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J Dilla - "Flith" + Jay Dee CubeCraft Tribute Artwork by Afrocalypse
J Dilla - "Flith" + Jay Dee CubeCraft Tribute Artwork by Afrocalypse

By JR on 6:56 AM

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Like Eddie Murphy in Raw, J Dilla spits the filth flarn filth to represent HIp Hop's essence of beats and rhymes in a previously unreleased song. ‘The King of Beats’ Ma Dukes Yancey Collector’s Edition Box Set, is available for preorder on June 24, which features released and unreleased donuts by Jay.

The box set, which is overseen by Maureen Yancey will feature a collection of tracks from Jay Dee’s early career, around the time that he was producing for Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, and more.

This collectors item comes in a special box which represents one of Dilla's most coveted music tools, the SP-1200. Fans can get this great collection of music within a replica of a drum machine that Dilla used to create some of his most memorable productions.

The box set includes:

-Four 10′ Vinyl LPs loaded with 40 beats
-A special edition cassette featuring six unreleased tracks
-A commemorative booklet with exclusive interviews and never-before-seen photography
-A limited edition 3.5″ floppy disk with an unreleased production that plays within the SP-1200 box

Jay Dee CubeCraft artwork by Afrocalypse (Victoria Gee)

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