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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's "He's The DJ" (Expanded 2CD Reissue)

"Originally released in April 1988 on Jive/Zomba, He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper by D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (that’s Will Smith for you youngsters out there) is often listed as one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever recorded, one of the first releases in the genre that “crossed over” into mainstream chart success (#4 on the Pop charts). But, hard as it is to believe, the original vinyl double-LP and cassette are the only places to hear the album in full. When He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper originally came out as the first-ever hip-hop double album, it clocked in at just over 82 minutes. Rather than issue it as a 2-CD set, Jive shortened the album for CD release. In the U.S., one of the songs was removed from the album while eight others were presented in shorter versions.

To date, only rare 1988 German pressings of the CD contain the original, unedited LP versions of the songs, although even that version left off the last two tracks due to the same space issues. Ah, you know…labels just don’t understand. So now, on the eve of the record's 30th anniversary, it’s time to set the record straight. Real Gone Music’s new, 2-CD expanded version includes the COMPLETE He’s the DJ, I’m The Rapper album for the first time ever on CD, taken from the original master tapes. But that’s not good enough for us…we’ve also added 11 bonus tracks featuring 12” single mixes, extended remixes, etc. totaling 54 minutes—in fact, the four instrumental versions and the live version of “Brand New Funk” have never been on CD, either! Sean Brennan at Battery Studios in New York remasters, Aaron Kannowski supplies liner notes, and we’ve included original album and 12" artwork as well. One of the crucial albums in hip-hop’s move to the mainstream, finally done right!" - Real Gone Music

Disc : 1
1. Nightmare on My Street
2. Here We Go Again
3. Brand New Funk
4. Time to Chill
5. Charlie Mack (The First Out the Limo)
6. As We Go
7. Parents Just Don't Understand
8. Pump Up the Bass
9. Let's Get Busy Baby
10. Another Special Announcement
11. Live at Union Square, November 1986
12. D.J. on the Wheels
13. My Buddy
14. Rhythm Trap--House Party Style
Disc : 2
1. He's the D.J., I'm the Rapper
2. Hip Hop Dancer's Theme
3. Jazzy's in the House
4. Human Video Game
5. Parents Just Don't Understand (Single Edit)
6. Parents Just Don't Understand (Instrumental)
7. Nightmare on My Street (Single Edit)
8. Nightmare on My Street (Instrumental)
9. Brand New Funk (Extended Remix)
10. Brand New Funk (Live at Nassau Coliseum)
11. Brand New Funk (Single Edit)
12. Brand New Funk (Instrumental)
13. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (1988 Extended Remix)
14. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (1988 Single Version)
15. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (Instrumental)

Michael McDonald Delivers Heartfelt Music In 2017, Jef Kearns Pays Tribute

With a heart that's wide open for the world to feel his emotions through music, the great Michael McDonald returns to regulate once again with a tune that shows he's got the knack to resonate in your consciousness like none other with messages of optimism driven by a heap of soul.

Flutist Jef Kearns blows in tribute of a McDonald classic in a mashup cover of Warren G's "Regulate" and "I Keep Forgettin'".

Buckshot & Heltah Skeltah 2007 Interview/Freestyle In The Netherlands

By JR on 6:14 AM

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Buckshot and Heltah Skeltah bring Brooklyn to The Netherlands in a 2007 throwback interview, BBC mix set and freestyle for Jiggy Dje's Hip Hop radio show on Lijn5 radio. On the release of Sean Price's album "Jesus Price" and Buckshot's recently-released "Chemistry" album with 9th Wonder, Buck, Rock, and Ruck show you how to stick to the formula as they break down The Boot Camp Clik sound. The interview includes many other topics including a hilarious story about Rock's reaction when getting stared down randomly by a fan on the NYC subway.

Gift Of Gab Gives Free Download Of R.A. & A-F-R-O Collabo at Patreon

Underground hip-hop luminaries from East to West unite as Gift Of Gab is joined by R.A. The Rugged Man and A-F-R-O on the new track "Freedom Form Flowing". Taken from Gift Of Gab's new EP "Rejoice! Rappers Are Rapping Again!", which is now available at

Get On Up To The Funk Of Raw Soul Express On Their Lost LP

By JR on 11:46 AM

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"Athens Of The North and Symphoncal Records are proud to present the long lost Raw Soul Express LP in a special limited Vinyl only release. Mastered personally from the original tapes with love. If you don't know what this is then you're in the wrong game, the LP also includes the Full previously unreleased version of their rare-groove and surprisingly rare club classic "The Way We Live" in its full intended format. Solid Ballads are what makes the LP for me but there is not a bad track on there, boogie, funk and Rare-groove, blink and it'll be gone."

Available on vinyl here at Juno Records

DJ Concept & Visual Artist RawVerse Pay Tribute To Prodigy Of Mobb Deep

By JR on 8:44 AM

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"This past June 20, the world lost one of its most talented and influential voices of all time when Albert Johnson, better known as Prodigy, lost his life-long fight with sickle-cell anemia. And as we all learn how to cope with such a huge loss, artists like DJ Concept are dealing with P’s passing the only way they know how: by providing art that pays tribute to the rapper’s incredible legacy.

For the Long Island, NY deejay/producer, this meant taking to his turntables and record collection to put together this brand-new mix, the fittingly titled RIP Prodigy. It’s a non-stop, 23-minute live mix that Concept recorded shortly after learning of the Queensbridge artist’s passing. It pays homage to the legendary emcee by showcasing many of the original samples that he rapped over, either as a solo artist or as one half of Mobb Deep.

“It’s my homage to Prodigy and his soundscape, which was very influential to my sound as a producer,” Concept explains. “Banging joints like ‘The Realest,’ ‘Keep It Thoro,’ ‘HNIC’... I remember thinking, ‘This is the sound I wish I could make.’”

'RIP Prodigy' kicks off with a chills-inducing a cappella recording of Prodigy rapping his opening bars of “Shook Ones Part II.” Then, you’re treated to more audio from P that pops up in between a slew of soul and funk originals that’ll leave you revisiting his and Mobb Deep’s catalogue all over again. #InfamousForever" -DJ Concept

Prodigy pencil & charcoal artwork by RawVerse on Deviant Art

Bassist Reggie Parker Has His Eyes On The Prize As "The Renaissance Man"

By JR on 6:46 AM

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"Gospel music lovers know Reggie from his years of touring and recording with such notables as the Reverend Hezekiah Walker, James Hall. R&B and hip-hop fans have heard his distinctive bass lines accompanying Will Smith and Coolio, among others. He has proven himself as an in-demand sideman many times over – now he’s finally stepping into the spotlight on his own.

Reggie calls his musical abilities a God-given gift rather than a talent. Growing up in Brooklyn, he took inspiration from the music he heard in the church of his father, the late Reverend Joe L. Parker. He also absorbed the classic R&B/pop sounds of everyone from Stevie Wonder and the Jackson Five to Donny Hathaway and Luther Vandross. At age 12, he convinced his parents to buy him an electric bass guitar; though he confesses it took him awhile to master the instrument: “People thought there was no hope. But I kept practicing and practicing and one day it seemed like I literally woke up and knew how to play

Studying the styles of such master bassists as Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke and Jaco Pastorius, Reggie developed his own unique sound. He honed his skills while gigging at such venues as Wilson’s in Manhattan, where he sat in with various guest players and vocalists. His stint at the club led to live dates with rapper Coolio, Aaron Hall, The Winans and studio sessions with Will Smith (he appears on the hit track “Freakin’ It”).

By the late ‘90s, Reggie had also secured a reputation as an in-demand bassist with contemporary gospel artists. He toured extensively with the Reverend Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir and appeared on four albums by the group. He also contributed to live and studio projects by James Hall, Yolanda Adams, Reverend George Searight, Maurette Brown Clark and B.B. Jay. Reggie’s melodic lines and commitment to the groove made him an asset whether the music was sacred, secular or somewhere in between.

Reggie’s blend of old school substance and 21st Century style makes his music unpredictable, ear-catching and appealing to a wide variety of music fans. His music paints melodic pictures inside the listener's mind. It’s all there in the groove"

When It Comes To Fusion, Organ Freeman Band Come Out Swinging

By JR on 5:14 PM

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The motto is "Get busy groovin' or get busy dying" for the funky and experimental L.A. trio known as Organ Freeman who hit he ground running and come out swinging with an exciting sound of fusion on their self-titled LP. There's no keeping still as Rock, Funk and Jazz is merged and expressed in a very passionate manner as each song gives the vibe of a musical outfit with a great deal of emotion and imagination which results in a unique and memorable Funk-driven ride.

UK Soul Singer Keni Stevens Is On A "One Way Ticket To Love"

By JR on 1:36 PM

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30 years on from the release of his classic debut album 'Blue Moods', UK Soul veteran Keni Stevens is back with a No.1 album on the UK Soul Album Charts, 'Out of the Blue'.

DJ Furio Celebrates Scratch Hooks & Original Samples Of Gangstarr Albums

By JR on 12:55 PM

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Venturing through years of musical history within a short amount of time in his scratched snippets, DJ Furio re-performs the classic scratch hooks of DJ Premier with precision while providing great edutainment in going behind the samples used to make classic Gangstarr songs, from "Step In The Arena" to "The Ownerz". Be sure to check Furio's YouTube channel for even more mixes in homage to Hip Hop history as he gets busy on the ones and twos for one of the most fun approaches to providing sample lessons.
Turntable Lab and Respect The Classics present the 3D lenticular cover vinyl LP reissue of Gangstarr's 1992 classic "Daily Operation". Get your copy of this collectors item here at TTL.

Little Brother's "The Listening" Reissued On White Vinyl + Bonus 7"

By JR on 4:23 PM

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Writing rhymes to insight minds North Carolina Hip Hop group Little Brother let their life shine in between the paper's lines on their acclaimed debut album "The Listening". As the little brother of legendary groups such as A Tribe Called Quest & Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, LB's 2003 introduction continues to hold it's weight in gold thanks to the witty and entertaining rhyme combo of Phonte & Rapper Pooh backed by the soul-drenched chops of 9th Wonder on the boards. Turn this one on and enjoy a fun and down-to-earth portrayal of life as this remarkable Southern trio spread love, shedding some light to this so-called black righteousness in their humble approach to beats and rhymes.

Get the 2017 reissue of Little Brother's "The Listening" on new 2xLP white-colored vinyl + Bonus 7' single here at Juno Records.

Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage" Instrumentals Reissued To Vinyl 2xLP

Once heavily-sought after as a rare collectors item which was only available in a few copies from Evil Dee's personal stash, now in 2017 the world can feel the powerful impak of Black Moon's classic 1992 debut on instrumental vinyl format. Fat Beats Records presents a double LP of Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage" instrumentals.

You know The UK are notorious for having this early when it comes to music! Get your copy today here at Juno Records. You can also get the instrumentals to "Enta Da Stage" in the 6 LP edition of the album by Fat Beats, available here at Turntable Lab.

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