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Zone Out To The Improvised Fusion Of David Murray, ?uestlove & Ray Angry on "Plumb"
Zone Out To The Improvised Fusion Of David Murray, ?uestlove & Ray Angry on "Plumb"

By JR on 10:51 AM

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"This is the big one. The culmination of something, we’re not sure what. Questlove’s association with David Murray goes back decades, to a live performance in London and an appearance on an early Roots record. Questlove’s association with Ray is somewhat more recent but no less profound. As Questlove expanded his achievements and fame from musician to entrepreneur to author to Academy Award winning filmmaker to cultural icon, he’s always highlighted and collaborated with creatives he deems worthy. 

After hearing about our label during his work with Steve Mandel, he decided WE were worthy of his time as one of his creative homes. So it was, that on one day in late Summer, 2022, Quest, David and Ray, with no rehearsal or planning, sat down in Reservoir Studios, took their places at their instruments, and for the next few hours locked into some of the most otherworldly music we’ve heard. 

When the recording session was over and the musicians left, it was like a typhoon came through. Everything was changed. We can’t go back. We don’t want to either. 4 LP’s come in a plum-colored velvet box with booklet and inserts. Ships in early 2024." - JMI Recordings

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