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Nottz & Singer Shatiesh Pay A Soulful Tribute To The Late Ruby Johnson
Nottz & Singer Shatiesh Pay A Soulful Tribute To The Late Ruby Johnson

By JR on 9:06 PM

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"Shateish is a soulful blues R&B singer from Portsmouth, Virginia which is home to many legends great like Ruth Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Missy Elliot and Nicole Wray. Shateish has paired her commanding powerful vocals with Grammy award music producer Nottz vehement beats to conceive a unique and dynamic Hip-Hop Blues vibe on her introductory E.P.

Throughout her vocation, she has been featured on several Nottz underground classic productions that add to her discography including such songs as "Still Here" by Scarface, "Bloody Moon" by The Game, ”How Many Tears?” by Nottz presents: DMP featuring Pusha-T and “Truth” by Blu & Nottz, Shateish decided to step into the past on this EP to bring back a Unforgotten legendary whom music never saw the limelight in the late 60s and 70s.

Ruby Johnson was a fervent R&B singer from North Carolina and Virginia border that was once sign to Stax/Volt Records, the label in-house producers was unable to achieve a breakout hit single to match Ruby Johnson supreme vocal during the rise of the soul era which ultimately led to her release from the label roster. Shateish feel in her heart that Ruby unfinished sound deserved to be heard with the most highly respect. Therefore Shateish have decided to dedicated The Re-Awakening EP to the late Ruby Johnson."

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