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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life: Contact Us For Music Marketing Opportunities
Contact Us For Music Marketing Opportunities

By JR on 7:03 PM

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Music, Art & Life Through The Power Of Social Media

After five years of writing and breaking numerous artists to nearly 1 million site visitors at, JR's musical voice has received recognition from the likes of Interscope Records, Ego Trip, Duck Down Records, Redefinition Records and numerous legendary artists and labels which span across various music genres. Since taking his love for music, editorial and internet marketing experience to another level with the founding of N.Y.C.-based firm cratesofjr PR, JR's connection with people in music who offer career-changing opportunity continues to grow with solid relationships across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and a business email list which includes some of the industry's most respected figures.

With an ear to the pulse of the ever-changing landscape of social media and music, cratesofjr PR is on the cutting-edge of what it takes for an artist to build an online presence from nothing to something. As a startup fueled by a genuine passion for what we do, we are living proof of how to create greater brand exposure and use our experience to propel the careers of aspiring artists through powerful online promo campaigns.

A deep understanding of urban culture, a skill set of professional internet marketing solutions and a sharp ear for emerging talent is the foundation of what makes cratesofjr PR stand out as a promotion agency. The artists who we choose to work with are promoted to a pool of established writers, bloggers, DJs, radio show programmers, music producers and record labels each of whom have large engaged audiences.

Music is the driving force to our lives as we use it to be inspired by inspiring the dreams of others. With professionaly-written reviews, images and presentation we have represented the album releases for Hip Hop's elite.

Cratesofjr has generated impressive sales for numerous online retail outlets through our social media campaigns, boosting revenue for companies such as,, Juno Records, Amazon and iTunes. Our marketing efforts don't stop at Hip Hop, we are also known for promoting album releases by Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Latin artists from George Duke and Billy Cobham to Terri Lynn Carrington, Daniel Crawford, Kenya Soulsinger and former Perspective Records trio group Solo.

Let us know your goal in gaining greater recognition and opportunity through your music and we'll brainstorm the right solution which works for you.

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