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Mad About Records: Your Source For Hard-To-Find Jazz, Funk, Soul & Brazilian Vinyl

MAD ABOUT RECORDS is a record label specializing in re-releasing hard-to-find jazz, funk,soul, Brazilian vinyl records. Enjoy a couple gems from their streaming and vinyl reissue catalog, one by San Francisco Area Jazz Funk Spiritual band IMANI" and the 1983 Brazilian Holy Grail by Ronie & Central do Brasil.

More music available for streaming at their Soundcloud and Bandcamp where you can order their vinyl.

Singer/Songwriter Cleveland P. Jones Spreads Love In 2020 With His New Album

"It's a rarity for the world to experience artistry that is so genuine, so captivating. Welcome to the world of singer/songwriter, Cleveland P. Jones. He is the true embodiment of soul and jazz. When asked about his future in the music industry, he stated “my mission is longevity, not instant fame. I’ve learned by example and experience not to rush a good thing." This native of a little town named "North" in South Carolina, started his artistic voyage at an early age under the tutelage of his mother and grandfather who were the lead singers in church. "My mother truly molded me as a singer by watching her sing in the choir and the songs she's played while we cleaned up at home."" - The Comfort Zone

Soulcravers Radio Chats With Legendary And Emerging R&B Songwriters

By JR on 11:25 AM

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Give it up for radio host Jay Ross as he connects with remarkably soulful people on his show Soulcravers. If good Soul music is what you crave, then tune in for chats and good music by notable artists. Each artist reflects on their outstanding musical catalog and provides news of long-awaited new music. From the ladies of Skyy and Klymaxx, to emerging singer/songwriters such as Cleveland P. Jones and I, CED, Jay selects the best of the best. Satisfy your craving for Soul by listening to a podcast like none other.

Big L & Cella Dwellas Rock With Mic For Wildman Steve & DJ Riz Back In '94

"This show we interviewed Big L R.I.P. and The Cella Dwellas! We started the show with Riz on the 1's and 2's! I'm on the air getting ready to interview Big L who was waiting to go on the air!! Tyesh Harris from Columbia Records was at the station that night with Big L to promote his hot joint "Put It On" f. Kid Capri! I'm on the mic letting the listeners know that Biggie Smalls was here!! You can hear Tyesh and B Wise saying "it's Big L"! I corrected the mistake and then interviewed Big L!

Big L was cool about waiting for the interview and the problem with the mic while he was freestyling! He was able to do a short freestyle and was professional about everything! The Cella Dwellas came on next and they mentioned that they knew Riz from playing High School football in Brooklyn! They also played against Masta Ace and so did Riz!! Riz was a star player from Canarsie and went to play football at Hofstra U. We had a good time doing our Jerky Boys impressions and bugging out!!" - Wildman Steve

iZotope RX7: Producer Jake One Isolates & Flips Samples Using The Software

iZotope RX7, A Game-Changer For DAW-Based Music

With its sound repair and isolation abilities, iZotope RX7 is innovative, intelligent and powerful music software. Not only can you erase audio problems, but you can also manipulate samples in cool ways. Jake One shows how you can take a single sample of layered music, and separate it into stems. With a few clicks, you’ve got the vocals, percussion, bass, etc as its own stem. This is possible with the Music Rebalance function. With it, you can enhance or isolate mix elements, or perform vocal isolation without multi-tracks. Furthermore, the assistive audio technology of the Repair Assistant will remove noise clicks or crackles. Multi-channel editing workflow in RX7 will assist in all your surround projects with the support of the Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

Where To Download Your Copy

This groundbreaking software by iZotope is available as a digital download here at Amazon. In this marketplace, you've got plenty of reviews by consumers and numerous price options. Prices range between $129.00 and $1,199.00, depending on which version you choose. Jake One also uses Serato Sample in his beat-making demo, which is available here at Amazon.

Fix-It With The Repair Assistant

Repair Assistant will resolve your most common audio issues faster than ever. For instance, let’s say the guitar solo of your track is distorted or clipped. Open up the Repair Assistant on the top right-hand side of the screen. Make sure it is in music mode and when you’re ready, begin an analysis of the audio. Next, the software will detect audio problems and provide comparative suggestions in the repair options pane. As you hover over the repair options, tooltips show what the repair assistant did to the audio. You will also see the specific modules that solved the problem. If you’re happy with the results of the audio analysis, press render. Once the render is done, the Repair Assistant provides a repaired audio file.

Shape Up Your Sounds With De-Bleed

The audio repair abilities of RX7 will clean up a vocal performance and remove guitar squeaks. This thing can even remove track bleed, like when the performer is too close to the microphone. When you need to remove that headphone click bleeding into that vocal mic, employ RX7’s De-Bleed option. Just select the source of the bleed in your audio, and slide it into another track. Choose from the drop-down menu and select press to learn. This function will analyze the relationship between the two tracks and as a double-check. As a result, it will make sure things are in the right place. So the next time you have track bleed, select the source and then use the De-bleed option. If you don't have access to the source track of the bleed, you can still isolate the vocal from the other instruments. For example, if someone is singing and playing guitar, just use the Music Balance function.

Move, Isolate And Repurpose With Music Balance

In Music Balance, you can shift, isolate and move around different elements of a stereo mono or even multitrack file. For example, you can change the loudness of a vocal, bass or drums within a single track. In addition, you can suck only the vocal parts out of a track. With all that said, this single function within iZotope's software presents many creative possibilities. Once you turn it on, a myriad of possibilities of sound manipulation awaits you.

A New Way To Flip Your Samples

Music Balance isn’t just for resolving track bleed, you can also use it to flip samples. From his studio, Jake One isolates a couple of his favorite tunes with the function to provide himself with a new palette of sounds. As a result, the super-producer uses this innovative software to take sample-based production to a new level. Therefore, dig back into your vinyl collection and dream of new ways to get sounds you couldn't before. Jake shows how to repurpose sounds for loop creation using the sounds isolation technology of iZotope RX7.


RX7 is sort of like a photo editor for your audio. Most engineers and producers are used to seeing a waveform while they work. However, iZotope RX7 changes all that with a detailed spectrogram visual of your audio file. With this visual display of your audio, you have much more information to work with. For instance, you can see and fix audio issues such as track bleed visually. Then once you identify the audio issue, you can just paint it away. As a result, you have a whole new way of thinking about audio and tackling audio problems.

Jack The Rapper '94 feat. Das Efx, PMD, King Just, King Tee & Keith Murray

New York public access Hip Hop TV program Video Explosion upload another gem from their archives. Ruff, rugged and raw for '94 is the Hip Hop of Das Efx, PMD, King Just, King Tee & Keith Murray. Check out interviews and performance footage from this Hip Hop conference, packed with beats, rhymes and cuts.

DJ Format Spins Rare UK Hip Hop From The Golden Era on 45 Live Radio, Feb. 2020

"45 Live features the best of the Crew on a rotational basis, performing for you on Dublab the 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month.

Stepping up to the wheels of tin, it's the Brighton based B-Boy that goes the extra mile. The one and only;


On the 8th day, he did scatter his soulful audio seeds by spinning furious 45's containing the most boombastic hiphop beats the United of Kingdoms. The B-Boys & B-Girls did lay out a lino and began to worship these holy sounds emanating from the speaker stack. It's a UK hiphop epiphany....& now we beam the whole set live to your listening device." - Greg Belson

DJ Format's set begins around the 1/4th mark.

Nottz Raw Gives Praise During Uncertain Times On "Tomorrow May Be Too Late"

By JR on 8:37 AM

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The trials of the ghetto are bound to make the average person drop to their knees and pray. On a gospel-infused heatrock of Hip Hop, Nottz gives a short glimpse into the inner city dangers on "Tomorrow May Be Too Late".

Produced & Directed By Nottz
Asst.Director: @JSNLcouture
DMP/Teamsta ENT/Raw Koncept/The Soul Council

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