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Jorun Bombay Reworks A '77 Funk Classic by Pleasure, Ends Summer 2022 With A Funkbox Reload

Serial remixer Jorun Bombay presents another stupid def cold dumb ackanickulous episode of Funkbox Reload. This end-of-summer Fall 2022 edition features his remix to a Funk classic by the band known as Pleasure. Tune in to a DJ/producer who continues to bring new life to funky classic music, using his creativity in reworking the instrument stems.

Jorun Bombay's "Joyous" now available on black and translucent purple vinyl via Soundweight Records.


Tracklist :

LL Cool J - I'm That Type of guy
The Lady Supreme - I'm That Type Of Girl
Jorun Bombay - Good Morning feat. Jah-Mila (Daylight Mix)
Bell & James - Livin It Up
Pat Lundy - Work Song
Jo Boyer - Milady
Jorun Bombay - Say No Go For That (De la / Hall & Oates)
Chubb Rock - Ya Bad Chubbs
RUN-DMC - Pause
Two Kings In A Cipher - Movin' On 'Em
EPMD - I'm Housin (Remix)
JVC FORCE - A Force Thing
James Brown - Static
Pleasure - Joyous (Jorun Bombay Remix)
Roy Ayers - Just A Moment In Time
Jungle Brothers - Sunshine
Black Rock & Ron - You Can't Do Me None
Ultramagnetic MC's - Funky Potion
LL COOL J - Fast Peg
Cash Money & Marvellous - All about partyin'
Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5 - Gold
Freshco & Miz One Plus One

Party Down To Unreleased Soul Music Of The Lyman Woodard Organization

The vibe calls for celebration as The Lyman Woodard Organization throw down on a rare tune that's abundant with joy and soulful sound. Strut presents a previously-unreleased gem for their upcoming compilation "Detroit Artists Workshop". Enjoy the good vibes, check the trackless below and prepare for the album release in October 2022.


Celebrate Ramsey Lewis's "Sun Goddess" With Musicians Sekou Bunch, Jahari & D-Erania Stampley

It's a celebration of a tune that evokes a remarkable amount of joy as Sekou Bunch plus Jahari & D-Erania Stampley show their appreciation for a Ramsey Lewis classic. "Sun Goddess" takes new shape as the sophisticated Soul of Sekou Bunch and union of Jahari & D-Erania Stampley provides noteworthy cover versions. 

The modernized take on this tune provides a new sense of cool as the infectious groove and expression of Sekou Bunch takes over. The son and mother duet of "Sun Goddess" by Jahari & D-Erania Stampley is a display of musical talent that is not only exciting but touching. 

In '73, Italian Television Becomes Funky With The Theme Music Of "10 SITUAZIONI"

"Historical Italian Jazz session originally released on legendary vinyl LP from 1973. Outstanding and magnificent Jazz Funk jewel and first album ever by this killer combo led by Dino Piana & Oscar Valdambrini. An original Jazz Library recording used for the soundtrack of Rai TV programme "SERATA AL GATTO NERO", 1973. Top Italian groovy Jazz and mental album, easily a grail of the genre featuring some terrific breaks, killer Wah Wah guitar and Funky Hammond job, with a solid backing studio orchestra. Loads of laden stylish grooves with brilliant Modal Jazz numbers, smoothy vibes, and Cool Jazz influences with also different musical themes. Every track is just heaven with several hot club tunes for DJs. Solid masterpiece!" - SONOR Music Editions

Buy digital ► 

Oscar Valdambrini (trumpet, flugehorn)
Dino Piana (trombone)
Antonello Vannucchi (organ, piano)
Giorgio Rosciglione (electric bass)
Sergio Conti (drums)
Silvano Chimenti (guitar)


Take It Easy With Mellow Covers Of All-Time Classics On "Jazz​-​Funk Dub Tribute" by Mato

By JR on 11:35 AM

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"Stix Records, a sub-label of Favorite Recordings, proudly presents Jazz-Funk Dub Tribute, a new project by Mato with exclusive Dub versions of some of the most famous Jazz-Funk, Soul-Jazz, Funk & Fusion tracks.

After the amazing success of his Summer Madness / Maiden Voyage (2021) single, respectively covering Kool & The Gang and Herbie Hancock, Mato got deeper within the American Black Music repertoire. He worked on tracks that can be considered as serious classics of the Jazz-Funk scene. "

H2BOSS, DJ Vicious Lee & DJ Khalil Bring A New Element Of Warfare To Hip Hop As The Assassinator

The threat is real as beats, rhymes and cuts by H2BOSS, DJ Vicious Lee and DJ Khalil combine to form something dangerous for your speaker. Grab your body armor as this group of assassins drop explosive music, introducing a new vision of warfare to Hip Hop music. With beats tougher than kevlar by DJ Khalil, H2BOSS's visions of destruction become cinematic.


DMo! Connects With Amber Navran of Moonchild For Some Soul Togetherness On "FriendZone"

Take your time with singers DMo! and Amber Navran who demonstrate their appreciation of friendship's eventual growth into love. "FriendZone" a great example of patience in a relationship by talented artist who take their time to create magic. Savor the moment and look forward to the gifts of waiting as this soulful make your time worthwhile. The first single from the album 'Also Known As', available now.

Level 42's Mike Lindup Pays Homage To All Of Humanity With The Upbeat Bounce Of "Atlantia"

By JR on 9:42 PM

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Reach for the stars with a musician who envisions the beauty of divine creation using an envigorating and soulful perspective of music. This is a jam dedicated to all of the universal beings on Earth as Mike Lindup creates a moment for us to all get down. "Atlantia" is a celebration of life as this musician injects joy into a song that thumps with the spirit of humanity. The sound is reminiscent of classic level 42  in it's dreamy Pop vibe, but also displays a new vision of modern Soul. Live your life in a new light with a song that provides the rhythm for your body, enlightenment for your mind and optimism for your soul.

Swish Jaguar Delivers A Smooth Lovers Rock Version Of Twennynine & Lenny White's "Morning Sunrise"

"Swish Jaguar is a rare artist. Rare in the sense that he’s rarely been seen in public, on social media, or on wax - until now. All we know about this enigmatic recluse is that he survives mostly on a steady diet of kombucha, synths and edibles, emerging periodically from his cave with an offering of his choosing. 

His debut single for General Principle, “Morning Sunrise”, a cover of the Lenny White classic, lives at the intersection of Weldon Irvine and Roger Troutman and should suitably enhance any smoke session, casual fling or Lovers Covers set. On the flip, Swish doesn’t stray far from the agenda with “Sierra Moon”, a feel-good original composition designed to elicit a similar response. Limited to 500 copies. Retail > Resale. Act accordingly."

A.G. Prepares To Drop "Giant In The Mental" And Visits Future Flavaz Radio For An Interview/Freestyle

Andre The Giant's vocal presence remains large as he blesses the microphone on his latest album "A Giant In The Mental". The D.I.T.C. rhyme vet shows his versatility as a storyteller and punchline king with 3 hot songs from the forthcoming LP. Witness the 8th Wonder Of The World catch wreck once again as his flows and vivid imagination come to life with beats by DJ Manipulator, Dark Keys & Show.

Below, A.G. represents Hip Hop's grimy side as he visits Pete Rock & Marley Marl to promote his solo album "The Dirty Version".

NaS, L.L. Cool J, Boot Camp Clik, Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler Visit 90's Radio Show Mastermind Street Jam

A throwback tape archive of classic 90's Hip Hop, courtesy of DJ/radio host Chase March. Listen as Hip Hop royalty visit the Mastermind Street Jam back in the mid-90's. Mastermind Street Jam was a radio show on Energy 108 (107.9fm) that served the Hamilton, Burlington, and Toronto areas of Canada from the mid to late 1990s. 

Not only do you get to hear freestyles and interviews from these elite MCs, Chase provides us with the shows in their entirety. Plenty of gems are spun in each show by DJ Mastermind, providing a nostalgic feel and underground sound similar to the Stretch & Bobbito show. Enjoy the 5-track playlist above.

Step Into The Sun With The South African Fusion Of Shane Cooper & MABUTA

"Finish The Sun, the second offering from Shane Cooper & MABUTA, is a glowing and energetic album, rooted in grooves from all over the African continent. The six-piece outfit draws on influences from Mali, Nigeria, the Sahel, Morocco, and the many sounds that make up their native South Africa. This musical trip seamlessly dances through Afrobeat, maskandi, funk and hip hop, to moments of cinematic beauty. All embedded with subtle hints of 70s psychedelia. The core group of Shane Cooper, Bokani Dyer, Sisonke Xonti, and Robin Fassie invited international guests on drums including Jamie Peet, Arthur Hnatek, Christopher Cantillo, and more

Shane Cooper & MABUTA are part of the new wave of jazz coming out of Joburg, South Africa. The band features: Shane Cooper (basses, guitars, synths, percussion), Bokani Dyer (piano, rhodes), Sisonke Xonti (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Robin Fassie (trumpet), and various guest drummers."

In '98, Gangstarr Interview/Perform On Canada's Much Music TV For "Moment Of Truth"

The Guru and Premier were always well spoken and focused in their approach to Hip Hop, and this interview is no exception. Hear the science of how Gangstarr used beats and rhymes to influence culture, have fun and maintain a career on this '98 episode of Much Music. You can always learn something from a throwback Gangstarr interview. Whether you want to expand your mind, nod your head, or reminisce on an elite sound of Hip Hop, The Guru and Premier never disappoint.

Vocal Supergroup säje & Terri Lyne Carrington Discover Our Purpose On "As This Moment Slips Away"

Here's a moment of self reflection by outstanding vocalists to awaken your mind and enhance the rhythm in your spine. Joined by legendary percussionist Terri Lyne Carrington, säje deliver a powerful message of purpose on "As This Moment Slips Away". The exciting rhythm of Terri drives the vocals of these four ladies who leave a significant of beauty and positivity. Throughout this tune, you will not only feel an uplift from the wonderful arrangement but a new peace of mind and approach to life.

Enjoy, get the single here at Apple and check out their cover of a Stevie Wonder classic below.

Blue Lab Beats Get Soulful With Béesau, Kemi Ade, Moelogo & Jerome Thomas

Embrace a new vision of soulful music as Blue Lab Beats inspire like-minded artists to deliver a refreshing sound. A unique musical perspective on happiness emerges from the speaker as BLB's jazzy bounce transmits positive vibrations to your soul. Their lush sound paired with talented singer/songwriters results in jams that celebrate the greatness of love.

Live your best life as "Fleur Bleue" provides the soundtrack to happiness with BLB's upbeat rhythm and beautiful chord progressions paired with the trumpet of Béesau.  Moelogo's "Waiting" merges African influences with a modern R&B perspective as BLB envision patience as the sweetest joy. Jerome Thomas & BLB release their inhibitions for love with the soul bounce of "I Don't Need". Your head is bound to nod as Kemi Ade join BLB for an ode to togetherness on "Promise".