Hear The Best Of Modern Soul On "Soul Love 2014" (Mixed with love by DJ Spinna)

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Five highly absorbed months of compiling later and, at last, we have the finest, truest definition of modern soul yet – Soul Love 2014. No effort has been spared in bringing this album together, all corners of the globe scoured over much of last year for 25 contemporary cuts of exquisite groove, musicianship and emotion.

Here they now are, Soul Love 2014 throwing together smooth glides, funky grinds, peppy beat- downs and whipsmart house riffs by everyone from UK scene stalwarts Omar, Caron Wheeler, Tony Momrelle and Don-E to US thoroughbreds Eric Roberson, The Foreign Exchange and Marc Evans via white-hot youngbloods like Portia Monique, Lady, Chris Turner, Eric Lau, Debra Debs and Chaz Shepherd. This collective platform for soul music’s latest generation of stars really delivers sounds on the frontier, and reinforces just how bright the future really is.

Also including a bonus DJ Mix by Brooklyn legend DJ Spinna, Soul Love 2014 is a project all about moving forward; about distinguishing itself from the overload of compilations treading the same old soul clichés by celebrating a younger, fresher, totally inspiring new line-up of music-makers. Travelling from London to LA via Philly, Stockholm to Johannesburg and even, surprisingly, the frosty climes of Helsinki (courtesy of talented hip-hop-flecked trio Dolla Lova), Soul Love 2014 is an exhilarating global showcase of what exactly makes modern soul tick.

A big-up to the soul heroes of today and tomorrow - the most comprehensive yet compiled – it reflects utterly relevant and energised song-craft able to strike deep at heart and mind.

www.soullove2014.com // www.reelpeoplemusic.co.uk

Soul Love is out on 5th May 2014.
Formats: 25 track digital album // 14 track cd sampler // 2 x 7" vinyl samplers

DJ Spinna Mix Track listing:

1. Dolla Lova - Hopeless Dreamer
2. Chris Turner - Liquid Love
3. Debra Debs - Love Galore
4. Chaz Shepard - You Got That Magic
5. Timotha Lanae - People Pleaser
6. Sulpacio Jones - Risky
7. Louise Golbey - Comfortable
8. The Foreign Exchange - Take Off The Blues
9. Eric Lau feat. Fatima - Divine
10. Lady - Money
11. Joonie - Far Away
12. Don-E - Hold On
13. Omar feat. Caron Wheeler - Treat You
14. Eric Roberson - Summertime Anthem
15. Domu presents Pete Simpson - I’m Left Dreaming
16. Tyrone Lee - Get 2 Know U
17. L. Young - I Love My Girl (Reel People Remix)
18. Tony Momrelle - Spotlight
19. AAries - Don’t Give It Up
20. Marc Evans - Supernatural (Radio Edit Reproduction)
21. The Layabouts feat. Portia Monique - Colours Of Love (Radio Edit)
22. Zo! feat. Eric Roberson - We Are On The Move
23. Muzart - The Party After (Reel People Remix)
24. restless soul Fun Band - It’s Hard

Croup - "The Declaration" (feat. Supastition)

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Supastition lays down his declaration of life and Hip Hop as he attacks the mic is his approach as an MC who entertains and promotes the truth on every opportunity. 'The Declaration' is the first single off Croup's producer album 'Circles' and features veteran emcee Supastition. 'Circles' will feature some of Croup's longtime friends and collaborators and will be available for download on April 29th, 2014.

Trumpeter Theo Crocker Joins Dee Dee Bridgewater For "AfroPhysicist"

Theo Crocker saves the love for the listeners in the form of joyful emotion and diversity in Jazz music with the release of his new Dee Dee Bridgewater-backed album "Afro Physicist". Enjoy the beautiful transitions of this LP as an exciting fusion of music is led by Theo's energetic performance on trumpet along with Dee-Dee's powerful contribution on vocals plus a cast of great guests such as Roy Hargrove and vibraphonist Stephon Harris.

Army Of The Pharoahs - "Luxor Temple" (from In Death Reborn")

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After A 4-Year Hiatus Army Of The Pharaohs Returns With New LP “In Death Reborn”

Initiated in 1998 by Jedi Mind Tricks front-man Vinnie Paz as homage to the incredible rap crews of the 80’s and early 90’s, the Army of the Pharaohs has, from its outset, been an ever-evolving collective of celebrated emcees from the indie hip-hop scene. Founding members Vinnie Paz and Esoteric were featured on the crew’s original 12-inch single, “Five Perfect Exertions,” in 1998 and remain with the crew today. With the release of their debut studio album, The Torture Papers in 2006, the Pharaoh clique expanded to include accomplished solo emcees Apathy, Celph Titled, King Syze, Reef the Lost Cauze, and the Philly hip-hop duo and frequent Jedi Mind Tricks collaborators Outerspace.

In its nearly two decades, AOTP has released three studio albums alongside countless solo albums and side projects from its lineup of emcees that have been some of the most critically-acclaimed and best-selling indie hip hop records of the past 20-years. With the release of their newest effort, In Death Reborn, the Army returns after a four-year hiatus to release its fourth group album featuring the lead single/video for “God Particle” featuring Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled and produced by Stu Bangas. The album also features appearances by Blacastan, Zilla, Block McCloud, Demoz, Doap Nixon & King Magnetic.

Stream the rest of In Death Reborn in it's entirety here at Soundcloud.

The Decoders - "Respect" feat. Mara Hruby & Van Hunt

The Decoders demand respect and it can be felt in the emotion of their music as they go from multiple styles of Soul to soothing you with the psychedelic sound of this tune. The Decoders are at it again with another Rotary Connection cover of a cover, the classic known as "Respect" made famous by the likes of Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin. This time, they have enlisted the talents of Oakland based chanteuse Mara Hruby (www.marahruby.com) and the illustrious Van Hunt (www.vanhunt.com). This track will be included on their upcoming full length album release, "Adventures From Paradise: A Tribute To Minnie Riperton" coming out later this year. Check out the video for "Respect" which gives an intimate look into their process of working on the song.

Surg & Hellfire Analyze Zodiac Signs Through Rhyme On "Aquarius"

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Enjoy and journey deep within thought-provoking rhyme which puts the horoscope into an urban perspective by a talented East Coast Hip Hop duo. Surg & Hellfire grew up together in Trenton, NJ and both started rapping as early teens in the early 90's but never worked on music together at the time. Hellz joined UE and later moved on to being a producer. In 08, the duo re-linked and what was supposed to be just a 1 or 2 song collab turned into 60 songs, which turned into a partnership and two LP's! Together, the two define PURE CHEMISTRY!

Benjamin The Esquire Merges Appreciation Of Hip Hop With Religious Faith On "Lyrical Catechism"

Benjamin The Esquire uses Hip Hop and his faith of religion to present a new era of edutainment on "Lyrical Catechism". For the listeners who appreciate personal insight and depth of life within skilled delivery on the mic, Benjamin delivers with a song that merges appreciation of the elements of Hip Hop with messages of social awareness and the healing of humanity.

Ultramagnetic M.C's - 'Aint It Good To You' (Official Unreleased Paul C edit Limited-Edition Vinyl)

This Recording is limited to 200 copies and considering the recent ebay auctions of previous UltraMagnetic rare acetates this release won't be available for a long period of time and the price will
eventually skyrocket!!

Marc Davis and his label Black Pegasus link up with his big homie T.R. Love from legendary UltraMagnetic MC's and form the Ultra 7 Series on Black Pegasus!!

T.R. Love the MC/DJ/Producer rat pack, known for collecting rare LP's, 45's, cassettes, VHS and reel to reel tapes digs deep in the Ultra Lab vaults and unearths a 1988 golden age gem by his crew UltraMagnetic!! "Aint It Good To You", the unreleased Paul C.(McKasty) mix and edit!! That's right a different mix so dope you can't believe it didn't make the final Critical Beatdown cut!

Enjoy the album version of "Ain't It Good TO You" below and purchase your copy of the rare Paul C edit here at Big Cartel.

Triflicts - "Unreleased Demo Tape 93-94" Limited-Edition Vinyl (prod. by The Beatnuts & Jam DOT)

Sergent Records revives some unreleased gems by New York crew Triflicts in limited-edition vinyl format. If you were already a fan, lend your ear to these demos and remember the time when you first heard the neck-snapping sound of their debut Beatnuts-produced single "Genuine". If this is your first time hearing this crew, prepare for authentic New York Hip Hop which reflects an original amped-up sound which The Beatnuts and their affiliates contributed to the scene during the early 90's.

Order your copy from a limited-edition run of 150 here at Sergent Records.

Unreleased Demo Tape from the Triflicts
tracks from 93-94
beats provided by Jam DOT and The Beatnuts
cuts by Mista Sinista
Fully Remastered @ DB Master Pro
150 limited edition

Beats Laced With Fire & Brimstone: The Music Of Producer/Instrumentalist Tone Jonez

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Nod your head to the cinematic sounds of Tone Jonez who brings a heavy presence of storytelling and emotion to beats. Layered with many exciting musical elements which enhance the foundation of beats with a nice balance of the head-nod and use of instrumentation, Tone leaves a strong impression of a musician who loves the thump of Hip Hop and seeks to expand upon it's essence with skills and imagination.

Listen to more here at Soundcloud

Visioneers Cover "Mystic Brew" And "Smilin' Billy Suite" For Record Store Day 2014

The mystic sound of 70's Jazz fusion inspires a new generation of musicians who lend their hand at a replay of "Mystic Brew" / "Smilin' Billy Suite", the 2014 Record Store Day 7" by Marc Mac and Luke Parkhouse. In addition to hearing the sound of familiar Hip Hop samples which each tune evokes, fans of these songs should be surprised at the new flavor which is given by Marc and Luke, especially the new samba percussion added to "Mystic Brew".

Produced and Arranged by Marc Mac.

Mystic Brew: written by Ronnie Foster
Luke Parkhouse - Guitars,Bongos and Percussion.
Marc Mac - Upright Bass, Rhodes, Arp Strings, Additional Percussion, Additional Guitar, Organ, MPC 2500 and Logic Sequencing.

Smilin’ Billy Suite: written By Jimmy Heath
Luke Parkhouse - Guitars, Flute and Percussion.
Marc Mac - Upright Bass, Piano, Mbira “thumb piano”, Logic sequencing and Additional Percussion.

Da Beatminerz Present "Str8 45s" In A 2014 Mixmaster Weekend feat. Boogie Blind, Eclipse & Others

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The brothers Dewgarde keep the tradition of Hip Hop alive by gathering guests to demonstrate their love for spinning records and crate digging in the online live stream platform. Enjoy the 2014 mixmaster weekend by Beatminerz Radio featuring all 45RPM sets by Boogie Blind, DJ Eclipse and more! Tune in starting starting 2pm Eastern Time.

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