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Singer Gordon Chambers Delivers Healing For The Soul On "Surrender"
Singer Gordon Chambers Delivers Healing For The Soul On "Surrender"

"In a time where society is in dire need for music to reflect our current social climate and talk to hearts and minds in a deeper way, Surrender boldly fills a void and positions itself as a beacon of light and inspiration for others to follow. “We’ve all been put on earth to make a difference for other human beings,” says Chambers. “So now when I sing, I do so from a deeper place and for a deeper purpose.

My music now has a different profundity. It has a deeper meaning. It’s fortified with more wisdom and a sharpened sense of faith. On this album, I thought a lot about 70’s Stevie Wonder—especially ‘Songs In The Key of Life.’ Those records were socially conscious, spiritual and, of course, had beautiful love songs. But this album is my healing for myself, more so than any projects prior to it. But I know the messages of these songs will surely heal all who surrender to it." ”

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