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Corey K, HomeSick, Mulherin, #AskJustBlaze, Sheila E & ‘Mad’ Mike Banks Collab For "Just Fine"
Corey K, HomeSick, Mulherin, #AskJustBlaze, Sheila E & ‘Mad’ Mike Banks Collab For "Just Fine"

By JR on 12:18 PM

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From answered questions about the making of classics to news about anticipated forthcoming projects and advice on production technique, Just takes some time to give a piece of his mind to producers and general music fans on September 28, 2016. To watch the Q&A, head over to #AskJustBlaze and enjoy his funky collaboration with RBMA talent plus the legendary Shiela E. below.

"Featuring participants Corey K, HomeSick, and Mulherin alongside contributions from RBMA Paris lecturers, studio team members, and all-around all-stars ‘Mad’ Mike Banks, Sheila E and Just Blaze, “Just Fine” is funk that sounds simultaneously contemporary and classic, balancing ultra-smooth vocals, crystalline guitar and grooving bass.

The song began in the hands of Canadian producer HomeSick and Corey K of the UK’s Verschieden collective, and was fleshed out over the course of a long late-night studio session. The results alternate between being infectiously danceable and outspokenly vulnerable, as Mulherin turns in a strong vocal performance that strides confidently past the heartbreak intimated in the lyrics. Famed percussionist Sheila E is on the drums, with a laid-back vocal intro by none other than superproducer Just Blaze and guitar from Underground Resistance hero ‘Mad’ Mike. “We knew we had something decent when it caught the attention of Just Blaze,” remembers HomeSick. “He quickly helped turn this one into an all-star clad monster!”" -Red Bull Music Academy

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