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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
In '95, Pete Rock & Marley Marl Celebrate New Years Day On Pirate Radio With L.L. Cool J

For some reason SoundCloud deleted this along with some of my earliest uploads from back when I started blogging  in '09. Enjoy the repload of this special New Years Day Hip Hop event as Pete Rock & Marley Marl toast it up with L.L. Cool J On Pirate Radio. 

Hear skillful turntablism as Pete spins some of the best underground cuts of '95. The Soul Brother's set includes a world premier of Ol' Dirty Bastard's Brooklyn Zoo and other gems. I always remember this recording not just because of the undeniable Hip Hop flavor it brings, but also the background conversation unusual compressed stereo effect heard in the radio recording.

Carl McIntosh of Loose Ends Reminisces On The Making Of Classics At The V.I.P. Lounge

For 2021, Carl McIntosh of Loose Ends provides a behind the scenes look into some of his most revered classics. Frenchie of The V.I.P. Lounge continues his unqiue series of inviting music legends to share their commentary. In between timeless tunes such as "Hangin' On A String", "You Can't Stop The Rain" plus more, Carl gives us insight into the life moments that resulted in musical magic. 

Enjoy the interview/commentary which begins at the 1:33:42 mark and new music from the Loose Ends brand below. 

NapsNdreds, REKS & Skyzoo Speak On Society's D'Evils On "What You Wish For"

Check out the flows of some metaphor monsters who remind you the value of humility on "What You Wish For". On a dark Nottz Raw production, NapsNdreds, REKS & Skyzoo hold a mirror up to society to reveal the pitfalls associated with numerous addictions and vices. From NapsNdreds' 2021 album "Don't Make Me Famous". More new music by Nottz below.

In '98, Supastition & Ghetto Wine Pay Tribute To Hip Hop On "Dirty Roots"

In '98, Ghetto Wine link with Supastition and strive to be the best MC as a Hip Hop unit who are inspired by the potency of liquor. With a sound that's raw and underground like the cellar, each MC represents the dirt and hunger of the late-90's indie boom. "Dirty Roots" is a call to battle for real MCs and all those who claim to represent Hip Hop. A rare early career moment from one of North Carolina's best MCs.

George Benson - "Give Me The Night" (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel's Jazzy-Brazilian Rework)

"George Benson's "Give Me The Night" gets a NU Jazzy-Brazilian re-touch under the production umbrella of the Los Charly's boyz: Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel, featuring Jazz Funkster: Xantone Blacq for an uplifting update which for sure will keep us warm and well channeled through the winter ahead (or summer for those on the southern hemisphere). As 2nd and 3rd track, J & J features their debut collaboration with the amazing: Heidi Vogel for a deeper excursion into Latin-Jazz fusions with the tracks: "Fly Me With You & The Notion"" - Imagenes Recording

Ready Or Not, Drummer Dante' Roberson & Friends Deliver Love On "Caveat"

With special guest vocalists Phil Perry, Grady Wilkins and Tracy Hazard, drummer Dante' Roberson is the caveat for your emotional response to music. These two standouts from Dante's album demonstrate his command of the groove and ability to create a love song to remember.

Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger The Gambler's Rare 12" "Bro To Bro", Reissued Digitally

Peep the dialog of none other than Trigger & Smoothe Da Hustler as they rock the mic just before the release of Smoothe's '96 debut album. This East New York/Brownsville connection is one to remember as this power duo + guests lend their ruff vocal tone to the rugged sound of producer D.R. Period. An underground gem featured on the digital compilation "90's Underground Hip Hop 2".


Go Dancing In The Street To "Motown With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (A Symphony Of Soul)"

"Motown: A Symphony Of Soul" is a collection of some of Motown’s best-loved songs faithfully reworked and reimagined by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Marvin Gaye’s “Abraham, Martin & John” is out now and features newly recorded co-vocals by Beverley Knight. Press play and let your imagination run away to the timeless songwriting of Motown's best, revisited by an extraordinary orchestra.

Bond Meets Lounge As Singer Penelope Sai Brings Delightful Jazz To The Music Of 007

"For lovers of the greatest James Bond themes- Penelope Sai Sings 007 is this jazz artists 4th album release, and what a spicy offering it is! Sexy, dramatic & seductive, this collection delivers big time.

Following the success of her previously recorded version of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, Penelope decided to produce a full album of much loved Bond theme titles. The songs have been stripped back and changed up with a big dose of fun. ‘Goldfinger’, ‘From Russia with Love’, ‘A View To a Kill’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’, and ‘Nobody Does it Better’ are just some of the 14 tracks that have been reimagined with an accomplished trio of Australian musicians including Sean Mackenzie (piano), Brett Hirst (double bass) and Nic Cecire (drums). These guys bring their distinctive vibe to the project with a jazz club feel and a super-slick Latin spin.

Guest soloists include the sublime French jazz violinist Didier Lockwood, and virtuoso American trumpeter and leader of the Count Basie Orchestra, Scotty Barnhart. These extraordinary musicians bring impeccable flair and take the recording to the next level of cool.

Regarded American producers Al Schmitt and Gregg Field contributed to the final mixes. The resulting record sizzles. It is timeless and a pure listening pleasure as it draws us back into the fabulous world of 007. "

Penelope Sai- vocals, Sean MCKenzie piano, Brett Hirst- double bass, Nic Cecire-drums, Scotty Barnhart- horns, Didier Lockwood- violin

Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 46: One Man Entourage

It's time to set it off with another round of breakbeats by some of the funkiest modern bands. This one man entourage is an exploration of Jazz, Funk and Soul like none other. Enjoy an exciting mashup of grooves as heavy drums stand at the forefront of outstanding songs. This collection includes the DJ Yoshiki remix of Big Daddy's Kane's "Set It Off" which makes use of multiple classic Hip Hop breakbeats.

In '92, Competition's Payin' The Price On "The 40 Made Me Do It" by Dice

The official debut of Detroit underground rap legend "DICE" aka "MONKEY JOE" aka "The Neiborhoodshittalka" is an entertaining moment of early-90's Hip Hop. Inspired by the explicit delivery of N.W.A. and overall attitude of West Coast Hip Hop, Dice takes a gamble with every rhyme he spits. The result is an album that could be considered the equivalent of Raw or Delirious in a Hip Hop album. Enjoy the digital reissue and stream of this underground release.


Enjoy Hours Of Rare Italian Library Music, Streaming via REDI EDIZIONI MUSICALI

Edizioni Musicali Redi were born in Milan, Italy, inside the historic headquarter in Corso Europa 5, from an idea of Nanni Ricordi, an early ‘60s discoverer of modern songwriters. 

Redi is ready to be the reference point for the best Library, Soundtracks and Synchronizations catalogs. Head over to their Bandcamp page to explore a vast array of sounds from their catalog. Genres include jazz-rock, library music, lounge, prog-rock, progressive rock, soundtrack and more.

Future Soul Group Sample Kulture Perform Live at KDHX, 11/10/21

KDHX proudly presents Listen Live & Local featuring Sample Kulture, a live performance made possible by the support of our listeners and the Missouri Historical Society.

Sample Kulture is a future soul group that sews jazz, electronic, pop, and hip-hop into a warm blankie.

Potatohead People Make It Thump On A Remix For Jazz-Funk Project Skyline Sun

The first remix from the recently released EP 'Flesh and Bones' by Skyline Sun features the blissful vibe and head nod of Potatohead People. The Vancouver based producer duo make it thump once again with their progressive and dreamy approach to Hip Hop/Soul. Skyline Sun is the musical moniker for producer and guitarist Jarrah Dhyan. Enjoy more of his music below.

Trife Diesel & Rubberband Sosh Get Paid By Any Means On "Get That Bread"

Staten Island converges with Jamaica Queens as MCs Trife Diesel & Rubberband Sosh pledge allegiance to the street life and get paid accordingly. Hip Hop music to make you feel what it's like to life life on the edge.