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Hip Hop Band Native Sun Put A New Spin On Common's "Resurrection"
Hip Hop Band Native Sun Put A New Spin On Common's "Resurrection"

By JR on 7:02 AM

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There's no doubt Common's "Resurrection" helped set new precedence for Jazz, positivity and self awareness in Hip Hop and in 2016 the classic song continues to inspire a new generation of talented socially-conscious artists. Listen as Native Sun perform a live Jazz arrangement of the song with new inspiring lyrics added which focus on the awakening of people.

Common spreads love while breaking down walls for the black and brown as one of Hip Hop's foremost activists on his 2016 LP "Black America Again". The Chicago MC demonstrates how to make feel-good Hip Hop music like none other while being progressive in songwriting, traditional in skill plus positive, educational and awakening in his message all in one listening experience.

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