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With Glory & Praise, Musician Yaahn Hunter Jr. Embraces "The Process"
With Glory & Praise, Musician Yaahn Hunter Jr. Embraces "The Process"

By JR on 4:01 PM

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If your looking for progressive Soul music to gives you a new outlook on life, get down to the Gospel-charged sounds of Yaahn Hunter Jr's 2018 album, "The Process". Beginning with a prayer, this moving project touches the soul as each song offers beautiful and unique expressions of R&B driven by  faith in a higher power. Whether your religious or not, "The Process" is bound to deliver an impact regardless for the R&B/Soul fan in you. With the talents of bandleader Yaahn who recruits a cast of remarkable musicians, Gospel takes on an exciting and powerful new identity.

Yaahn Hunter Jr. has produced for Stellar Award and Grammy Award Artists such as: The Walls Group, Alic Walls, Jessica Reedy, Jason and Geneen White. He has also produced for Rising Gospel Stars such as: Dayanna Redic, Quinese, Louie Lou, Lauren Denise Byrd, Dale Anthony & Faith Out Loud, iAmSon, Dameon Brown and many more.

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