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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Get On The Floor With Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange Who Pump The Rhythm To Warp Speed

There's no keeping still once the powerful fusion of Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange hits you. From the start, it's clear this band is here to make you get down as a blend of dance, Jazz and electronica create a rhythm explosion. So join on the rhythm revolution of Zeitgeist as they inspire you to find freedom within music based on an exchange of energy. This outstanding collective gives a new meaning to Freedom Jazz Dance.

Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 50: Daru Jones Drum Breaks & More

The 50th installment of ATWIBB is as diverse and funky as ever, with a blend of African Psych, R&B, Soul, raw Funk, Japanese Jazz Fusion plus more. A cast of talented up and coming bands lay down heavy grooves for a fusion compilation like none other. The mood ranges from mellow to start, then escalates into a build of high energy with various grooves and textures throughout. 

The featured drummer is the funky Daru Jones who presents his official drum kit through Yurt Rock. Known for playing for Jack White, Pete Rock, Th1rt3en, DMD the Vibes, Daru continues his musical journey with a collection of his drum hits and grooves. Learn more and download your copy here at Yurt Rock.

Check out the trailer for Beats By Daru Jones above to experience the impact of this percussionist who's known for working with the Hip Hop elite. Beats was recorded using two distinct types of mixes: Clean to enhance clarity and Vibe to provide more room to experiment creatively. Daru is versatile enough to provide what producers are looking for, whether you're a Hip Hop beat maker or otherwise. 

Hip Hop Group Rec Room All Stars Celebrate The Core Elements With Dope Beats & Rhymes

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With a name that pays homage to the birthplace setting of Hip Hop culture, Rec Room All Stars live up to their name. Nod your head to the music of Leck, Single Stones' Club, Khizman, Papparazzi Grande, Big Shot Manceeni (of Nottz's D.M.P.) and Chris Whittaker.

Khari Cabral Simmons & Singer Brenda Nicole Moorer Join On A Cover Of James Mason's "Good Thing"

You can't help but feel good once the joyful songwriting of singer James Mason meets the talent of Khari Cabral Simmons & Brenda Nicole Moorer. "Good Thing" becomes even better as these two musicians lend their soulful persona to this 1977 classic for Khari's "5"5 project. So dance to the rhythm of life as Producer, Bassist, Songwriter Khari Cabral Simmons joins some of the best of indie Soul on his 2022 project, which is now streaming below at Apple.


Hear Marley Marl Play A Set Of Unreleased Tracks & Remixes From The House Of Hits

After decades of shaping the direction of Hip Hop music, Marley Marl digs into the vault of the legendary House Of Hits to play on WBLS. The innovative DJ/producer shares rare songs and previously unheard versions of classics by L.L. Cool J, Eric B & Rakim, The Juice Crew and more. The uploader of these videos sat by the radio and taped these, so they are not the best of quality but good enough to enjoy. Hopefully one day Marley will upload a copy of the full episode of Golden Era Radio when he played each song.

Enter The Early-90's Canadian Rap Demo Collection Of Da Cream Hunter

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Watch ya head, 'cus it'll fly like a kite as the super dope rap collection of Da Cream Hunter proceeds to blow your mind. This extensive archive of demos demonstrates a strong dedication to the addictive sound of early-90's Hip Hop. Once you hit play, it's clear that each track is obscure but rich in quality and replay value. So prepare as this digger commences to head-flying, with beats and rhymes that hit like a Tyson blow. More demos here at Da Cream Hunter's YouTube channel.

Wildcard, Apathy & Slaine Are Here To Revive Your Belief In Lyricism As "The Great Convincer"

Ominous sound pierces the eardrum as Wildcard, Apathy & Slaine's dark lyrical art aims to provoke a change of heart. "The Great Convincer" features some of the best MCs of the northeast American region. Brace yourself once Wildcard, Apathy & Slaine spit venom and incite terror with a flurry of grim images. You're bound to think differently once these masters of rhyme make words become as cinematic as a motion picture thriller.

Below, Apathy demonstrates his skill in that ol' boom bap with a remix by Kunzo.

In '92, Diamond D, Supercat, JMJ, Kurious, A Tribe Called Quest & Others Visit Rap It Uptown TV

Revisit Diamond D as he kicks rhymes live at an in-store event for his classic debut album, plus more as King Chapell of Rap It Uptown TV opens his video vault. This is one of those underground public access TV shows that you had to seek out and be there to witness. But thankfully, the host has uploaded some footage for those who missed the show back in the day. Hear from Supercat, Jam Master J, Kurious, House Of Pain, Kwame, ATCQ, Yaggfu Front and more during their industry breakthrough while on the verge of dropping classics. This is for the Hip Hop heads who love to revisit the early 90's.

Let The Music Take Your Mind To A Better Place With The Blissful Funk Of Transport

"In the summer of 1979, a Chicago DJ started a riot that killed disco overnight. Inciting fans to blow up disco records during a nationally televised major league baseball game, the cultural impact of Disco Demolition Night was felt globally. It even made waves in Portland, Oregon.

In the months to follow, clubs in the City of Roses were out to hire anything but disco. For Transport, hot nights as a stage-ready show band would fade to memory. First went the horns, then the vocalists, until all that remained was the rhythm section. The band's days were numbered or so it seemed.

But keyboardists Jimmy and Johnny Sanders were fiercely experimental. Freed from the disco formula, the brothers' exchange over synthesizers and other keyed instruments was electric. With drummer Towner Galaher, the group bore songs in homage to the fusion music ever present in Portland. Inspired by the national success of local groups like the Jeff Lorber Fusion, Tom Grant, and Dan Siegel, the band was reborn. "

Transport is:

Jeff Bruce - Fretless Bass
Towner Galaher - Drums
Rob Manning - Guitar
Jimmy Sanders - Keys, Synthesizer
Johnny Sander - Keys
Ronnie Young - Percussion

RZA & Method Man Introduce Wu-Tang's Debut In '93, Raekwon's "Ice Cream" Becomes A Reality


Veteran West Coast radio host Billy Jam shares another gem from his archive in an early interview with The RZA and Method Man. In '93, the pair visit Billy to express their determination to take over with dirty and traditional Hip Hop sound. RZA leads the interview by explaining his departure from Tommy Boy to his mission with the Wu-Tang Clan. Classic footage from a radio figure who experienced a lot of great Hip Hop moments of the 90's.

Above, designer Scott McRoy makes Raekwon's Ice Cream come alive in a visual identity project for rapper Killah Villa. View more pieces from this project here at Scott's portfolio.


The Psychedelic Jazz-Funk Of David Axelrod Goes Orchestral With The HAHA Sounds Collective

David Axelrod's music has a mysterious and intriguing edge to it, which the HAHA Sounds Collective explore in a live rendition of his classics. "The Shadow Knows and "Warning IV" by David Axelrod comes alive in the performance of this great ensemble. Compared to the original songs, HAHA Sounds Collective has a more soft feel but is very authentic. The group capture the drama, intrigue and funky essence of Axelrod's music in a more pleasant way. Plus, it's cool to visualize his music in real time. David Axelrod is one of those musicians who created music that makes you imagine what the studio session was like.

Explore the music of David Axelrod on vinyl here at eBay, including Now-Again's release of the "Earth Rot" instrumental LP.

Bounce To The G-Funk Of West Coast Kam, Kurupt, Tha Chill & DJ Battlecat Who Define A "Legend"

Authentic Cali Hip Hop right here courtesy of some West Cost legends who unite in 2022. West Coast Kam of Ice Cube's Color Blind" fame returns strong with his Kam Pain podcast and new music produced by DJ Battlecat. This song represents California with flying colors as Kurupt & Tha Chill flow like water on the microphone. Battlecat's G-Funk bounce has never sounded better on this definitive West Coast Hip Hop posse cut.

Hold On As MC Kumbaya Sets The Harlem Streets On Fire With Blazing Rhymes

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Kumbaya breathes a breath of fresh air into Hip Hop with outstanding lyrical skill which provokes thought and encourages us to look at life differently for a moment. The video for "Hold On" depicts this emerging talent situated with the essence of the culture and it's people as she spits fire. It's clear that Kumbaya is here to inspire and uplift the everyday person in both the visual and lyrical sense. So hold on as she invites you into her mind where rhymes flow like water and are exciting as an amusement park rollercoaster going at full-speed.

Song written by: Kumbaya Song produced by: Seige Monstracity _

Cinematography by: Josh Wells 
 Edited by: Leo Coltrane 
Creative Direction by: Kumbaya

Singer Chantae Cann Joins Markis Precise & Moonchild For Music To Make Everything Alright

Leave your worries behind as producer Markis Precise, Moonchild & Chantae Cann provides a moment of peace, resolution and Soul. "Alright" flows gracefully with the thumping groove Markis provides for the lovely voice of Chantae Cann. Moonchild's heavenly sound matches perfectly with Chantae on 'The Long Way". Through a beautiful blend of Jazz and Soul, she projects her heart to connect with our feelings of thinking about that special someone. With one of the most pleasant voices in music, Chantae soothes as she draws your imagination toward a beautiful place.

DJ SIMS Cuts Up The Sample For Mobb Deep's Hell On Earth", The Mobb Visit Future Flavaz In '96

After all these years, the source material for a nother Hip Hop classic has been discovered! Check out the skills of a French DJ who celebrates the classics with his superior skills on the decks. DJ SIMS cuts the Jazz piano sample for Mobb Deep's Hell On Earth" while Havoc & Prodigy visit Marley Marl & Pete Rock just before the album dropped in '96.