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@MSXIISound Present "70s Soul Aesthetics" Instrumental Vinyl LP
@MSXIISound Present "70s Soul Aesthetics" Instrumental Vinyl LP

By JR on 8:18 AM

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The prolific MSXII Sound Design team present another set of samples and grooves to inspire producers who are looking for the unmistakable feel of 70's Soul. With elements that range from Stevie Wonder, the sounds of Gospel and KanYe's first LP, you get an uplifting vibe on "70s Soul Aesthetics that results in an overall feel-good musical journey. Dig in as MSXII present a set of original instrumental compositions that offer a modernized take on this classic sound of yesteryear which is sought after by many DJ's and crate diggers.

Available on vinyl at Amazon and here at Juno Records.

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