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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Watch Del Tha Funkee Homosapien & The U.M.C.s Perform In '92 For Canadian TV

With their high energy and youthful spirits, two groups from opposite coast show how fun Hip Hop can be for the year of '92. Electric Circus and Much Music programs capture the breathrough of The U.M.C.s and Del The Funkee Homosapien with interview and performance footage. Bringing songs such as "Blue Cheese" and Mista Bodobalina", this footage displays an era of Hip Hop that represented boundless creativity and good times.

A-P Connection & Singer Nate Williams Cherish The Moment On "Lifetime To Find"

Love becomes electrified with the lively synth-based sound of Antione Perez and Pierre Bonnet who form the duo known as A-P Connection. On "Lifetime To Find", the funky production unit carry the torch of The Boogie with a love song driven by superb rhythm. With singer Nate Williams on vocals, elevate higher as A-P make love seem everlasting. From their 2021 album "Wide Vision" out now featuring vets of the 80's R&B scene such as Junior and Joyce Sims.

In '75, Howard Roberts Brings The Funk To Cinema On The "Lord Shango" Soundtrack

Funky sounds that are surprisingly brought to us from the mob-owned movie studio who brought us the horror classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Released for RSD 2021 (UK/EUROPE) exclusivity (June 12, 2021) Record Store Day Drop (first drop date).

Limited to 500 copies
180g edition (LP)
Comes with insert/liner notes
Comes with obi strip

Easy Mo Bee, EZ Elpee, Pete Rock & More Interview For "From Boom Bap To Trap" Doc

These interviews with kings of the beat are part of a series by hip-hop journalist and author, Riley Wallace. Enjoy this preview from the project in progress "From Boom Bap to Trap: Hip-Hop's Greatest Producers". Get in early and help create a missing piece of hip-hop canon--exclusively on Kickstarter!

Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 44: More Than A Memory

It's my hope that these grooves are not only a good memory, but go on to inspire the creation of more great music in the future. The 44th round of ATWIBB features a host of artists who make it a night to remember including PVD who provides another supply of top-notch drum breaks. Let the rhythm take your mind as Neal Francis, Aaron Frazer, Doctor Bionic and others take you on a funky journey and leave their musical imprint upon your mental.

Rockness Monsta Joins Starang Wondah, DJ Rek & Bernadette Price On Monsta Mondayz Podcast

Mista Monsta Man Rocko jumps in the podcast arena for 2021 with entertaining content and guest on Monsta Mondayz Podcast. Hear the thoughts behind one of the most gutter mind frames in Hip Hop as Rock gives you a piece of his mind. With Starang Wondah, DJ Rek & Bernadette Price joined in, he gives his unique perspective about Hip Hop and life.

Below, Rock lights up the mic for Bobbito and Lord Sear on WKCR FM radio.

Monsta Mondayz Podcast Episode #1 Bernadette Price interview, Versuz, So Called Mumble Rap Monsta Mondayz Radio show/Podcast on the Dash App – Every Monday 8-10pm PST, 11-1am EST Listen LIVE every Monday on the Dash App @

Music Is But A Dream As Singer Michael Mayo Explores The Heart On "Another Love"

Rising vocalist, songwriter and instrumentalist Michael Mayo releases his genre-defying, highly personal debut solo album Bones about embracing his truth. "Another Love" from his new album "Bones" is here to take you higher as he displays his unique vocal ability. On this jazzy tune, Michael's use of harmony is wonderful as his vocal arrangements express feelings of escapism. Enter a dreamy moment of music as Mack Avenue Records presents an exciting new voice in the realm of Jazz Fusion.

Michael Mayo – vocals • Andrew Freedman – keyboards, synthesizers • Nick Campbell – electric bass, synth bass • Robin Baytas – drums

Vocal arrangements by Michael Mayo Producer: Eli Wolf

Co-producer: Michael Mayo


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2021 Mack Avenue Records II, LLC

Journey Back To The 80's As Musician Grant Garland Covers Popular American TV Themes

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If you're an 80's baby like me, the music of Nashville-based artist Grant Garland is bound to make you feel warm and nostalgic. Enjoy as Grant ventures back to more simple times, when the TV and it's family-based sitcoms were the centerpiece of the American house instead of the internet or mobile phone. If this is you're first time hearing these classic themes, witness a style of music that is filled with joy. From "Who's The Boss" to "WKRP In Cincinnati", this one-man cover band takes a trip down memory lane. 

Musicians Nicolas Godin & We Are KING Invite You To Pure Pleasure On "Another Side"

Nicolas Godin & We Are KING are the perfect combination as their delightful sound serves as an inspiration for greater possibilities in life. On "Another Side" this progressive unit groove toward the future, inviting you into an open door of pure pleasure. Paradise is a click away with the combined talent of these musicians who lead an exciting new movement of synth-driven Pop music.

Witness The Vibrant Beauty Of Life On Gretchen Parlato & Yuta Bandoh's "All The Same"

In collaboration with composer Yuta Bandoh, the beautiful visions of singer Gretchen Parlato come to life through the lively sound of "All The Same". Prepare for an uplifting rush of energy as these talents combine to make the world appear more vivid and wonderful as Gretchen leads the way to paradise. Like a dream, escape into another world as talented artist challenge the artistic limits of Jazz with thoughts and experiences that are extremely pleasant.

Beat Jack Kyushu lends his skills on the keys for a short cover version. Stream or download the whole song below at Apple Music.

Watch Rare Footage Of Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew Performing "The Show" Back In '86

Reelin' In The Years archive dig in their files an revive a gem that represents the absolute magic displayed in Hip Hop during the 1980's. Witness two of the greatest entertainers as Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick hit the stage in Europe to perform their classic "The Show" in '86. Backed by DJs Chill Will & Barry B, Rick & Doug show how ahead of their time they are. These two would go on the inspire so many more artists to create Hip Hop music that had great replay value, style, wit and unforgettable lyrics.

Bobby Caldwell Shares His Story in 2021, Musicians Jay Diggs & Stan Diggs Pay Tribute

The “Looking for the Cool” podcast with Michael Stradford features conversations with interesting people leading very cool lives. In this episode, Michael talks to singer, songwriter Bobby Caldwell, best known for his classic hit "What You Won't Do For Love" about his life, music and amazing career. Below, Jay Diggs & Stan Diggs show their love for the music of Bobby, as they demonstrate their talents through cover versions of his classics.

Rediscover Your Inner Light With Singer Madelyn Grant On The "Purpose" EP

By JR on 12:25 PM

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The mellow and soulful vibe of Madelyn Grant is your soundtrack to look within as her sweet voice conveys hopes and dreams throughout the "Purpose" EP. This music is both and escape from reality and a realization of it as the sounds of Madelyn provide a source of healing and enlightening. Few singers possess the range, emotion, and incredible diversity that Detroit-native, Madelyn Grant, showcases every time she steps in front of a microphone. As a featured artist, Madelyn helped launch the careers of EDM and Electro-Soul legends like Odesza and FKJ. On "Purpose", Madelyn relies on serene grooves and the power of her voice to envision the journey of life as beautiful and hopeful.

Colemine Records Give The Gift of Groove With Instrumental Versions Of Their Releases

Don't miss out on one of the funkiest labels around as Colemine Records unleash a heap of grooves for Spring/Summer 2021. Whether you enjoy funky music or are a crate digger/producer looking for a new source of breaks, Colemine's talented roster of musicians have got you covered. 


Danny Hastings Shares Stories Of Creating Classic Hip Hop Imagery On The Fly Fidelity Podcast

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The Fly Fidelity Podcast sat down with Danny Hastings, fine art photographer, filmmaker and keeper of stories about everyone from Wu-Tang Clan to Gang Starr to Eminem, Big Pun, Nas, Jay-Z and beyond. Take a trip down memory lane and learn about the enduring legacy and making of some of hip hop's most iconic album covers and more!

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