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Meyhem Lauren & BUCKWILD - "Silk Pyramids" (Album Preview)
Meyhem Lauren & BUCKWILD - "Silk Pyramids" (Album Preview)

Here we have it!! Several years in the making - the ridiculously dope Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild collabo album. Heads will know Mey from the host of Chopped Herring releases over the past 3 years and you MAY have heard of Buckwild from his crew D.I.T.C and his work with O.C, Big L, Organized Konfusion, Artifacts, Brand Nubian et al? There's not much else to say other than check the sounds - this will undoubtedly be one of the albums of 2014 and perhaps the whole Outdoorsmen era. Big shout out to KEO X-MEN aka Lord Scotch aka Blake Lethem for the sick artwork he graced us with - more to come from that man and Herring in the near future...

Now peep it:

A1 100 mph feat. Action Bronson
A2 Friendship is Priceless   
A3 Salmon Croquettes feat. AG Da Coroner
B1 Can’t Fuck Em All
B2 Narcotics Anonymous feat. Heems
B3 Honey Champagne Sorbet
C1 Street Hop feat. Troy Ave & Retchy
C2 Aztec Blue feat. Hologram
C3 Rep the Streets
D1 Where the $ At feat. Thirstin Howl III
D2 French 75
D3 Silk Shirts and Yellow Gold
All music by Buckwild.
Lyrics by Meyhem Lauren.

A1 QU Cartilage
A2 I Need It All
A3 Freestyle 1
A4 Rep The Streets (Instrumental)
A5 Rep The Streets (Acapella)
B1 ODA feat. Sonnie Carson
B2 Freestyle 2
B3 ODA (Instrumental)
B4 French 75 (Instrumental)
B5 French 75 (Acapella)

All music by Buckwild.
Lyrics by Meyhem Lauren.     
Cuts on A1 by PF Cuttin.

A1 100 mph feat. Action Bronson [Acapella]
A2 QU Cartilage [Acapella]
A3 Narcotics Anonymous feat. Heems [Acapella]
B1 I Need It All [Acapella]
B2 ODA feat. Sonnie Carson [Acapella]
B3 Honey Champagne Sorbet [Acapella]

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