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Brooklyn Musician Jesse Fischer Announces His New LP "Daydreamer"
Brooklyn Musician Jesse Fischer Announces His New LP "Daydreamer"

Learn about the multi-talented Jesse Fischer as he launches the campaign for his seventh album as a bandleader "Day Dreamer" featuring Takuya Kuroda, Somi, Godwin Louis, Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Jean Caze, Leon Foster Thomas, Zach Brock, and many more of his talented friends! As a leader and collaborator in many outstanding projects of recent, Jesse adds great flavor to the modern NY music scene while keeping it moving with an expansive approach to his craft. "Daydreamer" is sure to provide a new palette of compositions to inspire your imagination in what Jesse says will be "a mish-mash of haunting melodies, head-nodding grooves, and heartfelt songwriting."

Support the "Daydreamer" campaign and enjoy a recording of Jesse and his band Soul Cycle playing a Spring 2014 gig in South Florida below.

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