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Solid Steel Radio Interviews Composer David Axelrod
Solid Steel Radio Interviews Composer David Axelrod

By JR on 9:37 AM

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"In 2001, DK alongside Dean Smith interviewed David Axelrod.
The resulting mix was a labour of love taking in obscure productions along with the better known
ones and a plethora of hip hop records that had sampled the Axeman
over the years. At one point, when discussing a Miriam Makeba
album, Axelrod cut him dead saying, "How did you know that I
arranged for Miriam Makeba?" He knew that he had done the
recording, but had never seen a copy of the record and was so
surprised that anyone else knew about it. Fortunately, DK had two
copies of the record and so managed to get a copy to him later that
Axelrod recounted many stories from the music industry over the
years, letting us in on his influences, favourite session musicians,
thoughts on his music being sampled and even revealing the fact
that a film he scored was actually credited to another producer (a
fact we couldn't reveal in the broadcast)."

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