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Step Into The "Morning Light" With The Music Of Personal Life
Step Into The "Morning Light" With The Music Of Personal Life

The vibe of UK-based collective Personal Life is one to uplift your mood. in the vein of 80's R&B which resonates deeply with messages of love and life, Personal Life deliver soulful grooves and songwriting. Enjoy a preview of their forthcoming album below from Tokyo Dawn Records, a label who is consistent in pushing emerging talent who not only push boundaries in music but revive classic sounds.

‘Personal Life’ is a London-based soul and disco collective formed by Robert Strauss, featuring the classic sounding voice of Stuart Lisbie plus core members of Amy Winehouse’s touring band. The vision for this project is to bring back into popular consciousness the sound, production, songwriting & musicality dating back to the glory days of the music industry, when commercial pop also meant culturally significant, sophisticated and catchy music made with integrity for people of all ages to enjoy.

“We believe in a movement of real music, hand made to last the test of time. Reflecting the sounds and values of people during an incredibly inspiring, honest and spiritually elevated period in popular music history”

Listen to album snippets of "Morning Light" by Personal Life here at Tokyo Dawn.

Copyright © 2013 Tokyo Dawn Records
Label catalogue index: TDR13-003
Release date: July 8th 2013
All rights reserved.

Written, produced, mixed & mastered by Robert Strauss.
Band arrangements by Personal Life.
Lyrics by Stuart Lisbie and Robert Strauss.
Recorded at Wax Recording Studio London.
'Rainy Day In London' is based on Joe Sample's instrumental composition 'A Rainy Day In Monterey'. CD distribution via Expansion Records UK.
A&R by Marc Wallowy.

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