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Thanks to the following artists for checking out the blog and approaching me with their music:

Jason "ClassicBeatz"Minnis - musician and composer from Brooklyn (NYC)

Jason at cratesofjr

Learn more about Jason's music here: Laid Back blog articles

Kil Ripkin

MC - Brooklyn, New York


Music producer / audio engineer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Production work includes: Redman, Jeru Da Damaja, Hell Razah from Sunz of Man, Shabazz The Disciple, Shyheim The Manchild, Infamous Mobb, Killa Sha, Jungle (Bravehearts)

 "Beat Battles At The Rooms Of Red Bull" Producers

 J’83 – Dr Wiley’s Groove
02 Y’skid – Played Out
03 Marcus Sebastian – Nasty Lady
04 1st Angle – Yo
05 Jay Bordeaux – Attack 2A
06 Bluntspeakers – Indigo Flirt
07 Hayzee – Roustabouts
08 Dukehugh – Gemkraft
09 Dyno – Sosis Mas
10 Louis Bordeaux – A Lo-Fi Hymn Before The Cosmic Rain
11 I-Sa – Syco3
12 Wan – BoomClickClap
13 StatikMusic – Drummond
14 FS Green – HEmawfuckinMAN
15 Presto – Colloseum
16 I.N.T – ChinChin Salute (Cats Come Wack)
Bonus Beats
17 J’83 – Boss #7
18 StatikMusic – MetalBrass
19 Hayzee – DOOMFOOD

<a href="">2Pac &quot;One Day at a Time Interlude&quot; Produced by Configa by Configa</a>

Configa (of Slept On Fam)

Producer/MC from Newcastle, Midlands United Kingdom. Slept On Fam is: Configa The Man behind the boards, Executive Producer and Head Beat Maker reppin' the UK, Wargasms from South Carolina, C-Gully from Maryland, and Arsenal from New York.
Configa (of Slept On Fam) on cratesofjr

<a href="">Intro (Mozambique Meets The Westcoast) by MWCC</a>

MWCC - Mozambique Westcoast Coalition
Al Jazz, DareenzoOrigimoz, producers from Mozambique, Africa.

MWCC - Mozambique Westcoast Coalition on cratesofjr

<a href="">Translation by SyLen</a>

SyLen of Hawaii (MissSyLen)
SyLen on cratesofjr

<a href="">PVD Break #1 by PVD</a>


Drummer, producer, composer, bandleader - USA
Video: PVD Live At The Blue Note
Pat Van Dyke on cratesofjr

<a href="">4 My Holiks by Suff Daddy</a>

Suff Daddy

Producer - Germany

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