Sample Of The Day: Santana vs. Scienz of Life on Dilla Forever

The Mike Bloomfield-influenced guitar playing of "Aquamarine" by Mexican Rock guitarist Carlos Santana lends a dark Jazz vibe in Scienz of Life's sampling for their J Dilla tribute "Dilla Forever". Santana's song takes on a number of transitions, going from a mellow guitar intro with synths and percussion into a darker guitar breakdown around the 1 minute mark. It is a combination of these song parts from "Aquamarine" which Scienz of Life transforms into their very own tribute to the late, great J Dilla, a dedication song which carries a feel of dark, Jazz fusion-based production rather than Rock. Both Santana and Scienz of Life provide creativity and passion in their approach to music making which is to be admired.

"Dilla Forever was recorded in 2006 by Scienz of Life shortly after the untimely passing of the GREAT Jay Dee aka DILLA. Scienz of Life recorded this joint to pay homage to a Legend in his own right! James D. Yancey know to so many as J Dilla. Spread Love yall!

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