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It's An Afro-Funk Explosion On "Islands" by German Band Diazpora
It's An Afro-Funk Explosion On "Islands" by German Band Diazpora

"The funk is something you cannot learn, buy or steal from somebody else. The funk is with you, or it is not. You have to be honest and real. Enter Diazpora: They have the funk. It is with them since they started in 2002 and it did not deserted them since.

The nine-piece band from Hamburg/Germany knows that you cannot fake the funk. You need to keep the groove on the move. On their fifth album „Islands” they do this more profound than ever. As with all things funky, it is about a continuous travel on an instinctive path that never leads to the final destination. Just like in real life: You got to keep moving!" - Legere Recordings

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