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Look Forward To A Better Tomorrow On Beat Funktion's 2017 LP "Green Man"
Look Forward To A Better Tomorrow On Beat Funktion's 2017 LP "Green Man"

By JR on 3:23 PM

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Beat Funktion's sixth album "Green Man" is a  journey of Funk and Soul like none other in music which encourages you to seize the day through the powerful songwriting and joyful vibe which these funky Swedes present. The Beat Funktion sound is sure to make you get down as their approach to Funk fusion projects a desire to live each moment to the fullest. Their love-based messages projected by lovely vocalists and warm organic arrangements which are reminiscent of 70's legends such as The Fatback Band and the New Birth is ear candy to the true Funk enthusiast.

Take the plunge and live each day like it's your last with "Green Man", released on CD and digital by Do Music Records on September 2 2016 and US & Canada on January 27 2017.

Enjoy the album, a live performance plus a nine-part documentary presenting each artist and the work behind Beat Funktion's sixth album "Green Man".

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