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House Of Pain's Danny Boy Renovates "The Outsiders" House, Reflects On Early Years
House Of Pain's Danny Boy Renovates "The Outsiders" House, Reflects On Early Years

By JR on 7:58 AM

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From the group that made the world "Jump Around" with their classic Hip Hop party anthem in the early 90's, Danny Boy O’Connor talks about his purchase of “The Outsiders” house, the success and separation from House Of Pain, battling drugs and overcoming it all to inspire others on the same journey in an April 29, 2016 interview with Tulsa World.

In 1991, O’Connor founded House of Pain with high school friends DJ Lethal (Leor Dimant) and Everlast (Erik Shrody), who had previously put out a solo album produced by Ice-T. Soon after the trio formed, they hit quick fame with the release of “Jump Around.”

It’s that catchy, ubiquitous party jam that gets hands in the air and feet off the ground at sports stadiums and creeps into movie and television scenes. It’s rare to find a gym or workout playlist not giving the song some love.

“You can’t get away from it,” O’Connor said.

It meant nearly overnight success, money and endless parties. From performing at Lollapalooza to getting kicked off a tour with the Beastie Boys, the hip-hop punks were a fun bunch during an era of self-serious, angsty grunge.

O’Connor was known as the mastermind of the brand — hyping up crowds, serving as second emcee and creating the designs. His energy can fill a room, if not a concert hall.

“It was a wild roller coaster ride, and there was no career plan,” he said. “It was a big adventure with a lot of money in the bank. Unfortunately, what goes up must come down. When it came down, I wasn’t prepared.”

Read more of Danny Boy's 2017 story and watch his interview at The Outsiders house here at Tulsa World

The 2017 remix of House Of Pain's "Jump Around" by Jose Bee now available on 7" vinyl here at Turntable Lab.

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