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Sing Hallelujah For The Moody Soul of The Magnificent Tape Band
Sing Hallelujah For The Moody Soul of The Magnificent Tape Band

Whether you're looking to fill your soul with deeply-emotional and moody songs or dig for new sample material, The Magnificent Tape Band deliver with "The Subtle Art Of Distraction". The Magnificent Tape Band are the alter egos of ATA Records founders Neil Innes & Pete Williams, who were the creative driving force behind last years debut album by The Sorcerers, for which they wrote and produced all the tracks as well as contributing bass and guitar performances.

The Magnificent Tape Band are Neil Innes & Pete Williams

Rachel Modest - Vocals
Chris Dawkins - Electric Guitar
Joost Hendrickx - Drums
Rob Mitchell - Baritone Sax - Let The Church Say/Pantomime
Jack Davis - Trumpet - Let The Church Say/Pantomime
Danny Barley - Trombone - Let The Church Say
Patrick Martin - Trombone - Let The Church Say
Steve Parry - Brass & Brass Arrangement - Black Tiger
Mark Cresswell - Acoustic Guitar - When I Saw You/Not That Kind Of Woman
Gareth Wilkins - Harp - Heading Towards Catastrophe/When I saw You
George Cooper - Piano - When I Saw You/Pantomime
Bob Birch - Organ & RMI Piano - Requiem/Not That Kind Of Woman/Black Tiger/Pantomime
All other instruments by The Magnificent Tape Band

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