 PM

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Suga’ in My Bowl currently airs alternating Sunday nights from 11 PM – 1 AM Eastern Standard Time on WBAI radio, 99.5 FM in New York City and can be heard throughout the tri-state area or by live internet stream.

The show now focuses on original long format interviews with jazz (and jazz-inspired) musicians mixed with music. We’re one of the few shows (in any format) that gives people chance to really talk in-depth about their music, life, and what’s on their mind. While musicians are the primary focus, Suga' occasionally takes a broader view and talk to producers and other cultural workers who’ve had a significant impact on the world of music or whose work is music-inspired. Good examples of this were interviews with journalist and author Ashley Kahn, poet/ activist/ jazz critic Amiri Baraka, and poet/ activist/ educators Sonia Sanchez, Jayne Cortez, and Jessica Care Moore, among many others.

Enjoy the audio from shows which feature interviews with the following esteemed list of emerging and classic Jazz artists:

Kamasi Washington

Marc Cary

Bobby Sanabria

Alphonse Mouzon

Bob James

Dr. Lonnie Smith

Roy Ayers

Onaje Allan Gumbs

James Mtume

and many more shows/interviews here at Suga' In My Bowl

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