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Singer Philip Ingram Of Motown's Switch Visits The Sound Of Soul Radio
Singer Philip Ingram Of Motown's Switch Visits The Sound Of Soul Radio

"This is a LIVE interview on "The Sound of Soul with D'Nicole" (10.22.17) with musician and R&B/pop vocalist Phillip Ingram, who's best known for being a member of the Motown band SWITCH ("There'll Never Be," "I Wanna Be Closer," "I Call Your Name.") Phillip chats with me about his longevity in the music business, commenting on the ups and downs of his group SWITCH, the biggest check an artist can get outside of a hit record, how much he was influenced to pursue music by his older brother James Ingram ("Just Once," "One Hundred Ways"), and even the techniques he used to help his music students get out of their comfort zone." Darnea N. Samuels

For more on Phillip Ingram, check out his facebook page - And tune into the latest episode of "The Sound of Soul with D'Nicole" every other Sunday evening from 8-10pm ET on WOWD 94.3 FM (streaming live on In the meantime, check my page for updates on the show --

The following music is heard in the interview, either in part or in whole. Proper credit is due to all artists, writers and producers.

SWITCH - I Wanna Be Closer
Boyz II Men - There'll Never Be
Alyson Williams - Just Call My Name
Michael Jackson - PYT (Pretty Young Thing)
SWITCH - Power to Dance
Jacnique Nina - Songbirg (ft. Phillip Ingram)
Phillip Ingram - Most of All

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