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British Funk Band The Mike Lee Sound Get Psychedelic On "Mike's Bag"
British Funk Band The Mike Lee Sound Get Psychedelic On "Mike's Bag"

"Inspired by cult 1960s/70s film and TV soundtracks, classic library records, and the kind of vintage funk and jazz vinyl that breaks collectors obsess over, "Mike's Bag" was the debut collection from UK band The Mike Lee Sound.

Recorded in 2002 onto analog tape at their own home studios, and mixed by producer Willie Deans (Belle And Sebastian, Mogwai, etc) the album gives plenty nods to all their old favourites: green label KPM LPs, Serge Gainsbourg, Lalo Schifrin, Roy Budd, Italian library music, "The Sweeney", Traffic, Mandrill, early CTI breaks, John Barry etc, and the band clearly had a blast recording it. "Spread It Around" captures the band in full-on party mode!

The percussion heavy grooves presented here are plenty, with Hammond organ, Wurlitzer EP200, Moogs, Fender Rhodes, wah-wah guitar, funky pick pass, jazzy swinging drums, hard-hitting sax and flute solos, smokey psychedelic breakdowns, and cinematic vibes galore."

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