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"Tammy" Soundtrack by Sexjuice Pays Tribute To '70s Blaxploitation
"Tammy" Soundtrack by Sexjuice Pays Tribute To '70s Blaxploitation

By JR on 9:46 AM

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""Tammy", though all-original music, is a loving tribute to the soundtracks of 1970s blaxploitation films: a magical music that expressed the entire spectrum of human emotion and experience, all with minimal instrumentation, and often without the use of lyrics. Amazing. The effort here, in 2018, is to humbly pay tribute to these old creative masters. Masters who wove a musical web which draws us in, keeps us warm, leaves us musical morsels during the night while we sleep, so no one need awake in the morning without food.

The film-plot to "Tammy", which one finds at the top of this page, is something Sexjuice, ('Juice Bois' some call them) created; sadly there is no film in existence. Feel free to make it on your own, dear reader."

Brian Atchley - Bass Guitar
Haley De Witt - Vocals
Zach Driscoll - Keyboards, Synths, Vocals
Joseph Hanna - Flute and Saxophone
Rob Monsma - Drumkit
Carlie Perry - Vocals
Jeremy Perry - Guitar, Vocals, Piano

Additional percussion on tracks 3,4,7,8,15 by Meg Samples

Produced by Jeremy Perry

Tracking by Kyle Mann
Additional tracking by Jeremy Perry

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