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Pino Palladino, Lauren Desberg & More Rise On "(U)nity Is Power"
Pino Palladino, Lauren Desberg & More Rise On "(U)nity Is Power"

With a Robert Glasper co-sign, drummer Amaury Acosta and pianist Axel Tosca Laugart blast off with an explosion of Jazz fusion and sonic euphoria on "(U)nity Is Power". Crossing the lines between sounds and cultures, this universal expression of music is powerful enough to change your perception of the world around you. Dive in and harness the power which the (U)nity collective bring as free-thinking and genre-bending musicians unite. 

Produced by King Klave (Amaury Acosta )
Co-produced by: Paul Wilson (Bae Bro) 4,9,14,15 Louis Benedetti 10,
Executive Producers : Amaury Acosta, Axel Tosca Laugart, Max Cudworth, Louis Marks.

Amaury Acosta Drums, Clave (7), Juno (7), Keybass (9,10,14), Vocals (5)
Axel Tosca – Piano, Fender Rhodes (1,3,5,6,14), Prophet, Juno,(4) ,
Wurlitzer (10), x50 (9,13) ,Moog (4,10)
Michael Valeanu – Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar ( 7,10)
Max Cudworth Alto Sax Soprano (1,10)
Chris Smith Bass (1,2,4,5,6,7,9,14)
Pino Palladino Bass (3)
Dj Ginyard Bass (10)
Joshua Crumbly (11)
Luques Curtis Acoustic Bass (12,13)
Pedrito Martinez – Batas (1,3,13) Congas (6,7,14) Vocals ( 3,5,11,13,15 )
Basil Wajdowicz – Nord (4),Talkbox, B3 Organ (6), Talkbox (13,14),
Mellotron (3,12),
Devonne Harris – Fender Rhodes (13) B3 Organ (5,10,11), Juno (6,7,10)
Lauren Desberg- Vocals (4,6)
Elena Pinderhughes- Flute (6,12)
Jonathan Hoard – Vocals (10)
Paul Wilson – 808 (1,4), Drum Programming (4) Oberheim (1,14 ) Synths (2,4) Sound Design (1,4,)
Roshan Cameron Drum programming (4)
Mauricio Herrera – Batas (4)
David Oquendo Chekere and Claps (7)

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