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Escape With Musician Daniel March Who Discovers The Colour Of Love On "Breakaway"
Escape With Musician Daniel March Who Discovers The Colour Of Love On "Breakaway"

By JR on 5:15 PM

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"Daniel March is an Australian born and bred Artist / Multi Instrumentalist / Producer / Singer-Songwriter / Touring Guitarist who is no stranger amongst the independent music scene around the world. 
 Like trying to trap lightning in a bottle, boxing Daniel in one specific Genre’ proved a difficult task, although he has managed to take his place in the soul scene whether as a co writer for artists such as UK Rising star Tiana Major 9 or a musician having toured with Acoustic Soul Grammy award winning icon Tony Rich Project, and Anthony David (India Arie) or MPL funk legend St Paul Peterson (The Time/ The Family) 
 His 2015 single ‘Nina’ gained him some recognition around the world with Soul Bounce hailing him as the ‘Rnb Eric Clapton’ and has had over 70,000 streams. 

It’s no wonder why Daniel’s notes his biggest musical influence as Prince 
 While maintaining his own identity throughout both EP’s Japanese label P Vine Records and South Korean label Leaplay records released both EP’s as a Album in 2019. 
 He relocated to London in 2015 where his follow up single ‘Falling For You’ gained success on the UK radio waves including BBC with a remix by Ashley Beedle through Ramrock records. 
 Perhaps his inability to be boxed into one thing, is really his advantage point, allowing him to wear many hats whether as an artist or touring guitarist/performer, or songwriter/producer, his ability to bob and weave through the music industry with such versatility makes him a triple threat."

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