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Wait! Before You Send Your Info, 
Consider Our Useful Options Of Promoting Your Music.

In an effort to provide a consistent helping hand to all of the talented artists who approach me regularly with music, I would like to share a number of useful tools and educational resources which I have come across as a successful blogger and promoter of recording artists.

Reach 1000s of Music Fans & Industry Professionals Today Through One Of Our Targeted Facebook Campaigns!

Purchase an advertising campaign with cratesofjr and receive exposure to a large audience of Facebook users whom are targeted by us towards your specific goals in finding greater opportunity as an artist.

Left: A sample Facebook ad by cratesofjr designed to promote an artist
Right: Audience Targeting designed for a Hip Hop-based advertising campaign by cratesofjr

Save time in going from blog to blog to leave your information by allowing us to automate the process of reaching many of the right people for you, all at once through the growing social network of Facebook.

Choose a one-time as campaign to promote an event such as your album release, or choose a continuous ad campaign to achieve long-term exposure and online traffic for your music, hands-free.

Receive statistics of your campaign which demonstrates it's progress in bringing you more exposure, including views, audience reach and clicks on your ads.

Start today for $5 and see if you are happy with the results! If so, we'll continue running your campaign and optimizing it to achieve the best results for driving traffic to your website, Facebook page or social profile.

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All submissions are opened and reviewed manually. 
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