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In 2018, Hip Hop Crew Da Buze Bruvaz Are Lettin' Off "Steam"

By JR on 12:11 PM

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Sending shots that'll open ya whole chest in the form of beats and rhymes, Da Buze Bruvaz are here to hold your soul for hostage on their latest project "Ni$&@tivity". The first single "Steam" displays the fed-up perspective of your average street dweller. Like many in the hood who are on-edge, Da Buze Bruvaz don't care and manage to think of the most disrespectful behavior they can possibly inflict within 3 minutes.

French Poster Art Company Portrays Kool G Rap As The Godfather

By JR on 9:31 AM

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Blending vibrant graphic shapes and high-contrast portraiture, French artist Franck C. visualizes monumental moments of Hip Hop. In the Giancana Story/The Godfather poster print, two legendary works of art become one as the great Kool G Rap meets classic mafia cinema. Check out more Hip Hop poster print art here at the Shades Of Blue page on Etsy.

Once again, G Rap inspire a new generation of MCs to spit flames as he joins 38 Spesh and friends for "Son Of G Rap". With enough bar-tillery to take out an army, this solid project shows Kool G Rap remains dangerous with the mic. In addition, the album presents a promising newcomer who holds his own lyrically next to a legend.

HE3 PROJECT "Make It Sweet" feat. Coke Escovedo, Now On 7" Vinyl

By JR on 4:03 PM

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Get your hands on a rare and blissful slice of Funk/Soul that features one of the world's most renowned percussionists! After a limited run of 300 copies got grabbed up back in 2009, HE3 PROJECT's "Make It Sweet" feat. Coke Escovedo is available on vinyl once again for rare groove fanatics.

Grab your copy here at Juno Records.

Producer Tone Jonez Is Livin' The Fast Life On "Maybach Delights 4"

By JR on 4:03 PM

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Get with the man who's known for turning up the adrenaline of Hip Hop another notch as Tone Jonez creates a soundtrack for fast living and aspiration on "Maybach Delights 4".

For producers, Tone presents his summer 2018 sound kit "Jonez Tonez" here at his website.

"Tammy" Soundtrack by Sexjuice Pays Tribute To '70s Blaxploitation

By JR on 9:46 AM

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""Tammy", though all-original music, is a loving tribute to the soundtracks of 1970s blaxploitation films: a magical music that expressed the entire spectrum of human emotion and experience, all with minimal instrumentation, and often without the use of lyrics. Amazing. The effort here, in 2018, is to humbly pay tribute to these old creative masters. Masters who wove a musical web which draws us in, keeps us warm, leaves us musical morsels during the night while we sleep, so no one need awake in the morning without food.

The film-plot to "Tammy", which one finds at the top of this page, is something Sexjuice, ('Juice Bois' some call them) created; sadly there is no film in existence. Feel free to make it on your own, dear reader."

Brian Atchley - Bass Guitar
Haley De Witt - Vocals
Zach Driscoll - Keyboards, Synths, Vocals
Joseph Hanna - Flute and Saxophone
Rob Monsma - Drumkit
Carlie Perry - Vocals
Jeremy Perry - Guitar, Vocals, Piano

Additional percussion on tracks 3,4,7,8,15 by Meg Samples

Produced by Jeremy Perry

Tracking by Kyle Mann
Additional tracking by Jeremy Perry

Pete Rock-Sampled Soul Man Chris James Talks "Music Saved My Life, From Darkness Into Light"

"Ollan Christopher Bell has been involved in music all his life. As he got older he became known as Chris James, co-founder of the Oakland, California based group, The Natural Four, and things were never the same again. In his new book, he talks about growing up, writing for a variety of artists, and working with the one and only Curtis Mayfield. His new book is entitled "Music Saved My Life, From Darkness Into Light- My Life As a 70's R&B/Soul Singer" and is definitely a great read. This interview will convince you for sure."

Soul Singer Garth. Drops "Human Nature" EP Via Sweet Soul Records

"Garth. overlays tight vocal harmonies atop freshly produced tracks that blend 70's soul, 80's pop and 90s R&B. Lyrically, the EP imagines the emotional dissonance of working through and towards love in all its forms."

Executive Producer: Garth M. Taylor, Jr.
Production, Mixing & Mastering: Donnie Spackman
Producers: Mike Irish (Mix & Master Human Nature), CaseyMQ, Connor Schultze
Writers: Jessica Best, Mike Irish, CaseyMQ, Connor Schultze, Garth M. Taylor, Jr. & George Watsky

Vocals: Jessica Best, Garth M. Taylor, Jr., George Watsky
Keys/Synths: Paul Bloom, Mike Irish, Ru Lemer, CaseyMQ
Guitar: Gray Hall, Graham Richman, George Risk, Connor Schultze
Drums: Jay Elliot, Donnie Spackman
Percussion: Ru Lemer, George Risk, Donnie Spackman
Bass: Connor Schultze

The Gap Band ft. C.L. Smooth - "Outstanding" (T.R.O.Y.) Big Chris' BBQ Blend

By JR on 8:24 AM

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One-half of the dynamic Hip Hop duo known as Freqnik and WDRE release another remix that's sure to knock you out. DJ Big Chris offers an on-the-fly edit of The Gap Band's BBQ classic "Outstanding", featuring a classic CL Smooth verse.

Producer Asante Amin Releases "The Visitor : Alter Destiny" Instrumentals

By JR on 8:24 AM

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Get down with the futuristic Hip Hop sound of Asante Amin who elevates upon the track with an approach to beats that showcases exciting musical depth and imagination. The melodic beauty, rich layers and undeniable head-nod of "The Visitor : Alter Destiny" instrumentals is a great escape into the stratosphere as Asante ascends with each groove. If your looking for a sound of progressive beats that blend rawness with a more polished sound, this one is a great treat. One of my personal favorites has always been the vocal version of the song "Love" which I've kept in rotation for years since I first heard it.

Tribute To Usher's "U Don't Have To Call" by Musicians D MiIls & 8ON

By JR on 1:22 PM

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Get down to the sounds of this classic party groove by Usher like never before with a smooth remix by multi-instrumentalist D Mills and additional layer of funky key bass performed by 8ON.

Antoinette aka The Gangstress Of Hip Hop Talks Battling Lyte & More

By JR on 11:43 AM

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On this Episode Different Perspective podcast talk with Antionette aka The gangstress of HIP HOP. They discuss her new book "All that glitters", her legendary battle with MC Lyte, her new Best selling book entitled "All that Glitters" and her dissapearing from the HIP HOP scene for almost 3 Decades.

Be sure to check for more interviews with Hip Hop royalty that await you on Different Perspective's Soundcloud.

Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 26: JR's Groove

By JR on 5:48 PM

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cratesofjr takes the groove serious with each post, covering a wide spectrum of sound and styles in a search for the best new generation breakbeats. This volume of Around The Web In Breakbeats Vol. 26 focuses on the drum breaks of Roc Nation's singer/guitarist Victory Boyd, the library music of drummer Pat Van Dyke, a thumping J Dilla cover performed by Abstract Orchestra and more!

Producers: Get monthly access to my private Drum Breaks and Samples playlists on Spotify, plus more music gems by becoming a Music Patron here at Patreon.

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