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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Souls Of Mischief Kick A Freestyle In '95, On KVRX 91.7FM House Of Phat Beats Radio

From The House List:

On this recording we’re blessed with an off the cuff freestyle appearance by Souls of Mischief, in Austin promoting their then sophomore album No Man’s Land. Appearances by Tee Double, Mad One, among others! Listen to this like you would the radio in the mid 90’s even if you weren’t alive in the mid 90’s. The volume jumps a bit up and down, stay close to the volume button aka knob. Most importantly, enjoy this letter from the old school, just for you. Les remembers "We had two turntables in the control room, but they were wired to run remotely through two channels on the large control board where we managed all the other machines (CD players, minidisc players, cart players, cassette decks). We had no DJ at the show. We just played tunes, and worked with what we had".

Singer/Songwriter Frank McComb Is Still The Truth As He Performs In The Living Room, Summer 2020

The sophisticated Soul of Frank McComb is bound to make you feel thankful for musicians who remain active and aspired to do their thing. Whether it's a quarantine or any other day, he delivers music that is life-changing and inspiring for the way it speaks to the soul. Get inspired to listen to your heart with this great singer/songwriter as he performs songs from his catalog for fun, on In The Living Room.

Singer Deborah Jordan Stimulates Your Senses With Progressive Soul On "See In The Dark"

"Deborah Jordan returns with her most heartfelt and emotionally charged album to date, full of deep and soulful contemporary productions from collaborators K15, Marc Rapson, Simon S, Tris Browne and Mecca:83." - Futuristica Music

"Instant future classic" - DJ Spinna

"A collection of beautifully crafted stunners from Deborah - a really welcome return from the lady with that sublime voice"
Tony Minvielle - Jazz FM

"This may be the album of the year"
Nicolay - The Foreign Exchange

Producer JBird Leads The Way In Progressive Beatmaking With A 2 Hour Stream Of His Music

By JR on 10:01 AM

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Check out the sounds of an outstanding producer from the cratesofjr archives who returns with a heap of music for 2020. Producer and pianist ThisIsJBird provides something for your eardrum in an extensive set of beats paired with NBA gamplay. For 2 hours, let the progressive beats of JBird captivate your mind as his hypnotic and neck-snapping sound brings a new dimension to Hip Hop.

It's A Joyful Jazz-Funk Affair On Gary Bartz & Maisha's Night Dreamer Direct​-​To​-​Disc Sessions

"The third release from Night Dreamer’s essential “Direct-to-Disc” sessions sees an incredible meeting between legendary US saxophonist Gary Bartz and leading UK spiritual jazz ensemble, Maisha, featuring two Bartz classics and three brand new joint songs written by both Bartz & Maisha in close collaboration." - Night Dreamer Records

The Halftime Show Crate Digging Episodes ft. Evil Dee, The Awesome Two, Easy Mo Bee & More

I went into my archive of Halftime radio shows and picked out all the ones where they made it a crate digging show by dropping breaks, samples and classic Hip Hop. Every now and then, DJ Eclipse would depart from the normal show format of new Hip Hop and guests to focus on the classics. This set is a tribute to those special crate digging episodes of The Halftime Show. Featuring Easy Mo Bee, Martin Moore & Mayhem, Wise Intelligent, Evil Dee, Emskee, 88-Keys, John Robinson, James Top and The Awesome Two.

The Soul of Brian Owens & The Royal Five Is Divine On "Love Came Down"

""Love Came Down focuses on themes of faith, family and purpose, and Owens considers it his most personal and introspective effort yet.

“I want people to see God through this album,” he says. “I don’t know how the album will translate to people, but I think it’s going to be powerful. There’s something powerful about the simplicity of the record. People are looking for anything that can point them toward beauty, but not beauty with the absence of truth. I pray it’s one of those pieces like (Marvin Gaye’s) ‘What’s Going On.’ ”

In addition to a handful of originals, Love Came Down includes Owens’ covers of Gregory Porter’s “Our Love,” Stevie Wonder’s “Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away” and “Happier Than the Morning Sun,” along with the Croce song." - The Concord Monitor

David "Fingers" Haynes Humanizes The MPC & Makes Music For The Good Of Humanity

Check out the magic hands of Fingers as he utilizes the percussive aspect of the renowned MPC hardware to it's fullest potential. This outstanding drumming talent amazes with his command of technology to showcase his rhythmic ability. Below, David collaborates with the beautiful voice of Ania for a tune that focuses on positivity and it's potential to change the world.

“Hope song is supposed to pay close attention to an international cooperation.
What’s important is the message and the music.
With this song we want to bring peace, joy, love and hope to all people.
Can we imagine a world where everyone loves their neighbour as themselves ? If we want we can have a paradise.
It’s about willingness, openness, trust, pure intensions and belief“.

“I think that all lives matter is a better slogan to use because when we look at the life of Martin Luther King Jr. in his famous Washington D.C. speech called “I have a dream“, he spoke about young white and black boys coming together as one to play. In my opinion our problem is a love problem. If we realize how to love one another then there’ll be no racism“.

Producer Wendel Patrick Joins The Rebellion On A Remix Of “Police State” by dead prez

"Like it has been for many, it has been difficult at times over the past few weeks for me to manage my emotions surrounding race and racism in this country, fluctuating between anger, sadness, muted hopefulness at times...I have not slept well. I had not felt much like making or listening to music. About six days ago, I stumbled on Dead Prez's "Police State", which I hadn't heard in a long time, and I couldn't stop listening to it. Something about the production...that beautiful, slow melodic line made me think of my dad (who I've been talking to a lot about things lately) and some of the music he used to listen to when I was a boy. And the lyrics, right now, really hit home, and I kept thinking "wait...isn't this song like 15 years old?" Anyway, I couldn't stop listening to it for six or seven days straight.

Surprisingly, I found an a capella version of the song two nights ago, so I decided to make my own version of the song, which I'm posting here. People often ask if I make drum tracks first. It depends. In this case I recorded the drums last, which is the full take that you see here...after I recorded the guitar, bass and choir in that order. I finished the remix in the early hours this morning, logged on to instagram to look for or M1 to send it to them and see that TODAY OF ALL DAYS at 8 pm they are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the brilliant album "Let's Get Free" that "Police State" was on. Crazy convergence of energies. Listen, and please feel free to share if you are moved to do so. " - Wendel Patrick

Forward-Thinking Soul Duo Truthful Justice Help Us See The Light On "Change"

When unrest and uncertainty seem overwhelming, this talented husband and wife duo show that music can provide relief. The new Truthful Justice single “CHANGE”, comes during an unexpected time of social unrest and injustice. It is during these times that we learn the importance of being persistence in the fight for equality. Change only comes with time, as the soulful groove of man and woman unite to convey a powerful message of patience, persistence and justice.

Funk Band The Kay-Gees Drop A Bonus Track Remaster of Their 1978 Album "KILOWATT"

By JR on 5:31 PM

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There's no question who's the man with the master plan when the funky sound of The Kay-Gees hits your eardrum. For 2017, we receive a remastered version of their '78 release with bonus tracks from one of Hip Hop's favorite Funk bands. With energetic grooves in the vein of groups such as Kool & The Gang and New Birth, The Kay-Gees deliver high-energy jams designed to get the dancefloor sweaty.

It's A D.I.T.C. Summer of 2020 As Buckwild Drops 'Essential Beats" And Lord Finesse Remixes Motown

The D.I.T.c. sound continues to show exciting evolution as Finesse and Buck get your head nodding for 2020. 21 essential beats show the growth and undeniable rawness of Buckwild's music while Lord Finesse leaves his unique stamp on the music of Motown. Below, click to preview tracks from "Motown State Of Mind" at iTunes Japan, available June 26th.

Legendary rapper, hip-hop producer, and founding member of the influential collective Diggin’ In The Crates Crew (D.I.T.C.), Lord Finesse is back with his most ambitious project to date: Motown State of Mind.

Finesse went through remixed some of the most iconic Motown classics from tape, including; "I Wanna Be Where You Are," Marvin Gaye's "I Want You," and DeBarge's "I Like It."

Listen to the album here:

Pre-Order the 45 Box Here:

Feel Free With The Music Of Singer Sabrina Francis, 2019 John Lennon Songwriting Competition Finalist

By JR on 9:10 AM

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Like NaS on "If I Ruled The World", you're bound to feel the wind breeze in West Indies with one listen to this talented Caribbean girl. Through the beauty of her voice, Sabrina Francis makes freedom feel closer as she embraces the beauty of life. Happiness is just a click away as this rising talent flows freely across lovely musical arrangements which range from Soul, R&B & Pop and a dose of Island flavor. Just a couple of gems from her 2020 album "I Feel".

Hear Rene and Angela Unite With Donell Jones On The Zde Remix Of "I'll Be Good"

The timeless songwriting of Rene and Angela meet the soulful bounce of Donell Jones as Zde creates a cool blend between two R&B classics.

Hear Rare Late-80's Hip Hop by Romeo The Sire & Dr. Dre-Produced Duo Triple Threat

A couple of rare gems from the collection of Umberto, one of my favorite vinyl channels on YouTube. Here's what he has to say:

"Very rare and extremely dope 3-Tracker by "Romeo the Sire", member of "Cruseville Productions". After "Doin the Do" and "The Ville" from 1987 this one was his second and last Solo Release! Different from his first Record which is dope too but easy to get this one here doesn't shot up very often, extremely hard to get!
In this Clip you find the Vocal Versions of the 3 Songs, all of them super dope … one better than the other!"

"Mega rare West Coast Hip Hop Release here ! One of the dopest Anti-Crack Rap tunes on this Planet! Co-produced by "Andre Young" better known as West Coast Hip Hop Pioneer "Dr. Dre". Indeed the Song sounds like an early "N.W.A."! Dope 808 Beats, amazing Bassline … Cuts and Scratches and fresh Rappin' by "Triple Threat" aka "MC Eazy Moe" and "MC Cutty Gee". I also uploaded the B-Side Song "Just Dissin", make sure to check this one out as well …. mega dope! This youtube clip includes the full "The Gam is cold" Tune …. so check it out!"

Lucky Brown & The S.G.'s Get Funky On "Pecan Trees Speak to Each Other" EP

"Seattle USA's S.G.'s, along with The Longhorns of Mesquite Suite renown, proudly feature with this release, Seattle saxophonist and composer Kate Olson on soprano sax and solo. The shorter, edited version on Side B is showcases just Kate's solo, while Side A features Marc Hager (keys) and Colin Higgins (guitar) in addition.

Recorded by Lucky to 4-track cassette at Bob Heinemann's Bomb Shelter studio just like the Mesquite Beat/Justice [TR-1040] single, and then transferred, overdubbed and mixed by Lucky and Jason Gray at Blue Mallard Studio, this deluxe 10-inch 'found acetate' project, the final chapter of the Tramp Tapes imprint series, represents another beloved Brown & Gray production.

As a very special bonus, this release includes the brutal rehearsal version for "'Bout To Blow," recorded on Ollie Klomp's world-famous Magik Carpet (the entire Mystery Road [TR-9044] album was recorded there), and on the flip, you'll find a living, breathing rough-funk jam in its entirety, "Scavenge Patch Blues," recorded at the Scavenge Patch as a band warm-up for the Mesquite Suite session." - Tramp Records

Hear more cuts from the EP and order your copy on vinyl here at Juno Records.

Ruste Juxx Joins VSTheBest, Chip Fu, Skyzoo, Rock, Dirt Platoon On "Ready To Juxx"

"Ready To Juxx is a re-imagination of the classic Notorious B.I.G. through the voice of Crown Heights Emcee and Sean Price protege Ruste Juxx. The album has features from Chip Fu of the Fushnickens, Brother J of X-Clan, Skyzoo, Rockness Monstah(Heltah Skeltah), Skanks (Bankai Fam), Nutso & Dirt Platoon."

Singer Jarrod Lawson Uses Soulful Music For Social Healing On "Embrace What We Are"

You can always count on singer-songwriter-producer Jarrod Lawson for his remarkable ability to soothe the soul. The soulful Portlander stands heroic with a song inspired by recent events in America. "Embrace What We Are" flows beautifully as a song intended to project a message of peace and unity. Proceeds from this release will be donated to ColorOfChange.Org

Download available here

Shy The BeatYoda & MiLKCRATE Pay Homage To A Classic by Da King & I On "Tears"

On their version of "Tears", the combined skills of beats and rhyme by Shy The BeatYoda & MiLKCRATE are bound to turn your frown upside down.  Inspired by the storytelling and somber vibe of rap duo Da King & I, this duo get together to tell their own story in 2020. Where the original "Tears" portrayed feelings of a broken heart from a female, Shy & MiLKCRATE share their heartfelt feelings of being dedicated to Hip Hop.

Ethio-Jazz Percussionist Mulatu Astatke Gets Hypnotic On "Mulatu of Ethiopia" (Expanded Edition)

"The definitive expanded official reissue of Mulatu's landmark 1972 album is back in stock, featuring stereo and mono mixes from the original tapes and a disc of studio out-takes from the sessions."

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