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Singers Syesha & Christopher Louis Deliver Heaven-Sent Love On "Better"
Singers Syesha & Christopher Louis Deliver Heaven-Sent Love On "Better"

"This Song I wrote with a dope team of creatives. It was originally written for a Male Pop Artist and Christopher Louis was generous to bless the track with his stunning vocals.

I have had this Gorgeous Song for a while now and I am so glad to be sharing such a beautiful piece of ART with you all.

I am Currently RELEASING old tunes from my Music Library to make room for all the NEW Divine Creations in the works. This one in particular was definitely an Affirmation that eventually manifested itself years later. Grateful for LOVE Support and awakening to my Full Potential.

Time to release ya'll.

More to Come.... :)" - Syesha

”Better" (S. Mercado, E. Porter, C. Bell, R. Henderson)
Produced by Etienne Porter

Co-Produced by Antonio Wimberly

Drum Programming: EJ Porter

Keyboards: Antonio Wimberly & EJ Porter

Piano: Robert Henderson

Guitars: Brandon McCrae

Album Artwork: Syesha Mercado

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