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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Hip Hop Radio Vet WildMan Steve Shares Early-90's Video Interviews With Legends

Tune in to one of the best online resources of early-90's Hip Hop as Strong Island radio veteran WildMan Steve lets loose gas from his vault. For 2023, The Wildman shares some interviews with Chuck D, Del and Organized Konfusion. Stay tuned to his YouTube channel for more gems and check the blog archives for audio interviews from WildMan Steve's early-90's radio show.

The Evolution Of DMX The Great, Presented by KvngLxo & Professor James Smalls

Witness one of the most drastic transformations of a vocal tone in Hip Hop as Ruff Ryders' own DMX rips the mic during his early days. We get glimpses of X without the gruff voice as he drops slick rhymes with a similar delivery as K-Solo. If you were unaware of his underground output prior to landing a deal, you're in for a treat as KvngLxo compiles various rarities from the one and only Dark Man X. 

Below, Professor James Small provides thoughtful reflections of X. As a wise elder, Prof. Small's knowledge of African history is extraordinary. Enjoy his words of wisdom as he honors X while enlightening us on the trails and tribulations of the African American.


Outkast's "Prototype" Receives An Exciting New Vision With Saxophonist Valentino Matos

Transforming a slow Soul groove into an upbeat R&B jam, VALENTINO MALTOS gives new life to "Prototype". Joined by Kiikii Star on vocals, the classic songwriting of Outkast is heightened by the exciting energy of Valentino's dazzling arrangement. This renowned saxophonist emerges with this gem of a single after his debut solo album ‘Analog Future’. Press play and rediscover the prototype of love as this duo provide an uplift, with music that overflows with the rhythm of life.

Tristate of Gold Chain Military Heats Up The Mic For Spring 2023 With "Air Max King"

"Warm Up" by TriState x Mr. Porter x Mykestro is just a taste of the heat that's in-store as one of the best underground lyricists releases his latest project. Like the timelessness of a classic Nike sneaker, Tristate drops Hip Hop music you're sure to remember. This MC dedicates himself to the rhyme and it shows as he delivers slick verses on one of the best 2 minute+ cuts in awhile.

80's Pop Hits Meet The Joyful Vocoder-Driven Soul Of Scary Pockets & Swatkins

Scary Pockets & Swatkins are a union like none other has they provide new reason to be happy to some of the happiest songs of all-time. Soulful instrumentation and singing meets a joyful vocoder performance on the covers project "Pockets Presents: Swatkins!" Whether or not you know the original songs, you're bound to have a good time as these talented musicians provide joy. Not only do they cover each classic, this is much more. Scary Pockets & Swatkins redefine each tune with their outstanding sound and musical perspective of happiness.

Catch Scary Pockets on tour in a U.S. city near you for Spring 2023! Tickets available here at Ticketliquidator.

Let The Music Be Your Savior As Trumpeter Johnny Britt Encourages You To "Hold On Be Strong"

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Open up your heart and soul to the smooth sounds of Johnny Britt who assembles an all-star cast of guests on his 2023 album "After We Play". The inspiring message and mood of "Hold On Be Strong" is as soothing and groovy as it is empowering. Singer Ricky Peterson projects lyrics that paint a better tomorrow with a smooth tone that parallels the feel of Johnny's production. The result is a song to put you at ease, reflect and prepare for the future on a note of happiness.


Colemine Records' The Ironsides Deliver A Thrilling Moment Of Soul Music On "The Web"

In a thrilling moment of music, The Ironsides get cinematic with the wonderful string arrangements and drama of "The Web". This instrumental piece stands out amongst the rest, reviving memories of soundtrack Soul music reminiscent of Isaac Hayes's glory days on Stax. Hit play and envision an exciting ride down the inner city streets during the 70's as The Ironsides demonstrate their emotional power. 

Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 53: Survival Of The Freshest

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This is poetry in rhythm as fifteen acts get funky as if their life depended on it Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 53: Survival Of The Freshest. Feel the impact as Kenny Dope, Breakestra, The Mighty Mocambos, Sven Wunder and others bang you in the head with variety of moods and raw grooves. It's another interesting multi-genre journey which features outstanding talent from Soul, Funk, Jazz Fusion and Psych Rock. 

The 2023 reissue of Kenny Dope's "Breaks & Beats" now available on vinyl here at Juno.

Listen As Jay-Z & Busta Rhymes Appear In Rare Interviews From The Mid-90's During Their Debuts

After a random search of Podomatic, I stumbled across this show where DJ Flipout chats with two Hip Hop legends during their early days. We reminisce with Flipout as he speaks to Jiggaman, who displays a humble, laid-back persona while talking about "Reasonable Doubt". Jay-Z's interview begins at the 41:28 mark, but check out a cool mix at the beginning celebrating Bob James's "Nautilus" by DJ Flipout. Busta Rhymes speaks to Flipout by phone back in 1996, right before his debut solo album dropped. 

Beats For Sale: Pat Van Dyke Brings The Stereo Vision Sound To Beatstars

For an electrifying blend of Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop, look no further than the joyful sound of PVD. After years of dropping heat rocks with his exciting blend between each of these genres, Pat brings his music to Beatstars. Witness a beat star who is sure to change your perspective of beats as the Stereo Vision sound delivers happiness and a definite head-nod. 

Embrace The Voices Of Wisdom Through The Wonderful World Music of Bassist Deborah Slijkhuis

Your liberation is just a click away as bassist Deborah Slijkhuis provides phrases of freedom with her wonderful sound. As this talent digs deep within to share her desire of life, you are bound to experience an awakening. These two songs are an example of the joy Deb possesses within as she translates happiness into a celebratory sound of fusion. If you're ready to walk into the sun, this rising musician is a great leader and bearer of positive light. 

‘I believe the world is our playground, while creating music together we connect to the earth in a spiritual way.’


Experience Bel Biv Devoe's Album Release Party In '90 + More Rare Golden Era Hip Hop Clips

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BBD show their excitement during their smash single "Poison" along with guests as they demonstrate the essence of Hip Hop/R&B party life back in 1990. All that, plus more in a new set of clips uploaded by LMillionz. You get a chat with Pete Rock & C.L. just before the release of "Mecca And The Soul Brother", interviews with Heavy D for "Peaceful Journey", "100 Miles And Runnin'" era N.W.A., MC Hammer, De La Soul and others.

The Clash’s "Rock The Casbah" vs Stevie Wonder’s "Uptight" Mashup by Dunproofin Arrives on 7"

Dunproofin gives you a new way to get your groove on to the timeless music of Stevie Wonder with a remix that's outta sight. "Casbah Wonder" is a special blend that merges Stevie's soulful vocal performance of "Uptight" with the celebratory Pop sound of The Clash. After years of fanfare on Twitter around this remix, "Casbah Wonder" receives a 7" vinyl release.

Bassist Ace Livingston Inspires & Gives Us Another Reason To Live on "Give Thanks"

Get on up to the inspiring sound of Ace Livingston as he expresses praise for life and the lord with an upbeat and inspiring jam. Joined by guitarist Jonathan Dubose Jr. and vocalist Briana Friday, "Give Thanks" demonstrates Ace's optimistic sound. Like the prelude to your victory, Ace creates a moment of happiness as this tune goes from mellow into a burst of energy. With this sound, your bound to gain a new perspective on life as "Give Thanks" opens the door to happiness.

From Ace Livingston's 2023 album "Next Chapter".

Louie Vega Joins Singer Lisa Fischer For An Upbeat Version Of Heatwave's "A Star Of A Story"

Feel the divine energy of a Heatwave classic in a new way as Louie Vega and Lisa Fischer get the rhythm thumping on "A Star Of A Story". In contrast to the mellow and reflective sound of the original, this duo flip the vibe into upbeat and celebratory. Lisa Fischer's voice soothes against a soulful arrangement which showcases moments of beautiful instrumentation. The result is a version that stands on its own as a jam that's sure to rock dance floors into the future.

More gems from Louie Vega and friends below as he presents "A Star Of A Story EP" for 2023. This version includes alternate and extended versions of some of his recent songs.