DJ A.Vee - "Regardless VII" & "Cornerstone Vol. 40" Mixtape feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Dj A.Vee brings out a couple tapes from his physical archive from late 90's/early 2000, featuring memorable songs from this era of an active underground New York Hip Hop scene mixed with skill and precision. This is definitely a period of Hip Hop you should want to hear mixed and complied by a good DJ like A. Vee. The late 90's into early 2000 represented a divide between the growing commercial record industry and an underground scene which counteracted the industry to produce their own representation of traditional Hip Hop at a rapid rate. Many of the songs featured in this mix weren't accessible in commercial record stores, you had to be a vinyl buyer and go out of your way at the time to even catch some of these releases.

On "Regardless VII" those who contributed with the exclusives for this mix are: DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Eclipse, DJ Spin One, DJ Evil Dee, DJ 3D, DJ Riz, DJ Spinbad, DJ Spinna, J-Live, Mr. Morgan, &

01 The DJ A.Vee Introduction
02 Mood Swingaz - A Finite Number Of Starts (Exclusive)
03 Rascalz Featuring The Beatnuts - Can't Relate
04 Blackmoon - Air Tight (Unreleased Exclusive)
05 Pace Won - The Champion
06 J-Live - Freestyle (Exclusive)
07 Ill Bill - How To Kill A Cop
08 Eminem feat. Paul Yams & DJ Jazzy Jeff - Ya Hear Me (Unreleased Exclusive)
09 Fat Kat Kareem - Life
10 Obscure Disorder Featuring Non Phixion - 2004
11 MC Juggunot feat. DJ Spin One - Who's That (Unreleased Exclusive)
12 Reflection Eternal - Some Kind Of Wonderful
13 El Da Sensei - Where Ya At (Unreleased Exclusive)
14 Tony Touch feat. Mos Def & De La Soul - What's That - (Que Eso)
15 Ilacoin Featuring Sadat X - Keep It Street (Exclusive)
16 Jigmastas - Lyrical Fluctuation (Remix)
17 Choclair - Rubbin'
18 Phat Cat - Dedicated
19 El Da Sensei - Keep It Live
20 DJ A.Vee Re-Introduction
21 D.I.T.C. - Get Yours (Remix)
22 Rah Digga - The Lesson Of The Day
23 Jay-Z - Anything (Remix)
24 The Creators Featuring Mos Def & Talib Kweli - The Hard Margin
25 Reflection Eternal - Human Element
26 Lox - Recognize
27 Masta Ace - Observe

In 2002, Cornerstone Promotions released their 40th edition of the monthly mixtape series. The 40th volume features the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and A. Vee on the same CD mixing the brand new releases of that time. This mix features alot of songs from underground & commercial artist of that era. Its been 10 years since this composition has been available to the public.

Download/Stream - Cornerstone Mixtape Vol.#40 featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ A.Vee (2002)

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