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Ran Reed, U.G. Of Cella Dwellas & Nick Wiz Unite As "The Crew"
Ran Reed, U.G. Of Cella Dwellas & Nick Wiz Unite As "The Crew"

By JR on 5:07 PM

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With his much-anticipated compilation LP, 'Still Commanding Respect,' set to drop at the top of 2017, Ran Reed delivers another punishing single, “The Crew,” featuring a scorching guest verse from U.G., with head-nodding production supplied by Nick Wiz. As fans of Reed already know, he and Wiz go way back—peep their Respect The Architect collaboration—so it’s only fitting they’ve teamed up again here

In addition to infusing elements of Das EFX’s classic cut, “Real Hip-Hop,” the true highpoint lies in the chemistry between Reed and his guest feature, U.G. of the Cella Dwellas (who recently dropped his own album, Portals). In addition to dropping their own verses, the two attack the third verse on some bad-guy, tag-team sh*t like a modern-day Harlem Heat (waddup, Booker T?).

Once you’re done listening to “The Crew,” be sure to peep Ran’s previous drop, “Gun Boy Interlude” featuring M.O.P. Other features on the album include Bumpy Knuckles, Kool G Rap, Sadat X, D.V. Alias Khryst, Shabaam Sahdeeq, DJ Modesty, LoVel, and more.

“The Crew” can now be streamed, and is available as the first instant grat track off the iTunes pre-order for 'Still Commanding Respect.' The 20 tack LP is due out January 13th through Reed’s RRM Consulting imprint.

01. Timeless
02. Hard Rhymer
03. The Crew (feat. U.G.)
04. Still Commanding Respect
05. Stray Shot (feat. LoVel)
06. Pathetic M.C.’s (feat. Bumpy Knuckles)
07. Mind Of A Gangster
08. Silly Love
09. Doo Doo (feat. D.J. Modesty)
10. Walking Testimony
11. Marked For Death (feat. Kool G. Rap)
12. B.S.R.S
13. The Innovator (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq)
14. Switch Up
15. The God’s Power (feat. Sadat X)
16. Made For Me
17. The Gun Boy Interlude (feat. M.O.P. )
18. Tortured Souls (feat. U.G.)
19. Invasion (feat. D.V. Alias Khryst)
20. Dedication (Part II)

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