Beats: "Chill Pill 3" by Wizard

This third installment of Wizard's "Chill Pill" instrumental series showcases his collection of synthed-out, melodic vibes of Hip Hop production. This time he has gathered his Louisden family of producers to contribute to the project, bringing more diversity on the boards than before but with an overall cohesive sound and similiar musical sense from track to track.

This project has collaborations with Jack Flash, Kelakovski, S-Type, Pete Cannon, Apatight, Evil Needle, Kosyne, Scizzahz, Myke Forte, Budgie, Shears, Jeeks, Sivey and Dockmini who bring a variety of smooth chord progressions, synth/sample compositions and drum heavy rhythms to the table. "Chill Pill 3" is available for free or with a donation from Wizard's bandcamp.

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