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Stream "J Jazz - Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-84" by BBE
Stream "J Jazz - Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-84" by BBE

By JR on 12:29 PM

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"LANDMARK COMPILATION OF ARTISTS AND COMPOSERS WHOSE NAMES ARE GENERALLY ONLY KNOWN TO COMMITTED COLLECTORS OF JAPANESE JAZZ. This triple vinyl set documents the vibrant soundtrack of Japan’s jazz cafe culture, an elusive network of enclaves tucked away in urban sidestreets with little in the way of signage or advertising of any kind. During World War II, Jazz music was banned by the wartime authorities of Japan, and during the allied forces’ subsequent occupation, jazz was reinserted into Japanese culture just as it was on the cusp of the bebop explosion, playing a major role in Japan’s cultural reconstruction. This compilation collects the finest examples of Japan’s unique interpretation of the music between 1969 and 1984, highlighting the progression from an early copycat style to a thriving period of progressive innovation and experimentation." - Turntable Lab

Now available on vinyl here at Turntable Lab and at Amazon.

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