Video: George Clinton Interviewed by James Mtume & NPR In 2014 For "Cosmic Slop"

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"Earlier this week, the inimitable George Clinton sat for not one but two conversations about his work and where it comes from. First, he spoke with the host of NPR Music's R&B channel, Jason King, about soul music, swag and Kendrick Lamar. Then, after the Museum Of The Moving Image screened Clinton's 20-year-old film Cosmic Slop, he took the stage for an interview conducted by songwriter, producer and musician James Mtume. The two industry veterans traded stories about Miles Davis and staying in the game. Clinton's memoir, Brothers Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kind Of Hard On You?, was released earlier this month along with five new songs, and a new Funkadelic album is hard on its heels." - NPR

"The Darkest Pattern" by Vintage Italian Horror Quartet Anima Morte

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Hailing from Nightmare City, Swedish instrumental quartet Anima Morte play music in the vein of vintage horror composers Goblin, Fabio Frizzi. Opening with sinister keys which builds into a cinematic journey of Progressive Rock, "The Darkest Pattern" showcases Morte's approach of songwriting which sets an undeniable mood of darkness driven by outstanding synth lines upon a foundation of hard-edged guitar and drum arrangements.

Serial Killers – "Wanted" (Remix by BeatStars Contest Winner Phrayze)

Fear takes on a new meaning in the form of Hip Hop as producer Phrayze pumps adrenaline like the feeling of being chased by a killer into his award-winning remix of "Wanted". Enjoy this collaboration between Phrazye and Xzibit, Demrick & B-Real and stay tuned for more upcoming ones when P gets to work with Serial Killers as one of the prizes for the winner of this Beatstars remix contest.

El diabolik's World of Psychotronic Soundtracks Presents "Dawn of the Synth"

A special music only mix from el diabolik. This is the dawn of the synth, a journey through the psychotronic world of cinema, lead by a trusty synthesizer. El diabolik can be normally found hosting el diabolik's world of psychotronic soundtracks at El diabolik can also be seen around London DJing tracks like this and more.

1. Claudio Simonetti - Intro.
2. Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Salt Lake Feelings.
3. François De Roubaix - Angoisse Sous-Marine.
4. Cecil Leuter â Electro Sounds No. 8.
5. Fabio Frizzi - Horrible Premonition.
6. Gerhard Heinz - Cheater's Theme.
7. The Johanna Group â Hors Phase.
8. François De Roubaix - Indicatif.
9. Jean Michel Jarre - Le Chanson Des Granges Brulees.
10. Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Speed Fever.
11. Isao Tomita - Juunai Mikoshiba's Last Moment
12. Gerhard Heinz - Die Säge Des Todes Suite.
13. Fabio Frizzi - Drums In Trouble.
14. Alessandro Alessandroni â Suor Omicidi Seq 6.
15. Mark Lindsay - Voyagers.
16. Andrew Thomas Wilson - The Beast.
17. Patrick Vasori - Female Chorus.
18. Jerrold Immel - Take-Off.
19. Andrew Thomas Wilson - Decontamination.
20. Klaus Schulze - Pain.
21. John Scott - Virus.
22. Claudio Simonetti - The Capture.
23. Jay Chattaway - Matt's Arrest.

1. Jay Chattaway – Cemetery Chase.
2. Izzanelli & Samy Wathson – Rencontre Intersidérale.
3. Izzanelli & Samy Wathson – Astroboles.
4. Renato Serio – The Desire.
5. Eric Serra – Le Monstre.
6. Libra – The Shock (Alt.)
7. H. W. Verschu & A. Bougiouzis – Arpèges D’April.
8. Roland Romanelli & Janick Top – Vacances Pulsions Part I.
9. Francis Rimbert & Frederick Rousseau – Création Alpha.
10. Francis Rimbert & Frederick Rousseau – Top Machin.
11. Izzanelli & Samy Wathson – Orgues Cosmos.
12. Jay Chattaway – Apocalypse N.Y.
13. Jay Chattaway – On the Beach.
14. Alan Silestri – Saved.
15. Cecil Wary – Suspense For 5 Penses.
16. Jay Chattaway – Inner Voices.
17. Cecil Wary – Suspense For 5 Penses.
18. Jezz Woodroffe – Magic of the Dolphin.
19. Stelvio Cipriani – Death Rituals.
20. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth – The Shape Stalks Again.
21. Jay Chattaway – Hookers Heartbeat.
22. Stelvio Cipriani – The Hour Of Infernal Game Pt.1
23. Albert Verrecchia – Sacrificie / Crauté Mortelle.

Kool Kev Draws Eerie Sounds From The Crates On "Horror Soul" Mix Series

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DJ Kool Kev gets creative by listening to music with the dark side of his imagination as he compiles sets of obscure Soul music for his "Horror Soul" mix series. With key parts selected from recordings, mixed together, cut up and slowed down to bring out their eerie vibe, Kev zones in on dusty grooves of songs for a listening experience which plays like a soundtrack to a horror movie. About 2 hours of horrific Soul music.

The Forty Fivers (Astronote, Aayhasis, Chilea's) - "Ipanema" (feat Séou, Simon)

Enjoy a fusion of Brazilian music and Hip Hop like none other as Astronote, Aayhasis and Chilea's bring a foundation of beat-based production combined with layers of Bossa Nova instrumentation for a dream-like and heart-racing sound. On "Ipanema" Feat Séou (Sax, Rhodes) & Simon Couratier (Saxo Baryton) from The Forty Fiver's self-titled LP, hear a magical sound which thumps with futuristic Soul while challenging the musical limits of beats.

Singer Jarrod Lawson Speaks On A Life-Long Musical Journey, Performing With Stevie Wonder & More

Let the soulful sounds of Jarrod Lawson make your way into your subconscious as his magic for music unfolds on an outstanding self-titled LP 10 years in the making. On "Jarrod Lawson" life is just a walk in the park as this emerging talent blesses your soul with 12 songs of heavenly Jazz-Soul fusion.

Enjoy the album stream on Spotify and learn more about Jarrod as Mi-Soul's interviews him following the meteoric rise of his debut album. They discuss Jarrod's rapid ascent to stardom, performing with Stevie Wonder and much more.

Stream "Straight Death 3" Instrumentals by Stu Bangas

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Intense and aggressive Hip Hop sound straight from the labs of Brutal Music's Stu Bangas, "Straight Death 3" plays sort of like an obscure drama soundtrack from the 70's or 80's but in Hip Hop form. With sinister moods ranging from subdued on "Dirty Work" to soulful but dark on "GSK" and an adrenaline rush on tracks like "Steel Chairs" and "Gypsy Danger", enter one of the darkest sounds known to Hip Hop yet driven by the distinct head-nod of Stu.

Rozewood - "Black Caesar's Ghost" b/w "Shibuya Shrine" feat. Boog Brown & Hus Kingpin

Witness the voices of Hip Hop soldiers and top-grade mind wielders on the single from Rozewood's forthcoming album THE BEAUTIFUL TYPE. It's a beautiful thing as Illastrate handles production for aggressive and thoughtful rhymes which reflect on life and self-being in addition to the The B-side "Shibuya Shrine" featuring lyricists Hus Kingpin and Boog Brown & the Black Caesar's Ghost Remix by Lex Boogie from the Bronx.

Flauce - "Thankful" ft. Rapper Big Pooh & J Blackwell (prod. by 4QE)

Over the uplifting production of 4QE, these 3 MCs paint a vivid picture of their emotions as they give thanks to basic necessities of life. "Thankful" by Flauce ft. Rapper Big Pooh & J Blackwell could not come at a better time when many in society face obstacles of career displacement, social indifference, in-equality and additional stress due to changes in the world. Each MC give their own personal perspective of how they have overcome the odds by focusing on simple and important things.

Stream Rarities by A Legendary Soul Songwriting Team On "Holland Dozier Holland Unreleased 45s"

"The legacy of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland is filled with some of the most popular songs ever written: “Stop! In the Name of Love,” “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You),” “Baby, I Need Your Loving,” “You Can’t Hurry Love,” “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” among them. All of those songs, and so many other indelible hit records, were written under the aegis of Hitsville, USA, a.k.a. Berry Gordy’s Motown empire. But by 1967, the relationship between the label chief and his star writers was starting to feel strained. Within two years, the H-D-H team had struck out on their own, forming Invictus Records, distributed by Capitol, and Hot Wax Records, distributed by Buddah. H-D-H’s new wrinkle on the Sound of Young America eventually encompassed the Music Merchant label as well, and gave Motown a run for its money with hits from The Chairmen of the Board, Freda Payne and The Honey Cone. Now, Demon Music Group’s Harmless Records is putting together the most comprehensive survey of the Invictus-Hot Wax-Music Merchant catalogue yet with Holland-Dozier-Holland: The Complete 45s Collection: Invictus/Hot Wax/Music Merchant 1969-1977.

By the numbers, this 14-CD box set, due on May 26 in the U.K. and the following week in the U.S., celebrates the 45th anniversary of H-D-H’s independence with a staggering array of newly remastered 45 RPM singles:

96 x Invictus 45s
44 x Hot Wax 45s
17 x Music Merchant 45s
for a total of 157 singles and 269 original recordings.

To that, Harmless is adding previously unreleased recordings by The Chairmen of the Board, Eloise Laws, Honey Cone, the Barrino Brothers, the Jones Girls and 100 Proof Aged In Soul. The package is rounded out by three previously unissued Tom Moulton mixes (The Chairmen of the Board’s “Give Me Just A Little More Time” and “You’ve Got Me Dangling on a String” and Freda Payne’s “Unhooked Generation”) and three more exclusive instrumental mixes of those songs by Moulton, available only on the box set’s enclosed download card." - The Second Disc

El Gant & Bekay Visit DJ J-Ronin's All Elements Radio + "Beast Academy" LP Stream

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Enjoy another episode of All Elements Radio w/ DJ J-Ronin along with rugged sounds of authentic East Coast Hip Hop on El Gant's "Beast Academy" LP featuring Torae, DJ Devastate, F.T., Ill Bill and more. El Gant was the special guest discussing his newest project Beast Academy. Bekay was also in the building providing some commentary.

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