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Stream "Storytelling Side II: Moments4Love" by Singer Gwendolyn Collins
Stream "Storytelling Side II: Moments4Love" by Singer Gwendolyn Collins

"And so my journey begins.....My Moments 4 LOVE......
My oh my, I would have never thought working on my sophomore CD, would leave me feeling so many emotions, feeling happy, vulnerable, invigorated, anxious, at times even scared. For those who follow me, u know the last two years have been full of so many ups and downs. Emotionally I've grown, but will I show that growth as an artist?? Will I share my experiences through my music?? Will being a full time mom, working a full time job, owning an indie label along with all the other real life situations enhance or tamper my art?? I still stick with the saying, I do not wish for my music to be something to everyone, but EVERYTHING to SOMEONE...As I write, and write, and write some more, work with producers and put the final touches on my music, I want you to know Storytelling Side II will be an expression of my personal experiences.

 You know this with the tune "Smile 4 ME" and I feel so good to release love, pain, joy (any feeling) through art. I already know Side II, will again be about mostly LOVE....but love of all things, not just husband/wife/partner love, but also love of self. So come on and Take a Moment Just 4 Love with me and let's walk through this journey hand in hand. I love you!!! " - Gwendolyn Collins

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