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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
DJs Danny Dan The Beat Mann, Mista Sinista, JS1, Safire & Tone Spliff Host Mixmaster Weekend 2022 on Bushwick Radio


From breaks and samples to classic Hip Hop, new Hip Hop and R&B, this all-star lineup of DJs have you covered. Bushwick Radio keeps the art of turntablism alive and is sure to get your head nodding with this special mixmaster event.

Experience Obscure Funk From France On "The Vaults of Zagora Records Mastermind (1971​-​1984)"

"Born Bangalter in 1947, Daniel Vangarde is a French songwriter and producer. In 1967, he met Jean Kluger who became his publisher. In the 1970s, their tandem stood out in those fields, for a plethora of popular French artists such as Petula Clark, Claude François, Joe Dassin, Dalida, Régine, Sheila and Ringo. 1975 saw the birth of Vangarde’s label, Zagora Records, and his first and only solo LP. 

Later on, Vangarde and Kluger were responsible for a number of hit songs by The Gibson Brothers, Ottawan and La Compagnie Créole. With or without Kluger, Vangarde also wrote and produced songs that remained underground, under several monikers and for various artists. This compilation opens these incredible vaults with 20 rare tracks and hidden gems from the secret father of French disco, recorded between 1971 and 1984." 

First track out now, double LP (limited edition) and CD available for preorder here at Amazon. For disco funk, library music and cosmic beats lovers.


Ride Away To The Carefree Sounds Of Genr8r & Singer Nic Jackson

Love never felt so good as Neo-Funk band Genr8r & singer Nic Jackson encourage you to live your best life. "Ride Away" is music that's made for dancing as Genr8r entices the groove inside you. Lose your mind to soulful music as they display a cool use of time signature and dreamy songwriting. 

Enjoy this 2022 single here at Amazon and check out the soulful sounds of their previous single "Call Yo Mama" below.

In '87, L.L. Cool J Visits UK Radio To Share His Aspirations & Promote "Goin' Back To Cali"

Dance Muzak discovers a gem of UK radio from back in the day, featuring The Future Of The Funk himself L.L. Cool J. James Todd Smith is shakin' and bakin' 'em in the year of '87 as he demonstrates his aspiration to excel in the music industry. Just shy of his 20th birthday, L speaks with Mike Allen on National Fresh radio about his current and future plans. In addition, you get to hear some classic Hip Hop records and radio ad spots of this era.

Milez Grimez, Marco Polo & DJ Revolution Deliver The Hardcore Raw On "Grimez Galore"

The aggressive voice of an MC meets superior turntablism and break-neck production for Hip Hop which is the definition of grimy. Between this and their previous collaborations, I believe it's time that Milez and Marco Polo do a whole album together! Nod your head as Milez Grimez, Marco Polo & DJ Revolution give you what you're looking for raw on "Grimez Galore".

In '93, Das Efx & MC Eiht Interview With Copenhagen's DJ Jesper Jensen

From the iggity and bum-stiggedy, to gyeeaah, these two interviews by DJ Jesper Jensen pack a heap of 1993 Hip Hop lingo. Journey back in time with this Danish Hip Hop vet as he presents some interviews from his archives. Das Efx speak briefly about going from "Dead Serious" to "Straight Up Sewaside". MC EIHT of CMW goes in-depth about the state of urban America during the release of his debut solo album.

"Jesper Jensen is a diggers digger, always worth checking out what he's been finding" - Jonny Cuba (Soundsci, The Herbaliser)

Funk Night Records Continues To Beat Us In The Head With Funk Breaks For 2022

When you're looking for the uncut raw in obscure and rugged grooves, Funk Night still holds it down like none other. Lend an ear to their 2022 catalog as the label collaborates with outstanding bands who get funky enough to make you do the stank face.

Havoc of Mobb Deep Remains Infamous In Collaboration With Ransom, Tiye Phonix & Cormega

Although his partner in rhyme is dearly departed, Havoc holds his own on the microphone in collaborating with some of the most exciting MCs on the underground. The realness has never left as you can hear in each song featuring this QB vet. Hav makes each guest spot a moment to remember, from the darkness of "Purge Night" with Ransom, to the inspirational and uplifting sound of "Who We Are" with Tiye Phonix.

Hip Hop Reclaims It's Soul With The Food For Thought of Soul from the O, Headnodic & Hezekiah

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Soul from the O, Headnodic & Hezekiah bring an earful of insight to provide a sense of clarity and foo for thought to the everyday person. Listen as they explore life in rhymes with a great level of depth to enlighten you while making your head nod. From history, our rights, hopes and dreams, Soul from the O is a source of inspiration. Hear defiant messages based upon a search for identity and truth backed by funky beats. These are the type of songs that you are likely to learn new things from years after the initial listen.

Vinyle Archéologie Presents A Streaming Collection Of Rare Grooves, Samples & Breaks

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"Vinyle Archéologie is the definitive pick and shovel mecca for crate diggers. This is a living aural museum where lost, rare, vintage, obscure, hidden, forgotten and unknown music is shared and showcased for listeners. Hope what is heard will be something new, familiar or enjoyed. Please support the artists and groups, singers and musicians who made this music possible for listening. Buy their music with gratitude. Should any music played here violate copyright ownership or wishes of the original creators: Songs will be removed by request with ease and respect. This channel is not monetized nor does Vinyle Archéologie profit from the sharing of music showcased. Other than by listeners freely, kindly and simply listening. Feel free to reach out to with any questions, concerns etc. Thanks for listening." - Vinyle Archéologie, 2009–2022


Beauty Speaks Through The Attractive R&B Sound Of Chantae Cann & D. Mills

 Witness a divine definition of beauty in music as the lovely voice of Chantae Cann meets the neck-snapping groove of producer D. Mills. The two form a combination that results in an attractive sound on the rework of "Beauty Speaks". Chantae's visions of happiness shine brighter than ever as the soulful perspective D. Mills displays on the boards. The result is music that you can feel based on great songwriting that explores our sensory ability.

Tha Alhaholiks Perform In '93 At The DNA Lounge, E-Swift Visits The Talking Sound Podcast

West Coast legends Tha Alkaholiks perform a set Monday July 5th, 1993 at The Bomb Party at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The trio rocked a 10 minute set a month before the release of their classic debut album 21 & Over dropped on August 24, 1993. The full lineup for the night was: Ultramagnetic MCs, Pete Nice & Daddy Rich, Tha Alkaholiks, Invisibl Skratch Piklz (Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, Apollo and Disk), Total Devastation, What the Hell, Rymskeme and The Dereliks.

In this episode of the Talking Sound Podcast, host Christopher Jordan visits with Eric “E-Swift” Brooks, DJ and Producer for Tha Alkaholiks. Talking from his Labworx Studios in Las Vegas, E-Swift discusses the inspiration behind his years of beat production, what is it that moves him in the studio plus more.

R&B/Soul Becomes Sweeter With The Music Of Wes Felton, Vandell Andrew, Raheem DeVaughn & Sanura

Experience the chocolate love of a collective who make R&B descriptive and emotive enough to provoke visions of sweet romance. Wes Felton, Vandell Andrew, Raheem DeVaughn & Sanura discover new ranges of emotion in this genre as trailblazers of love and Soul. With each taste, you are bound to leave with a feeling of satisfaction as these songs pack R&B flavor. The ingredients are all here, as the crew serve up great singing, smooth grooves and a taste for passion.

Let Your Mind Drift Away To The Soulful Sounds Of Circles Of The Sun on "Outer Boroughs"

If you rely on music to take you away, look no further than the mental trip driven by Circles Of The Sun. On "Outer Boroughs", the band set the tone for you to walk into the sun like the end credits of a satisfying movie. The vibe is laid-back and the groove hypnotic as Circles let go for 7 minutes of music drenched with vintage sounds. Enjoy the warmth of a band who aim to project the most positive vibrations with an attractive blend ofFunk and Soul the vein of groups like Kool & The Gang and Roy Ayers.

Artifacts Visit The Hip Hop Spot Radio in '94, Tame One Performs At A Graf Event

"Here's the 1994 interview of the Artifacts on The Hip Hop Spot with WMS and DJ Riz! This was a very fun and upbeat interview with the artifacts! Tame One was very upbeat and funny, and El Da Sensei was having fun as well! DJ Skribble was in the building that night; he was the Artifacts tour DJ! We were having a really good time during the interview! You can hear Riz shout something to Skribble while Skribble was cutting it up on the turntables! Rest in power, Tame One!" - Wildman Steve

Below, Tame One performs at the Mayhem Crew 25th Anniversary Show.