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Matthew Shell Expresses Happiness On His Instrumental Piece "First Light"
Matthew Shell Expresses Happiness On His Instrumental Piece "First Light"

By JR on 12:45 PM

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"I'm currently working on an hour-long song created completely with live instrumentation in a jazz style titled "First Light." I only work when I am inspired, and the creation of this song is no exception. My wife had been very stressed at a job where she had little to no work-life balance for the last four years. The day she finally left that job and transitioned to a new job with better work-life balance, I saw how happy she was. Seeing that joy in her spirit, I was inspired, and I composed my song, "First Light," in one sitting. I mapped out all of the chord changes, 17 key changes, 20 tempo changes, and the entire arrangement in one tremendously focused twelve-hour session at The Sweet Spot Studio.

It was definitely an inspired session. From there I enlisted pianist Vahagn Stepanyan to lay down the piano and upright bass parts over the course of a week, and then vocalist Kenny Wesley to add some beautiful harmonies and lead vocal parts in another intense six-hour session. From there I've been working on my guitar parts when I can get my wife in the studio with me, as well as various other parts with a plethora of musicians. Bit by bit, this song is building into something epic." - Matthew Shell

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