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Fusion Greats Spyro Gyra Cover Cream, War, The Beatles & More On "Vinyl Tap"

"Forty plus years into their recording and performing career, Spyro Gyra still finds new ways to surprise a listener. Having been a formative band in the fusion scene and then again in the sound that became associated with their time at GRP Records, the band could have every reason to rest on their laurels. However, the past few decades have found the band moving deeper into World Music (A Foreign Affair), deeply improvisational music recorded with no preconceptions in coming into the studio (The Rhinebeck Sessions) and now, with Vinyl Tap, an album of covers of the tunes they grew up hearing. Rather than tackling Coltrane or Monk, these are reimaginings of songs by Cream, Blind Faith, War, and of course, The Beatles,

         Download/Stream - Podcast 710: A Conversation with Jay Beckenstein of Spyro Gyra

Saxophonist Jay Beckenstein, one of two members of the band remaining since their recording debut in 1978, (the other is keyboardist Tom Schuman), speaks with me about Vinyl Tap, stressing the collaborative nature of the preparation and recording. The band has only released four studio albums in the past ten years, after releasing nearly an album a year for thirty years, and Beckenstein shares what the band looks for in making a recording and how they continue to be a strong touring act, booked solid across Europe, the Middle East and the US for most of the remainder of the year.

Musical selections from Vinyl Tap on Podcast 711 include “Sunshine of Your Love”, which features a killer bassline by Scott Ambush and topnotch guitar from Julio Fernandez; “What a Fool Believes”, which is given a different beat and feel by drummer Lionel Cordew and keyboardist Schuman; and “Stolen Moments”, the sole jazz based cover on the album, which allows Beckenstein’s sax to soar, as it does on so much of the album. “Catching the Sun”, one of Jay’s compositions that have come to define Spyro Gyra is also included." - Straight No Chaser Jazz Podcast

Supreme Cerebral & Rob Viktum Stay On Their Grimy Steez With "Hattori Hanzo"

"Supreme Cerebral returns for the fourth time this year (Gaddafi, Free Enterprise & Clark Connoisseurs) with a vicious EP entitled "Hattori Hanzo." Produced by Texas own Rob Viktum w/ features including Lil Eto, Reef The Lost Cauze & fellow Dart Unit member Ralphiie Reese. This album was incredibly produced to fit the overly aggressive style of Supreme Cerebral. The Dark cinematic style of Rob's beats bring out some the best work we have seen from Supreme in awhile.

The reasoning behind the title is as Supreme describes it "Because I have the sharpest sword in the underground." Hence the title name, as Hattori Hanzo was known as the greatest Samurai with the sharpest steel. This 7 track onslaught should go down as one of Supremes best work to date."

Mellow Out With Pat Van Dyke On "New Memories" + "Hello Summer" Sample Kit

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Pat Van Dyke keeps it soulful and groovy with his joyful visions of music as he brings happiness to your speaker once again for 2019. "New Memories" b/w "Alright With Me" feel as laid back and pleasant as the breeze as PVD's wonderful arrangements provide a comfortable place for your mind and soul. Get your copy of the 45 single here.

In addition, PVD gives us the sounds and stems to his great "Hello, Summer" album via The Drum Broker sample marketplace. Dig into a rich library of sound as the New Jersey musician provides a deeper look into his art of producing, for producers. Samples available here at The Drum Broker.

Escape Into Sweet Soul As Musician Tonye Aganaba Provides "Something Comfortable"

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Tonye Aganaba is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, and facilitator residing on the unceded territories of the Squamish, Musqueam & Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. Their new album ‘Something Comfortable’ is an intentional and devotional endeavour inspired by their battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Large Professor Provides A Lesson Of Music On Forty Deuce Radio, Nov. 2019

Extra P hits the crates and cuts up brakes on a return to a show that is stepped in Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and nostalgia. Forty Deuce Radio is best described as 8-Track Funk & Soul, Cassette Rap...Wednesdays 6-8 pm (ET) on

Stretch & Bobbito Join The M19s For A Latin Soul Rework of Chaka Khan

The Chaka Khan classic "I Know You, I Live You" gets revived and sees a brand new swing of Latin rhythm. Based upon the musical direction of Stretch and Bob and assistance by their new band The M19s, you've got a whole new reason to get down to this timeless tune. Stretch and Bob have come a long way since WKCR FM, and on their upcoming project they demonstrate their musical progression in a cool way.

Stretch and Bobbito’s debut album No Requests explores the legendary club DJs’ vast musical knowledge with covers of songs directly from their record crates!

Featuring the M19s Band, a live band of elite hand-picked musicians, the gatekeepers of ‘90s Hip Hop step outside their foundational genre base to produce Latin, Afro-beat, Samba, Jazz, Reggae, and Soul reinterpretations of dance floor bangers—ranging from popular to rare and obscure—which loosely depart expected structure and create new nuances to familiar tunes. The group also offers original compositions along the sonic journey. All tracks have one goal in mind: GROOVE!

More at

Kazumi Kaneda Represents Japan's Future Beat Movement On "Magnetite"

Kazumi Kaneda leads the way in Japan's unique movement of musicians who lend their chops to progressive beatmaking. Nod your head to the sounds of this rising producer as he ends off 2019 on a smooth note of Jazz-Hop fusion. The pianist demonstrates his expansive imagination for beats on a dreamy track that showcases a beautiful layering and harmony of sounds. A rugged thump of drums is the bed for pleasant tones as Kazumi Kaneda elevates you higher on "Magnetite".

Snarky Puppy's Bill Laurance Joins WDR Big Band at The Philharmonie Cologne

"Recorded in front of an enthusiastic audience at the Philharmonie concert hall in Cologne, Germany, Bill Laurance’s new live album is powered by the renowned 18-piece WDR Big Band. Under the direction of principal conductor Bob Mintzer (renowned tenor saxophonist, longtime member of the Yellowjackets, and leader of his own Grammy-winning Bob Mintzer Big Band), this adventurous outing finds Laurance re-imagining previously recorded works on a much grander scale.

"I always imagined these compositions to be played by an orchestra, and it's a rare opportunity to have your music realized with a large ensemble of this caliber," said Laurance. In some ways, the album is an extension of Snarky Puppy's orchestral collaboration with the Netherlands’ Metropole Orkest, which resulted in the 2015 Grammy award-winning Sylva (Best Contemporary Instrumental Album). Cinematic in nature with surprises around every corner, the album encapsulates the depth of Laurance’s compositions and remarkable qualities of the band bringing them to life."

The Music Of Diana Ross, Rick Astley & Sade, Reworked by Drop Out Orchestra

Let the rhythm proceed to move you as this world famous disco duo from Sweden lend their distinct sound to Pop and Soul classics. The music of Drop Out Orchestra is nostaligic, yet slick and modern as their joyful arrangements pulsate with undeniable rhythm to compliment the tone of each artist. If these remixes were playing at a party, it's likely they'd make you stop and listen to a tune your familiar with but carries an exciting new twist.

Quantic & Sly5thAve Get The Rhythm Jumping & Deliver Joy On "Orquídea"

The vibe is heavenly and the rhythm intoxicating as Tru Thoughts Recordings presents the groove of Quantic and Sly5thAve on "Orquídea". This fine slice of music overflows with joy as the two musicians let loose over rich layers of instrumentation that communicate happiness through various World influences. A truly uplifting moment of music, courtesy of a label that specializes in fusion and progressive sounds.

Members Of Funk Bands Pleasure & Kleeer Reflect On Their Classic Songs

Hear from the Funk masters who brought you the musical elements for 2Pac & Dr. Dre's "California Love" remix, Diamond D's "Confused", Big Daddy Kane's "Word To The Motherland" and more. When it comes to The Funk and Boogie, these guys are masters of their craft with a slew of classics under their belt. Frenchie continues his efforts in bringing out the legends on his show The V.I.P. Lounge in this winter 2019 edition.

This intimate connection of music features the words of band members from Pleasure and Kleeer. Stay tuned to his show as the DJ blends modern R&B with 80's Boogie and words from each band member who reminisce on the making and meanings behind their classic songs.

Motown Releases "Additional Singles & Rarities" Collection by Stevie Wonder

To end off 2019, Motown continues to mine their vaults and offer up another set of gems in the unreleased rarities of the one and only Stevie Wonder. 81 songs for your listening pleasaure, some of which date back to when Stevie was just a kid!

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