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Scram Jones Demos The Seventy-Two Serato Performance Mixer
Scram Jones Demos The Seventy-Two Serato Performance Mixer

By JR on 10:09 AM

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For 2018, Rane kicks off the release of their latest 2-channel performance mixer by inviting DJ/Producer/MC Scram Jones to do his thing. In a few seconds, check out what this hardware can do as one of the most versatile turntabilists lends his hands to a mixer that is sure to redefine DJing.

The 2018 Rane Seventy-Two Serato Performance Mixer offers an array of tools to modernize this essential tool of the DJ while keeping the hardware design simple and attractive. The color touchscreen interface, effects, MPC-style trigger pads and expressive play control provide new options of performance and expression for all types of DJs. All this within a heavy-duty solid-steel aluminum casing that's built to last many scratch or club sessions.

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