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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Nichol Thomson & Shawn Lee Let The Horns Blow on "Just The Three Of Us"

Sharp horns and a laid-back groove demonstrate the mutual love Nichol Thomson & Shawn Lee have for music on "Just The Three Of Us". This sophisticated sound of Soul is bound to make you reminisce on greats such as George Duke, CTI Records, The Brecker Brothers, Seawind, Quincy Jones and The Crusaders. Press play and embark on a trip to paradise with a hypnotic arrangement that's bound to make you imagine the good life. This is one of those songs that's so smooth you can close your eyes and imagine yourself taking flight.


MC Jack Frost Offers The Prescription To Make Your Head Nod on "The House That Jack Built"

This obscure 12" is early 90's criminal-minded rapping at its finest as Jack Frost slangs dope like there's no tomorrow. Experience the drama of street life portrayed over a funky beat as "The House That Jack Built" gets your head nodding like a street pharmacist. During a time where the streets were as serious as cancer, Jack brings a light-hearted view of it all on this fun song.

In '89, Hip Hop Trio The W.I.S.E. Guyz Get "FUNKE"


Hip Hop gives new meaning to being a wise guy with the intellectual and funke raps of Atlantic Records trio The W.I.S.E. Guyz. Press play and let the sound boom bash you as these intelligent brothas catch wreck on their debut. With their foundation rooted in African identity, high-paced rhythms and outstanding rhyme flows, these guyz provide something to remember in The Golden Era.

Now available on LP, CD and cassette here at Amazon.


For The Dancefloor, Sebb Junior, Muhsinah, Trian Kayhatu & Kaidi Tatham Offer Something Special

I mentioned on Twitter that Darien Brockington should do a whole album with UK producer Kaidi Tatham. The outstanding vibe of "Special" is more proof to me that Kaidi should produce a full project for someone out of the +FE camp. 

Muhsinah's knack to convey love in song combined with the upbeat groove of Kaidi is something that's sure to resonate within your heart. So press play and enjoy a moment in music that is nothing less than Special. Below, Kaidi Kat lends his electrifying rhythm to Trian Kayhatu's "Act III".

RZA Introduces Wu-Tang Clan & The "C.R.E.A.M." Acronym In '91

In a radio interview with DJ Mecca, Prince Rakeem becomes The RZA and gets prepared to release a major force of Hip Hop upon the world. Check out the wisdom of the Wu-Tang Clan leader as he shares his philosophy behind slang, The Wu-Tang Clan and more. 

Show Some Love To Your Speaker With Beats by Mitchell Lee Fuller, aka luv jonez

In the vein of new wave Hip Hop producers who go out of their way to sound design and arrange in an interesting way, luv jonez delivers the right combination of sonics to make your head nod. On a random search of songs by Life's A Bitch rapper AZ, I stumbled across these SoundCloud-recommended gems. I can definitely imagine A rhyming on these, as well as other elite Hip Hop lyricists. Check out a few tracks and head over to his SoundCloud for many more. 

edbl, JPRK & Alfie Neale Give A New Bounce To "Last Christmas" by Wham!

The 1984 classic by Wham! finds a new way to make you move, thanks to the dreamy rearrangement of edbl, JPRK & Alfie Neale. Whether or not you've heard this tune before, this version is here to open your mind to a new dimension of feel-good music for The 25th. This trio perform "Last Christmas" with remarkable passion and originality, displaying their distinct sound of R&B. The result is the sound of musicians who are here to make you bounce for the holiday season.

The Voice's Meagan McNeal Sings A Story Of Triumph Over Struggle on "Rainwalk "

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Using the wonders of nature and the human spirit as her inspiration, Meagan McNeal tells a story of overcoming pain. Like a walk in the rain to reflect upon life, "Rainwalk" is a source of healing driven by excellence in R&B. With her pen, voice and groove, Meagan offers multiple layers of emotional depth as a singer/songwriter. Not only does this tune get your hips moving but provokes you to dream of better days through a soulful journey of music and self-reflection.


Stream The Instrumental Version Of Del's '93 Classic "No Need For Alarm"

The Funkee Homosapien gets funkier on his classic sophomore album "No Need For Alarm", arguably one of the best of Hiero's '93 breakthrough. Here to make your head nod with their Jazz and Soul persona are Hiero's best producers along with The SD50's. The result is a soundscape that allows Del to have fun and leave the mic in shambles at the same time. 

Visit Del's Shopify to grab your copy of 'No Need For Alarm' 30th Anniversary Capsule #4". He's offering a Limited Double Vinyl Re-release + Original Promo Poster T-Shirt + NNFA tag Pin.

Stream The Instrumental Version Of Main Source's '91 Classic "Breaking Atoms"

On Main Source's debut, the influence of chemistry and science proves to be powerful when combined with the elements of Hip Hop. Revisit Main Source's "Breaking Atoms", an album that stood above many in representing a form of street intellect. On this instrumental journey, Large Professor, K-Cut & Sir Scratch bomb atomically with some of the funkiest sample-based production to date.

The 2023 2xLP Limited Edition Picture Disc reissue of "Breaking Atoms" now available here at Amazon and eBay.

Below, Paul Omas puts ya ass in a chokehold with his remix of "He Got So Much Soul" featuring new drums and a bassline.

BLU2TH & Cory Henry Transform "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" Into Thumping High-Powered Fusion

This may be the only holiday gift you need as some of the best reworks of classic Christmas carols get souled-out by BLU2TH and friends. Check out a thumping cover of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" from this rising musician who lays the fusion down heavy. On keys is none other than Cory Henry with a dazzling performance and expression of joy.

The Music of Tommy Sims, Joy Denalane & Ezra Collective Sets A New Beginning For The Holidays

The laid-back vibe of singer Tommy Sims, sweet Soul by Joy Denalane and the lively Jazz Fusion of Ezra Collective sets a new precedence for Christmas music. Rest and be merry to this outstanding music that is built to expand your perspective of the holiday season. As these talents explore new dimensions of musical expression inspired by December 25th, each discover a new place to enter your heart and mind. 

In '77, La Boca Put The Fun in Funk On "Laugh (The Longest Laugh in the Disco History)"

Only in a collection like the cratesofjr are you bound to hear a song that's so outlandish. Bear witness to one of the funniest songs in music as La Boca have a good old time on "Laugh (The Longest Laugh in the Disco History)". No lead singer on this one, instead a cacophony of laughter over background vocals and a funky groove.

The Music Of Dr. Dre Achieves A New Degree Of Power, Courtesy Of Nu Deco Ensemble

Like his former production company, Dr. Dre's music becomes high-powered with an impressive orchestral tribute by Nu Deco Ensemble. Marvel at the arrangements of classic Hip Hop as this talented collective of musicians deliver thrills. You've got a new reason to nod your head to Andre Young as this expansive sound entices your eardrum. 

Decorate Your Home With Classic Music, Courtesy Of The Middle Kingdom Ad's and Posters

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From Rock to Pop, Hip Hop, Funk and more, The Middle Kingdom Ad's and Posters company comes through with a heap of nostalgia. Somehow, this collector was in the right place and the right time to amass a ton of rare promotional items. The collection includes poster ads from greats that range from L.L. Cool J and Janet Jackson, to Billy Joel, The Bar-Kays and Funkadelic. 

Check out a few gems from their extensive poster collection and explore their full catalog here on eBay. Their store includes a search bar where you can enter the name of your favorite artist or group and discover numerous posters.