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RAF ALMIGHTY x DJ BRANS - "Slumz" feat. Snook Da Crook & Wyld Bunch (cuts by DJ Djaz)
RAF ALMIGHTY x DJ BRANS - "Slumz" feat. Snook Da Crook & Wyld Bunch (cuts by DJ Djaz)

Even If the name Raf Almighty doesn't sound familiar to you,
we're talking about a veteran rapper here. Raf & his brother Snook Da Crook are better known under the name of "Dirt Platoon",
Baltimore's most hardcore group.

Raf has chosen EFFISCIENZ records to release his first solo album along with
talented producer Dj Brans. They already met success together when they produced Dirt Platoon's critically acclaimed first album "Start Ya Bids". This new album brings the same "Dirt Platoon" ruggedness as Snook Da Crook is featured along with Wyld Bunch on "Slumz", a new Hardcore Rap anthem for sure.

On "Emperor", Raf invites Nutso to open the song accompanied by Dirt Platoon's
unofficial third member Fel Sweetenberg for some high level rhymes. Fel also produced "Governor" the only non Dj Brans produced track on the album with appearances
from Skanks & Milez Grimez. As to the "Stormy Monday" song, it reminds us of some of the dopest R&B/Hip-Hop collabs which were played on the radio during the 90's. "G.T.F.O.M.Y." or "Get The Fuck Of My Yard"'s recipe remains the same as the one developed by EFFISCIENZ Records since its creation,which means nothing but fat beats,quality rhymes and Dj Djaz's precise and unparalleled scratches.

Note that the CD album will also have 4 exclusive remixes produced by EFFISCIENZ's
different beatmakers aka Mil, Fel Sweetenberg, Sir Williams ( from Union Blak )
and of course Dj Brans.

Definitely a must have album for every Boom Bap & Dirt Platoon fan !

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