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Saxophonist Braxton Cook Performs On BRIC TV, Soothes With "Somewhere In Between"
Saxophonist Braxton Cook Performs On BRIC TV, Soothes With "Somewhere In Between"

"Since graduating from The Juilliard School, Braxton has continued to tour with Christian Scott’s group as well as tour nationally and internationally with other groups such as The New Century Jazz Quintet, Ulysses Owens Quintet and Tomohiro Miro Quartet. In
addition, Braxton Cook and his newly formed band The N.E.W. will be touring nationally as well to support the release of his upcoming album, "Somewhere in Between."

"Somewhere in Between" is set to release early 2017, and will feature Braxton’s saxophone playing as well as his singing and songwriting. The over-arching concept behind this album is the importance of finding your own lane musically and artistically, and then trusting in it. It's about discovering yourself and not conforming to the pressures around us.

Braxton’s sound and musical identity has always been in between the Soul music that he was raised on and the Jazz that he has studied and grown to love. This album serves as inspiration to artists and people in all walks of life to embrace their uniqueness and own it." - BRIC TV


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