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Stretch Armstrong, Bobbito & Lord Sear Reflect on KCR With #SRShow

Enjoy a mix of comedy, history and cool facts as the one and only trio of Stretch, Bob & Lord Sear reunite in 2016 to share their memories of The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito show with two great fans of the show, Sam & Cathy. While on their promo tour for "Radio That Changed Lives" the movie, the three Hip Hop radio legends seem more appreciative then ever about their legacy as they recall golden moments of Hip Hop from an underground radio show which grew to influence media, society and music worldwide.

1994 tape courtesy of Dirty Waters

"Stretch mixes some old and new joints on here, and does some interesting blends. Featured guests include Kazo from Zhigge along with Fruitkwan from Stesasonic. Tape 2 has Timbo King & Spark 950, who later became Royal Fam. Late in the show, Bobbito pulls out 4 demos for a 'demo battle.' The tape runs out before the callers vote on a winner, but there's damn near the full 4 hour show on this one. Peace to the philaflav heads for taking the time to make out the track list. "

MC Approach & The Basement Khemists Unite For Refreshing Hip Hop

By JR on 2:58 PM

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"Here's a remix that 2/3's of the Legendary "Basement Khemist" crew laced me with for my "Ultra Proteus" project back in 2003. I watched Joc Max make the beat live on the SP 1200 during the session. It honestly took him no time at all. Once the beat was cooked, mixed and ready to rock, I knew i needed the homie Taha to complete the vision. Thanx to my ace Johnny Quest for making this recording session possible. Once i do a track with J. Lee my recording circle will be complete!"

Peace & Love,

Sound Of The Fender Rhodes 35 feat. Oddisee, Gyvus, L'indécis, The Jazz Jousters

By JR on 11:51 AM

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Blending a set of modern instrumental music which ranges from progressive Hip Hop, original boom-bap and electronic, Sound Of The Fender Rhodes is a pleasant mind trip that thumps. Relax and let your mind be free to the soothing and hypnotic musical vibe created by emerging innovators who find a way to make us dream in various ways to the sound of an al-time classic keyboard.

TrueMasterz & Da Shogunz Administer Verbal Narcotics On "Building"

By JR on 10:04 AM

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With the fury of a microphone Scarface, TrueMasterz & Da Shogunz attack with the original boom-bap on a track that celebrates the elements of Hip Hop which are addictive to those who fiend for the sound of a classic. From Rap Buddhaz, released April 25, 2016.

Written & performed by Jmega the God, Corto Maltez
Produced by Zudo
Scratches by DJ Grasshoppa

Eminem Releases Limited-Edition Anniversary Set Of "The Marshall Mathers"

By JR on 4:17 AM

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Em goes all out to represent the struggle from which he came in an unprecedented collectors edition of an album re-issue. Own an original brick from the Detroit childhood home of Eminem in the "The Marshall Mathers LP" cassette re-release and limited-edition collectibles set.

The full re-release set is now available here at The new lenticular cover cassette pressing of the "The Marshall Mathers LP" can also be purchased here at Amazon.

With No Pressure, Jazz Musician Robert Dimbleby Delivers Love & Happiness

Feel the good vibes as young Robert takes flight, delivering a sense of freedom and joy in his performance of original compositions laced with groovy rhythm and dazzling piano licks. Robert Dimbleby (DipABRSM) is a jazz fusion composer, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist from Derbyshire, UK who's sure to open your eyes and ears as an outstanding musician who delivers happiness as a one-man band with a growing audience on YouTube.

Jeru The Damaja & B-Real Kick Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding In 2016

Enjoy some food for thought as these two veterans with classics to their name share experience and wisdom of Hip Hop and life, having endured over 20 years of recording and show more independence than ever. Topics range from social media's influence on society, longevity, the international reception to Hip Hop and more.

Jeru's love for performing overseas is represented in a 30 minute set from 2003 in Russia, enjoy as D. original Dirty Rotten Scoundrel rocks the stage.

Bernard Purdie's "Soul Drums", Now Expanded With Bonus Tracks

Review by Dusty Groove:

"Massive work from one of the funkiest drummers of all time – the legendary Bernard Pretty Purdie, stepping out here in a batch of instrumentals that may well be his greatest album ever! Bernard's drums are right up front in the mix – leading off all tunes with a full, funky, echoey sort of approach that's unlike anything else we can think of – and certainly different from any other late 60s albums of this type! The production is totally great – and has a way of pulling out some of the weirdest aspects of the music – which itself features guitar from Billy Butler and Eric Gale, bass from Bob Bushnell, tenor and flute from Seldon Powell, and organ and piano from Richard Tee – who also handled all the arrangements on the set!

The centerpiece is the hit single "Funky Donkey", but just about every track's a groover in its own way – and titles include "Soul Drums", "Bill's Groove", "Jimmy's Back", "Testifyin", "Modern Jive", "Blow Your Lid", "Bee N Tee", and "Soul Bossa Nova". This new edition includes 8 bonus tracks, with a couple rare 45 tracks and more that have never been released – all soulful & funk – well paired with the Soul Drums album! Bonus tracks are in stereo, and include "Alexander's Rag Time Band", "Genuine John", "Soul Clappin", "If You Never Cried", "Stop" and "Time Is Tight". Also comes with a nice booklet with new liner notes, and choice quotes from Purdie's peers and those he influenced, from Galt MacDermot to Large Professor."

Billy Cobham Presents "Drum & Voice Vol. 4" ft. Eumir Deodato, Stanley Jordan, Brian Auger

"Eumir Deodato, Stanley Jordan, Brian Auger, Frank Gambale, Gregg Kofi Brown, and the Italian band Novecento, among the super guests in the new album of Billy Cobham entitled "Drum 'n' Voice" vol. 4 ", the long awaited album produced among Milan, London and New York by Nicolosi Productions /Novecento.

The volume n. 4 of the prestigious series "Drum 'n' Voice" includes big international musicians supported and produced by the production team Nicolosi /Novecento. The album will be distributed all over the world, from May 23 in physical and digital version with Nicolosi productions label. To embellish the release there will be even the vinyl version 180 Grams." -

Stanley Jordan lead guitar - track 8
Gregg Kofi Brown vocals tracks 3-6-9
Lino Nicolosi guitar - tracks 2-3-4-5-6-8-10
Pino Nicolosi keyboards - all tracking
Rossana Nicolosi bass - tracks 1-2-3-5-7-8
Dora Nicolosi vocals - tracks 5-8
Influence vocals - tracks 9-6
Ruth Ellen vocals - track 9
Olives Caleb vocals - track 9

Stream "Skybreak" by Zo! ft. Erro, Sy Smith, Muhsinah, Carmen Rodgers

By JR on 1:42 PM

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"The third +FE Music release from producer, multi-instrumentalist, and musical director of The Foreign Exchange, Zo!.

The 10 song collection features guest appearances from Eric Roberson, Phonte, Muhsinah, innovative UK soul wonder Dornik, and longtime Dungeon Family affiliate and funk/rock veteran Joi." - The Foreign Exchange Music

GZA/Genius Performs Live In '99 For "Beneath The Surface" Tour, (2 Hr. Set)

By JR on 1:11 PM

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Enjoy a piece of Wu history courtesy of concertgoer Mike Ziegler who catches up with The GZA and crew in Seattle Washington for the "Beneath The Surface" tour. There's more good concert footage from '99 at Mike's channel including full sets from Kool Keith, Dilated Peoples, The Roots and numerous Rock acts.

Dance To George Benson's "Love Ballad" Remixed With Love by Joey Negro

By JR on 11:36 AM

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In 2016, the teaming of Disco-House producer Joey Negro and singer/guitar great George Benson gives the world much more than they can see in the musical expression of love. From "Remixed With Love Vol 2", Benson's 1979 Grammy award-winning version of "Love Ballad" receives a new form of energy to get your heart thumping as Joey's rhythmic touch breathes new magic into the soulful vocal performance of George Benson and inspiring songwriting of L.T.D.

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