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AboveDat, Tall Black Guy & BharuMusic Take It To The Dancefloor On "Better"
AboveDat, Tall Black Guy & BharuMusic Take It To The Dancefloor On "Better"

"Irish production duo aboveDat released their third single ‘Better’ on March 3rd, a gleaming slice of hook-laden house with an irresistibly danceable beat.

Hailing from Cork City, Ireland, aboveDat are well known DJ Stevie Granger and Ian Ring (formerly of Young Wonder). Their last single, Dance On, was a shimmering dance-pop number featuring RnB and soul singer Jesse Boykins III, and was played on MTV’s Real World series. The pair’s polished production on 'Better' is complemented by a silky smooth bassline rising and falling with chopped and sliced vocals. Offering a sentiment that many of us can relate to at the moment, ‘Better’ promises to make things better - nobody’s quite sure how but the dancefloor would be a good place to start.

For today's Debut Transmission the single has been remixed by one of the most acclaimed producers in the modern day beats game Tall Black Guy. He recently took a little trip down to New Zealand and teamed up with Aucklands BHaru for a superb remix that takes us on a journey into the minds of two unique souls." - Data Transmission TV

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