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Video: Biggie, Smif N Wessun and Large Pro Live in '94
Video: Biggie, Smif N Wessun and Large Pro Live in '94

Here's a look at some great artists in hip hop history just chillin on some down time, all who were on the verge of dropping some serious heat for our eardrums. You'll get a brief look at Biggie before he became a star, and was enjoying moderate success + recognition, Tek & Steele kicking a blunted freestyle and Large Professor messing with a beat on his drum machine in the studio. I sometimes imagine what the atmosphere is like behind some of my favorite artists as they take a chance in their lives with little-to-no resources to create these classics, I think this clip is a good example of that vision.

The albums Ready To Die by Biggie, Dah Shinin' by Smif N Wessun and The LP by Large Professor are important parts of my collection and at the top of my memories of loving hip hop in the mid 90's. Some albums just have a certain sound that always bring the feeling and visions of NY life, aside from just being great creative works of hip hop in general. These 3 stand as the some of the greatest examples of NY sound to me, it also marks a period where I felt very proud of NY hip hop overall, with excellent releases comin at me from all directions on the underground and mainstream.

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