"Loves Leftovers" by Cherri Prince

The sensual sounds of UK vocalist Cherri Prince evokes a musical vibe to leave you entranced through her velvety voice paired with a range of soulful production. "Loves Leftovers" flows with soothing melodies which venture between melodic sounds of Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul, all of which provide a great compliment to Cherri's tone. The range of sound on this album is ambitious as the talented vocalist is paired with a variety of rhythms and live instrumentation to display a beautiful spectrum of soulful music. "Love Leftovers" begins on a mellow note with the laid back traditional Jazz vibe of "Misery", then picks up the pace with a mixture of bouncing rhythms provided by the production of Origimoz, Kony, chief and ends off with the futuristic Hip Hop bounce of Kensaye. 

The presence of Cherri holds strong through each song as the singer presents strong messages of love through the power of her voice.

released 04 June 2012

Lyrics Cherri Prince
Composed by Andrew Mcdonnell
Additional writing Omar Russell & Gabriel Latchin
Music Played by: Gabriel Latchen-Keys, Steven Rahman-Drums, Omar Russell-Bass.

Lyrics Cherri prince
Music Origimoz

"Caterpillar love"
Lyrics Cherri prince
Music Kony
Featuring Mangaliso Asi

"So good"
Lyrics Cherri prince & Nathan Richards
Music by Hugo Senbei
saxophone by Radimo

"Drift away"
Lyrics Cherri Prince & Nathan Richards
Music Played by :Gabriel Latchin-Keys, Steven Rahman-Drums, Omar Russell-Bass

"Just wondering"
Lyrics Cherri prince
Music by chief
guitar by Toni Pino

Lyrics Cherri
Composed by Andrew Mcdonnell
Additional parts Kal Vaughan
Music Played by : Dumo Mathema-Drums, Omar Russell-Bass, Kal Vaughan-Guitar

"Once upon a time"
Lyrics Cherri Prince
Music by Kensaye
Featuring Mangaliso Asi
Bass by Jack Stevens

Album Cover
Graphics -Andreas Varnavides www.retrographic.co.uk

photography - www.michaelantoniou.co.uk

Stream: Tall Black Guy Presents: Tempo Dreams, Vol. 1

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Moka Only & Chief - "Mess Around" (Luman Chilld Remix)

By JR on 10:02 AM

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Enjoy the Jazz-influenced sounds of "Best Around" remixed by Swiss multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and remixer  Luman Child. Luman creates an upbeat vibe with his remix which is drenched in Rhodes keys and driven by a funky bass guitar groove. 

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