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Kashif Interviews With Wayne Boucaud's Blackin3D Radio, Jan.7th 2016
Kashif Interviews With Wayne Boucaud's Blackin3D Radio, Jan.7th 2016

"In Conversation with the late - Producer/Composer/Songwriter/Singer/Teacher, Kashif....
I met Kashif on the afternoon of Thur. Jan.7th 2016,and we spoke Weather Report, Clive Davis, Stephanie Mills, B.T. Express, Randy Muller and of course Whitney Houston, i managed to get 25min. with him and then he had to shoot off to another engagement and he was running late, but he did promise that we would finish off the interview via Skype, but alas, it didn't happen and as we now know he has passed on. Inspite of it coming to an abrupt end that day i've decided to play out the interview for YOU...the magic of editing..!" - Wayne Boucaud

Also,playing music from The Ecelectic Sessions - Josef Leimberg / Road Case Royale / The Open Feel / Ronnie Laws / Z-Star / Rose Royce / Junie Morrison / Robert Glasper / Mono Neon / Stevie Wonder / John Legend / Change / Christian Scott / Tasmin Archer / Nine Inch Nails.

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