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Hush Moss Groove In The Name Of Love On "Meant To Be"
Hush Moss Groove In The Name Of Love On "Meant To Be"

By JR on 7:18 AM

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With a funky Moog Bass groove as their guide, Hush Moss's harmonies flow heavenly to express a carefree feeling of summertime romance on "Meant To Be". This Berlin outfit provide fans of traditional Boogie something for the ear to behold in their joyful approach to songwriting which carries Pop appeal and a strong undertone of the Funk.

Eden Leshem - Guitars, Vocals, Piano
Ziv Yamin - Rhodes, Mellotron, Clavinet
Dekel Adin - Moog Bass
Chris Hill - Drums
Paolo Guolo - Saxophones, Glockenspiel
Dean Frechtman - Percussion
Tomer Baruch - Synth
Guy Gefen - Bongos, Shaker
Alex P. J. - Cuica, Stylophone
Nils Haack - Trumpet
Kaio Moraes - Violins
Sephy Madar - Bass, Triangle

Mixing Engineer: Daniel Nentwig / Butterama

Mastering Engineer: Zino Mikorey


Call A Record / Pollok Studios / Forget It

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