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Wait! Before You Send Your Info, 
Consider Our Useful Tools For Promoting Your Music And Establishing Your Independence Online.

In an effort to provide a consistent helping hand to all of the talented artists who approach me regularly with music, I would like to share a number of useful tools and educational resources which I have come across as a successful blogger and promoter of recording artists.

#1. Email Marketing: Still One Of The Best Ways To Establish Authority, Trust and Sales Towards Your Brand

Email Marketing $19/Month!

In this fast-paced world of online media, maintaining a consistent relationship with your fans with follow up content is everything. Take the manual work out of sending each and every email blast about your music and use AWeber to build a profitable relationship with your subscribers with a sequence of automatically delivered follow up emails.

AWeber email marketing offers powerful and easy to use tools such as professional email signup forms & autoresponder services which make it easy for you to build your email list and stay in touch with prospects. Email remains a highly marketing channel for small and large businesses, bringing in over $43 for every dollar invested.

#2. Download Your Free Music Marketing Cheat Sheets — Music Marketing Classroom

Here’s what you’ll get when you download these “Cheat Sheets”:

* Five (5) non-traditional strategies you can use to snipe fans from all over the world (starting from scratch)…
* Why you should collect contact information so that you can follow up with interested people for years to come.
* The best times to email your fans and what to say (HINT: It’s NOT what you think) and the messages you should avoid like the plague
* How to create a micro payment fan club that lets you make money in the same way spotify do it.
* How to beat “Music PR Firms” at their own game…and much, much more.

#3. Recurring-Income: Create Simple Websites Which Sell Themselves

Having your own website where your own pre-made, downloadable eBooks can be purchased by visitors on a monthly basis is a great resource if you would like to create a recurring income stream to supplement your music career. Adam Short of Niche Profit Classroom offers an online course which teaches people how to create a residual income that repeats itself monthly through the creation of simple Google-friendly websites which are designed to offer the visitor useful information.

#4. Purchase A Website Which Is Designed To Generate A Recurring Income, Or Sell One Of Your Own

If you are uncertain or insecure about building your own niche websites from scratch to generate a recurring income monthly, buy one or more pre-made over at!

This eBay of websites is the #1 marketplace where site builders auction off their creations like real estate to help buyers achieve their income goals quicker. Each auction comes with detailed statistics and history behind the monthly income and traffic generation of each site so that you can place your bid with confidence. Get started today!

Good Luck With Everything!

The best of luck to you and your career! I hope to have provided you with a good starting point of cutting-edge tools which will allow you live out your dreams of creating and living off of your music in the long-term.

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