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Matthew Shell Creates A Time For Peace On "Actualization Celebration"
Matthew Shell Creates A Time For Peace On "Actualization Celebration"

By JR on 5:00 PM

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From the musician who's known for delivering feelings of freedom and joy while on a mission to convey a deeper spiritual meaning in song, Matthew Shell becomes inspired to uplift once again with the peaceful sounds of "Actualization Celebration". Based upon emotions derived from overcoming hardships of life to find light on the other side, Matthew enlists the help of talented musicians to create a wonderful string and piano-driven composition which portrays the beauty of discovering a new hope. This great vision of happiness could easily apply to a number of moments in life, from the birth of your child, wedding or  discovering your loved one overcame the odds in life.

Journey towards the light with this remarkable collective as they aim to provide a musical blessing like none other on the forthcoming LP "First Light", dropping August 30, 2017.

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