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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Singer Sarah-Jane Finds A Place To Shine On "Letter To The Moon"

By JR on 12:57 PM

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"In this song I'm writing a letter to the one I never meant to hurt. It's about a complicated relationship. During that time I felt a deep desire for somebody but also went through emotions of jealousy and insecurity. Imagine that the one you love loves you back, but you can't be together. Because you'll hurt somebody else thats dear to you. It was a time when I could not express my thoughts and frustrations about the situation, so I wrote it down." - Sarah-Jane

Funkadelic Singer & D'Angelo Writer Kendra Foster Visits The B-Side

"As Kendra Foster circled the globe multiple times with George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic, she made a few pit stops along the way—which included scooping up two Grammys for her work on D’Angelo’s Black Messiah and writing and recording a solo album infused with her heart, thoughts and musical ministry.

On the heels of her work co-writing the Grammy-winning song, “Really Love,” with D’Angelo, she is now prepared to release her songs, which she nurtured and cradled as she collaborated with legendary artists. Her soul-based fusion is peppered with jazz, funk, hip hop, rock, classical, world, electronica and gospel. “The music sonically and subject-wise is multidimensional, like life, and soulful like the spirit resonating in it,” Kendra says. “I don’t intend to preach—my vantage point is often from conversations I’ve had with myself. But they often also relate universally to most anybody.”"

Singer Humphrey Performs Michael Jackson Medley, Etsy Pays Tribute

By JR on 9:11 AM

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Through the creative vision of an arts and crafts community plus the soulful vibe and layered a cappella harmonies of French-born vocalist Humphrey, the late great Michael Jackson's name lives on in 2017.

Visit the collection of Michael Jackson tributes by creators at Etsy, featuring watercolor painting, wall clock sculpture, jewelry, toys, clothing and more.

The B-Boy Document Podcast: Hours Of Interviews With Hip Hop Greats

By JR on 8:53 AM

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Andy Cee assembles a who's-who of Hip Hop culture for one of the most impressive audio interview collections I've seen yet. B-Boy Document calls itself "the only Podcast that aims to document Hip Hop music, culture and history. Unlike other broadcasters, who suffer from tunnel vision, we will substantiate the whole kaleidoscope of our glorious community ensuring all aspects are covered in our in depth interviews."

BattleZone Radio ft. Evil Dee, Smif 'N Wessun, Craig G, A-F-R-O & Bumpy Knuckles

BattleZone Radio airs on WUSB 90.1 FM Tuesday night/Wednesday morning from midnight until 3 AM. You can also stream at and Specializing in exclusives and Indie/ unsigned artists as well as paying homage to the hip hop legends.

Battlezone Radio is broadcasted from The State University Of New York at Stony Brook. The show is hosted by DJ Digit Al, Struggle(PCU), AC Tha God and Lyes Papparazzy. Featuring the hottest DJ's on Long Island DJ Tiger and DJ Richie Rukkuss and occasionally guest DJ's from abroad breaking in new artists and classic hip hop. The show consists of interviews and commentary as well.Voted the "BEST" new hip hop show in New York. If you want to hear "TRUSKOOL" hip hop you now have an alternative to commercial mainstream radio.

Skillz Digs In The Crates, Talks Timbaland, Jazzy Jeff, Big Beat In 2017

By JR on 4:58 PM

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Episode 5 of the Spiked Punch Show features legendary emcee/DJ/Ghost writer Skillz formerly known as MadSkillz. Check out how Skillz discusses the transition from being one of Virginia's most prolific hip hop artist to playing music all over the world.

Funkdoobiest Interview On Video Music Box For "Brothas Doobie" In '95

The buckwild and unpredictable co-host of Video Music Box Crazy Sam makes it both an entertaining and insightful interview as he kicks it with the Brothas Doobie Ralph M, Son Doobie and Tomahawk Funk about a variety of topics from race and bi-coastal relations to jail's impact on Hip Hop culture. Enjoy a 1995 sit-down with one of Hip Hop's most classic TV programs as Funkdoobiest promote their 2nd album "Brothas Doobie".

In Strings & Voice, The Quartet Cover Peter Gabriel & Sade Classics

This is no ordinary love for music as The Quartet featuring guitarist Nik and singer Reema showcase their outstanding beauty of music using voice and strings to express how deeply songs by Peter Gabriel and Sade are crafted to impact the soul.

Chris Daddy Dave Presents The Drumhedz Radio Show Mixtape

By JR on 5:27 PM

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Enter the sound of progressive musician and worst nightmare of ?uestlove, producer/drummer Chris Daddy Dave who showcases new music on his latest mixtape "The Drumhedz Radio Show". The accolades which Chris garners speak volumes as a movement of legendary and emerging people in music lays drops across the tape in support of Chris's exciting sounds of fusion.

Matthew Shell Creates A Time For Peace On "Actualization Celebration"

By JR on 5:00 PM

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From the musician who's known for delivering feelings of freedom and joy while on a mission to convey a deeper spiritual meaning in song, Matthew Shell becomes inspired to uplift once again with the peaceful sounds of "Actualization Celebration". Based upon emotions derived from overcoming hardships of life to find light on the other side, Matthew enlists the help of talented musicians to create a wonderful string and piano-driven composition which portrays the beauty of discovering a new hope. This great vision of happiness could easily apply to a number of moments in life, from the birth of your child, wedding or  discovering your loved one overcame the odds in life.

Journey towards the light with this remarkable collective as they aim to provide a musical blessing like none other on the forthcoming LP "First Light", dropping August 30, 2017.

Singer Felicia Temple Envisions Love As "Perfection Personified"

By JR on 2:30 PM

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Life is a balancing act for The Voice singer Felicia Temple who digs within and touches upon the right emotions to make the beauty of humanity vivid in music on "Perfection Personified". This great blend of Jazz and Soul features a beautiful piano melody upon a bed of soulful guitar licks and rhythm which is gentle as a feather, a pleasant arrangement which serves the foundation of Felicia's vision of heaven.

Enjoy this standout song from her EP as Felicia portrays her joy inside so beautifully as this rising songwriter delivers music which is bound to make you feel what it's like to find the perfect place of comfort and satisfaction in life.

Record Shack Reissue Rare '74 Funk/Soul by Joey Irving & Just Us

You better watch out for the funky blaxploitation-esque sound of Joey Irving & Just Us who let their sprit shine in giving praise to their fellow man and woman on the single "There's A Man b/w "I Have This World And You". Thanks to Record Shack Vienna who reached out to the original band members, the loving and uplifting songwriting of this band is given a new look as their rare Northern Soul single which was previously released only in Belgium receives a 2017 remastered reissue.

Grab the limited-edition 7" single here at Juno Records.

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