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In '93, Souls Of Mischief Visit Friday Night Street Jams 98.9 FM Radio
In '93, Souls Of Mischief Visit Friday Night Street Jams 98.9 FM Radio

"On this episode, they do a giveaway for an Erick Sermon/Def Jam show in New York. The winner gets to ride in a “a phat stretch limo with a television, VCR, and all that” and hang with Mike Elliott and Shelly Shel. This results in a pretty hilarious call-in section where people call in telling why they should be the ones to win the tickets.

There’s some outstanding music here, especially for fans of that 93 sound. Lords of the Underground, The Mexakinz, Original Flavor, PRT, post-Large Pro Main Source… it goes on and on. Some tasty remixes and lots of heavy signature Jay-Ski cuts. There’s one track called “That’s Life” from a Philadelphia group that seems to like to reference Sweden (I couldn’t make out their name when Mike Elliott said it… something Soul).

Fat Joe shows up in studio, but for some reason, I cut that part out. The real treat comes on side B at 46:40 when Souls of Mischief roll through to hype their upcoming ’93 Til Infinity.

Definitely worth checking out. Total runtime is a little over an hour." -

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