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!llmind's Cocaine, All Dirty Breaks, Queens & The Red Crayon Killer Blap Kits
!llmind's Cocaine, All Dirty Breaks, Queens & The Red Crayon Killer Blap Kits

"Cocaine Synths", "All Dirty Breaks Everything", "The Queens Kit" and "The Red Crayon Killer Samples" by !llmind features showcases his evolution in sound design and ear for providing authentic samples to the modern production community.

Blap kits sound designer and producer !llmind drops a set of custom drums and synth samples for download in Spring 2014. Enjoy a compilation of !llmind-produced music which showcases his ability to snap necks with innovative sound design and production.

When you are looking for original royalty-free sounds which are designed to replicate the unique character of obscure samples from the crates, !llmind provides inspiring ideas and variety.

"The Queens Kit" - Drum sounds lifted directly from !llmind-produced 50 Cent and Mobb Deep songs

Get your drum hits right with a set of one-shot drum sounds found in the "Queens" drum kit which !ll used in Mobb Deep and 50 Cent productions. This kit also includes 5 unreleased beats from Mobb Deep and 50 Cent recording sessions!

"The Red Crayon Killer Samples" and "Cocaine Synths" Kits - Analog synth loops inspired by the 70's and 80's

For inspiration and a library of warm, deep and aggressive synth loops to draw from, dive into the vintage-sounding analog synth compositions of !llmind's "Cocaine Synths" and "Red Crayon Killers" sample kits.

"All Dirty Breaks Everything" - Original dirty drum break loops played & mixed by !llmind, with audio stems

When raw drum breaks are what you seek, "All Dirty Breaks Everything" drum kit delivers punch, grit & vinyl DIRT with 21 original drum loops played by !llmind himself.

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