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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Dilla-Inspired Guitarist Pablo Queu Releases "The Soul Chapter EP"

"Pablo Queu's second official EP, featuring original beats that combine soul and electronic elements, among with jazz, hiphop and blues guitar.

Beats by Pablo Queu. All music produced, mixed and mastered by Pablo Queu.

Supported by Ninetofive Records."

Witness The Power Of Love In Music As Stevie Wonder Interviews Kashif

By JR on 10:01 AM

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Enjoy the company of two musical masterminds who are like none other in their ability to convey the many ways in which love changes our lives through the art of songwriting. The great Stevie Wonder and Kashif show admiration for each other's craft and give insight behind the making of some of their all-time classics in a one-time special interview.

EJ Flavors does the honors in celebrating Stevie's music with his mix "A Taste Of Wonder - The Redux", Walla P of Voyage Funktastique does the honors in saluting the music of Kashif.

01 – Jermaine Jackson – Let’s Get Serious
02 – Eddie Murphy – Everything’s Coming Up Roses
03 – Third World – Try Jah Love
04 – Jermaine Jackson – I Think It’s Love
05 – Roberta Flack – Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long
06 – Carl Anderson – Buttercup
07 – The Spinners – Its a Shame
08 – The Supremes – Bad Weather
09 – Syreeta – When Your Daddy’s Not Around
10 – Syreeta – Spinnin’ and Spinnin’
11 – Quincy Jones – Betcha’ Wouldn’t Hurt Me
12 – Roberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway – You Are My Heaven
13 – Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It
14 – Minnie Riperton – Take A Little Trip
15 – Angel Grant – Well Okay, I’ll Say It…(I’m N Love With U)
16 – John Keith – I Can Only Be Me

O.C & Apathy Perform At Rocksteady Anniversary, Collab On "Ya Baby Mutha"

By JR on 6:37 AM

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Stay tuned for the Apathy and O.C. duo album "Perestroika" coming soon, until then enjoy this awesome union of lyricists who hit the stage with Blacastan to perform their classics live at the 39th annual Rocksteady anniversary.

Drummer Henry Cole & The Afrobeat Collective Present "Roots Before Branches"

Inspired by the music of his homeland in Puerto Rico with thick doses of Afrobeat, underground club music, electronica, jazz, and other stimuli, Cole's underlying roots are exposed as new offshoots emerge and thrive incorporating everything from sounds of the street parties, dancehalls, poetry, funk and rock aesthetics, to form something that is uniquely Cole-centric. - Mark F Turner

"Henry has taken the tradition he grew up in and greatly expanded it's meaning. His recording "Roots Before Branches" is a beautiful demonstration of this expansion. "-Chick Corea - 11 Mar '13

The Band Instant Funk Have Got Their Mind Made Up In A 2016 Interview

"Like the BarKays, Instant Funk attained renown in the music industry both for their excellence as a backing band and as hitmakers in their own right. They are best known for their disco hit, "I Got My Mind Made Up," but as the rhythm section for Philadelphia International Records and Salsoul Records, they can be heard on recordings by Evelyn Champagne King, Lou Rawls and Curtis Mayfield, among others. They wrote their own hits and also collaborated on notable songs such as Dexter Wansel's Life on Mars."

For more information, see

Stream "Got To Get Down" by Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra ft. Audessey, Oxygen & Emskee

What do you get when you bring together one of the most edgy, gritty and boundless fusion bands with a trio of skilled MCs who hold their own by using a timeless approach to the mic? A truly funky experience which pays a nod to Hip Hop's classic tradition of getting busy to the tune of obscure grooves and extraordinary rhyme flows. Enjoy the sounds of Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra who invite Audessey, Oxygen and Emskee on a fall 2016 collaboration which demonstrates the art of getting down as an appreciation for classic musical influences unfolds.

Edwin Sanz Brings Latin/Funk/Soul Fire To Jay Hawkins' "I Put A Spell On You"

Percussionist Edwin Sanz takes a Blues tune and gives it a jolt of adrenaline in his fiery rework of Jay Hawkins' "I Put A Spell On You". What was once a reflective and mellow tune now sees a new vision powered by energetic Latin rhythm, funky bass licks and the soulful voice of guest Naomi Philips. From Edwin's 2016 album "Overflow" available now.

Get Up To The Galactic Soul of Singer Princess Freesia On "STELLARSONIC!"

By JR on 4:29 AM

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British vocalist Princess Freesia continues to revive and reimagine The Boogie in her unique approach to 80's-inspired R&B/Soul as she joins frequent collaborator Soulpersona on production to take us to the stars with the magical vibe of "STELLARSONIC!" The sound of music becomes just a bit sweeter as the lovely voice of Freesia leads the way to love and happiness in a retro-future vision of songwriting which features vocal arrangement and production influences reminiscent of the classics. Featuring Farnell Newton on trumpet and Nick Van Gelder on drums.

Ice-T Interviews On Upfront TV In 1988 For The "Power" LP

After a series of nostalgic PSAs from Hip Hop figures who discourage drug use during the height of the crack epidemic, in the pivotal year for Hip Hop and America in '88 Ice T gives a very powerful thought-provoking interview about how he got started in rapping, movies, gangs, women, money and more! Witness the Power from one of gangsta rap's pioneers.

This rare exclusive interview with pioneer Keith O'Derek was filmed in circa 1988 by Upfront Productions.

Ride A Stairway To Heaven With The Rock Music Of Stringburner & Gabriel Acosta

By JR on 11:57 AM

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Born in Essen, Germany, Mirko aka Stringburner startet playing bassguitar at the age of 17 as a Metal bassist.
Tought by fretless bass genius Stefan Neldner in early years he discovered some other musical styles like Jazz, Funk and Fusion. After seeing bass great Victor Wooten live in concert, Mirko was impressed by his “percussive” slap technique and the way he plays the bass.
Soon Mirko discovers “the percussive way of live” by trying to imitate bass greats like
Victor Wooten, Ray Riendeau and also classic “slap” bassplayers like Mark King, Larry Graham or Marcus Miller and it came out his way. Known for his independent slap technique, Mirko soon became a part of the bass world.

At age 16, Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Acosta shows his passion on strings with two aggressive compositions which showcase his exciting soul-driven expression upon the guitar. Whether dark Metal or soulful and inspiring Rock, Gabriel has what it takes to get the heart pumping as a youngster in the rise who shreds like their is no tomorrow.

Sy Smith Talks The Art Singing & Songwriting, Touring & Being Influenced by Hip Hop

By JR on 7:10 AM

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Musicians Terry Wollman, Mikey Adam Cohen & Sheryl Aronson engage with Sy Smith about various aspects of her art including the diverse musical range and beautiful voice which is renowned amongst Jazz, Dance and indie Soul through her solo work and collaborations with the Liks of The Foreign Exchange, Chris Botti, Zo!, Nichlas Ryan Gant, Chris Dave and more. Enjoy a couple of notable tunes by Sy from 2016 below which showcases her remarkable ability for music.

DJ Scratch Cuts Up Breaks & Samples On A 45rpm Special, Sept. 2016

By JR on 6:39 AM

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One of the best DJs to cut up James Brown samples in Hip Hop recording shows his skills and affinity for dusty breaks live on radio in 2016. DJ Scratch of EPMD keeps the art of mixing, cutting and beat juggling alive in New York radio tradition.

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